YMMV / Amon Amarth

  • Awesome Music: To some fans, all of their work. To others, just some albums. Probably Versus the World, or With Oden On Our Side or Twilight of the Thunder God. Really, their epic-norse-gods-axe-and-hammering-each-other-warfare-and-glory melodic death metal thing can be quite compelling.
  • Face of the Band: You don't even have to be a fan of the band to be able to pick out Johan Hegg and his legendary beard.
  • Narm: The other possible chance. Some people just find them over-the-top or over-confident melodeath, either their lyrics or the music itself, specially if they're fans of not-melodeath death metal. Not to mention the toy lines.
  • Signature Song: would probably be "The Pursuit Of Vikings", "Death In Fire" or "Twilight Of The Thunder God".
  • Tear Jerker: To some fans, "The Fate of Norns" (song). "Fate of Norns" tells of a Norse warrior who is laying to rest his six-year-old son, calling out to the gods and the Norns and stricken with grief demanding to know why they took his child from him. In the end, he chooses to lie on the funeral pyre with his son.
    • And "Runes to my Memory".
    Here I lie,
    On wet sand,
    I will not make it home.
    I clench my sword,
    In my hand;
    Say farewell to those I love.
    • The final verse of "Embrace of the Endless Ocean"
    Won't feel the breeze of my home shore
    Nor see the lakes and winter snow
    My hopeful dreams lie ripped and torn
    Father, I die alone