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YMMV: American Vampire
  • Complete Monster: Dracula is depicted as an ancient, pure evil monster. The creator of the evil, and racist Carpathian vampire strain, Dracula dominated his progeny into launching genocidal warfare against other species of vampires, exterminating many who simply wanted to live in peace. After being bound and imprisoned by the vampire hunting Vassals of the Morning Star, Dracula was occasionally able to reach out, twisting the minds of mortals into homicidal insanity, often forcing them to murder their loved ones. When he encounters the leader of the Vassals, Linden Hobbes, who was one such victim, Dracula brutally attempts to dismember him, mocking him all the while with a vision of Hobbes' dead son attacking him. The reason? It's just too much fun not to kill him that way.
    • Let's not leave Skinner Sweet out here. Sure he's cool and a thorough badass, but he's still a mass murderer, rapist and was willing to turn an unborn child into a vampire For the Evulz. He goes out of his way to cause chaos and carnage, and his only vaguely redeeming quality is the soft spot he has for Pearl.
  • Idiot Plot: It is impossible for The Blacklist to work without the Vassals and Pearl having taken leave of their very senses. Despite having a traitor in the agency, nobody even begins to suspect Skinner, who's there against his will and has shown himself to be a treacherous monster multiple times. Despite Henry being at death's door, Pearl happily works with Skinner without even considering he's the one who leaked her and Henry's hiding place to the Hollywood covens.
  • Les Yay: Pearl takes Hattie's betrayal very badly, as though they'd just had an extremely bad breakup. Hattie is the same way before her betrayal, tearfully demanding the doctor take her blood to replace Pearl's.
  • Tearjerker: Henry's death

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