YMMV / Amateur Surgeon

  • Genius Bonus: At one point Alan says that he'll have woman flocking to him for Acute Angina, which is when there's a lack of blood flow in your heart which causes chest pain. Alan is saying that he will get to touch women's chests.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel:
    • The first game and the Christmas edition were very well-received, but the sequel removed every single Scrappy Mechanic and streamlined the controls to make for an even better experience.
    • The third game gives you the ability to upgrade your tools, have unique and creative patients, and partners.
  • That One Boss: The 2nd Dr. Bleed surgery. All the various hard-as-hell surgeries (which are usually made hard by Guide Dang It! moments,) tend to be much easier once you know the trick behind them. The 2nd Dr. Bleed surgery, on the other hand, is a four-part Marathon Level against poison, fire, buried chunks of crystal, and finally a tapeworm that takes more hits from the battery to kill than the last tapeworm (and can quickly cause Bleed to...er...bleed out if you're not multitasking between cauterizing the cuts it makes and zapping it.) And you have just enough time to do it all quickly and flawlessly.
    • Napoleon Trotterski from the second game. It starts off easy enough but suddenly ends with the player having to spell out words on a Speak 'N Spell. And if you aren't fast enough, the Speak 'N Spell suddenly explodes, leaving flames and burn marks that'll almost certainly obscure the screen and the keys, and if you try to put out the fire/heal the burn marks directly when they're on the keyboard, the game will assume you're hitting the keyboard instead and explode a second time. Not that you'll have any time to put out the fire anyway because the words are coming faster and faster while you're trying to spell them out while not being able to see what the hell you're supposed to be spelling because the goddamn fire is in the way.
      • And if you thought that was bad, imagine trying to spell those words without knowing that you can use the computer keyboard to type them.
      • It speaks to the difficulty of the Napoleon operation that Amateur Surgeon 4, which otherwise has every level in the series, omitted the level from the collection.
    • On the iOS version, the Mystery Boss in the second game requires you to tilt your device to move a flashlight around. And while you're doing this, there's a bee randomly flying around and only landing for a second in which you have to zap it. The difficult controls and the small time window combined make this unfairly difficult.
      • It's not any easier in the PC version. Poison builds up quickly, and while you're trying to clean up the poison in one area, it multiples in another. Meanwhile, that goddamn bee keeps stinging him. And every time you syringe out poison, it makes a small cut. If you lose track of them, the patient's heart rate will plummet.