YMMV / Amen

The NBC Series

  • Acceptable Targets: Deacon Frye and Reverend Gregory
  • Ear Worm: The show’s infectious theme song, composed by Gospel great Andrae Crouch, will have even the most secular viewers feeling the urge to clap and sway in their “pews.”
  • Memetic Mutation: "I wanna be/am finally MRS. REVEREND DOCTOR RUBEN GREGORY!!!!!" This is usually combined with No Indoor Voice.
  • Tear Jerker: One of Ernie's few sympathetic moments occurs in a flashback in which he struggles to explain to a very young Thelma that her mother is never coming back.
    • When counseling a suicidal young man despondent over his father's death, he confides, "I miss my wife every day."

The German/French Film