YMMV / Allods Online

  • Americans Hate Tingle / Germans Love David Hasselhof: The game is a subject of much ridicule in Russian press, albeit fairly popular and praised abroad. The main reason is the major influx of sheer audacity of demands for real money influx needed in order to play the game properly that popped out as soon as the game switched publishers. Cases in point.
    • Mounts that eat money.
    • New endgame content consisting pretty much of Damage Sponge Bosses being virtually impossible to beat unless your gear features high level enchantments conveniently avaliable in the game store.
    • Related to that: all the promises that went like "We will never sell real ingame power to people in exchange for cash" being shamelessly broken. Well, not as much broken as refefined as "you will get the same amounts of power either through paying cash or through grinding for days instead", but obviously the game is dominated by those who invest both time and money.
    • The most shameless change that caused huge amounts of backlash: many classes (in particular mystics, but also templars, etc) have abilities that have stackable self-debuffs. One day those debuffs started to require real money to dispel.
    • All of the above and many more made it so even the most respectable and forgiving game journals started to refer to the game as "Failods Online". Those problems were partially fixed, but the backlash is still there