YMMV / An Entry with a Bang

  • Archive Panic: The story-only thread is fairly digestible, but if you want to go the story+discussion threads, with their old/rejected segments and what-not, the amount of reading you'll need leaps to around 90 times. Mind you, that's without considering the other technical threads you may need to "dig" everything.
    • The AEWAB Story-only Thread is 10 pages long. In comparison, just one of the main AEWAB Discussion threads (of this moment) is 800 pages. There are a lot of ideas that never ended up in the story or are still being held back until progression in story's timeline allows their appearance.
  • Crazy Awesome: Tony Dansel is pretty much the embodiment of this trope. For example, during a fight where Dansel is outnumbered four to one after a series of grueling fights, a CNN intern comments that "He's good, but he's no Aidan Pryde." Aidan Pryde is mentioned on this site's Battletech page as being Crazy Awesome. Then, when Dansel proceeds to win, the intern reverently wispers;
    "Aidan Pryde's a wanker..."
    • I take your Dansel and raise you Wallace Greene.
    • It can be argued that one of the reasons for the GDI Foreign Legion's existence is to weaponize Crazy Awesome.
  • Internet Backdraft: C-Earth Politics and Military Structure, for obvious reasons, though remarkably civil and in-depth. The LAM thread? Oh so much.
  • Memetic Badass
    • On Mikhail Kalashnikov using computers to design the nest generation of AK-47s for H&K:
      This is a proud son of Russia who helped during the Great Patriotic War. He does not need a computer like the Western designers do. He will do his designing on a blackboard with chalk, and on a drafting table with a pencil, protractors, and scales. His results will make the West's engineers weep tears of shame for a 1,000 years in how simple, elegant, and refined it is, yet able to laugh in the face of Hell itself at anything attempting to keep it from functioning.
      This is Mikhail Kalashnikov we are talking about.
  • Memetic Mutation: somewhat to the dismay of one contributor who fears he'll never live it down, AEWAB discussions have pretty much officially codified the query he coined in another fic: "So, Colonel Wolf: how's the weather on Strana Mechty?"