YMMV / American Vampire

  • Complete Monster:
    • Dracula is depicted as an ancient, pure evil monster. The creator of the evil, and racist, Carpathian vampire strain, Dracula dominated his progeny into launching genocidal warfare against other species of vampires, exterminating many who simply wanted to live in peace. After being bound and imprisoned by the vampire hunting Vassals of the Morning Star, Dracula was occasionally able to reach out, twisting the minds of mortals into homicidal insanity, often forcing them to murder their loved ones. When he encounters the leader of the Vassals, Linden Hobbes, who was one such victim, Dracula brutally attempts to dismember him, mocking him all the while with a vision of Hobbes's dead son attacking him.
    • The Gray Trader, or the Great Traitor, was once humanity's greatest hero Hurin. Joining the monstrous Beast, the original source of all monsters, Hurin became its protector and greatest servant. Attempting to revive the Beast to bring about Hell on Earth, the Gray tortures and kills countless innocents, often using the voices of their loved ones to torture them or convince them to allow him to devour them and convert them into soulless demon servants of the Beast. The Trader converts an entire mining community into soulless husks of themselves while "seeding" a woman with the Beast, forcing her to give birth to it in an agonizing process that lasts weeks. Torturing his victims for information, the Trader locates multiple vampire children and feeds them to his master as well before unleashing his monsters on America, resulting in mass slaughter. Devoted only to the Beast and bringing about the end of days for humanity, Hurin demonstrates how far even humanity's greatest hero can fall.
  • Idiot Plot: It is impossible for The Blacklist to work without the Vassals and Pearl having taken leave of their very senses. Despite having a traitor in the agency, nobody even begins to suspect Skinner, who's there against his will and has shown himself to be a treacherous monster multiple times. Despite Henry being at death's door, Pearl happily works with Skinner without even considering he's the one who leaked her and Henry's hiding place to the Hollywood covens. The fact that Skinner has tried to flat out torture Henry to death in the past doesn't seem to be something Pearl even remembers.
  • Les Yay: Pearl takes Hattie's betrayal very badly, as though they'd just had an extremely bad breakup. Hattie is the same way before her betrayal, tearfully demanding the doctor take her blood to replace Pearl's.
  • Narm: Hattie is inspired to go from lost, drifting waif to dominating vampire queen by...seeing a terrible Sci Fi film. Also, most of Hattie's dialogue consists of overwrought ranting about Pearl which can get real old.
  • Tearjerker: Now with its own page.