YMMV: Alter Bridge

  • Magnum Opus: "Blackbird" when it comes to songs. Album-wise it's a lot trickier; Blackbird, AB III and Fortress all present strong cases for the title.
  • Never Live It Down: These guys once played in Creed. It still maligns them to this day.
  • Periphery Demographic: They seem to have been utterly embraced by classic rock affectionados as the band to "truely" carry to the torch of rock n roll.
  • Signature Song: Their general set-ender is "Rise Today". When Kennedy toured with Slash, it was the only AB song in the set. But their most widely known song is probably "Metalingus" due to its notability as the theme song for professional wrestler Edge.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: As surprising as it may be, it wasn't Creed that sucked, it was just Scott Stapp.
    • Sequel Displacement: To the point that some people saw the Creed reunion as an Alter Bridge side-project.