YMMV / Amanchu!

  • Anvilicious: No chance is spared to emphasize the importance of having fun.
  • Les Yay: Futaba and Hikari have a lot of this, such as Hikari's habit of standing very close to Futaba, holding hands with her and gazing into her eyes, especially in the first volume. Though Futaba seems to inspire this quite a bit from others as well.
    • Mato-sensei giving Futaba a foot message comes off this way because of Teko's expression.
    • In the last scene of the anime, the things Hikari tells Futaba could easily be interpreted as a love confession.
    • Episode 6 of season 2 has Teko enter a race just to win a kiss from the "prince" Hikari (though she says it's in order to protect her), as well as the two having an intimate prince/princess fantasy while they're in the bath together.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Hikari is Kermit the Frog!" (due to her exaggerated facial expressions making her resemble a muppet, combined with her green hair)
  • Moe: Futaba. I mean, COME ON!