YMMV: All Yesterdays

  • Genius Bonus: The artwork contains a lot of paleoart references that aren't explicitly stated in the text. The scaly, shrink-wrapped face of the cat, for example, is a Take That to feathered dinosaurs commonly being portrayed with scaly heads, despite there being hardly any evidence to support this.
  • It's Short, so It Sucks : While the book is generally well received, the main complaint even from people who liked it is that's a lot shorter than they expected.
  • Sequelitis: All Your Yesterdays was significantly less well received than the original. This may have something to do with a large portion being contributions from non-experts.
    • Despite this, two of its speculations (that some anomalocaridids fed like modern baleen whales and scansoriopterygids gliding like flying squirrels) were actually confirmed by subsequent fossil discoveries.
  • Squick: Homo diluvii, seen in bottom left picture in this compilation of pictures from All Yesterdays. It is humanoid in a rather disturbing way.
    • The giant penises of the Citipati and Stegosaurus.