YMMV / All Time Low

  • Ear Worm: Many. "Dear Maria, Count Me In" is a notable example.
  • Ho Yay: Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat.
    • To the point of kissing, sitting on each others lap during interviews, sleeping in the same bed, and Jack tackling and humping Alex onstage.
    • "You can't have swag unless you're me. Assuming SWAG stands for Sex With Alex Gaskarth."
  • Shipping: Among the most contested shippings of band members and others include "Jalex" (Jack/Alex) and "Taylex" (Tay Jardine/Alex).
  • Tear Jerker: Quite a few. First off, there's the song "Lullabies," which is about lead singer Alex Gaskarth's brother Tom, who committed suicide. Also, its unreleased counterparts, "Light the Way" and "We All Fall Down" - which are all the same thing. "Remembering Sunday" is another, which is supposedly about a girl Alex fell in love with after a one-night stand, however, when he tried to find her again she had disappeared. Then there's "Memories That Fade Like Photographs," which is about claiming to never forget the memories of a past romance despite those memories being painful and begging the other person to do the same. Basically, if it's a slow song, you can guarantee it's going to be sad in some way.
    • Off of Dirty Work we have "A Daydream Away" which would seem to be about reminiscing about the guy's previous relationships/past antics.
    • Also off Dirty Work, we have Return The Favor, which is about giving everything in a relationship and getting nothing in return as well as No Idea, which is a song about liking somebody who has no idea. Also, Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me You Love me conveys a relatively sad message, despite how catchy and upbeat the song is.
    • "Therapy" counts as this too. And not to mention "Lullabies".
    • "Weightless" is pretty damn sad, seeing as it talks about feeling stuck in a routine and waiting on things to change, and doing stupid things to feel alive
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks: They've been accused of ripping off Fall Out Boy, as is the common accusation of any band even remotely similar to them. Never mind the fact that they were formed before Fall Out Boy was popular and started as a blink-182 cover band. Fall Out Boy themselves don't seem to find the comparison fair, considering they're good friends with All Time Low, brought them on tour with them and Pete Wentz regrets not having his record label sign them when he had the chance.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Dirty Work to Nothing Personal & Future Hearts to Don't Panic. Dirty Work for having a lesser quality to the sound, varying success, or lack thereof, to mix more of a Pop influence into their sound, & ultimately forgettable songs. Future Hearts for not having a lot of the punch Don't Panic did, trying to do what Dirty Work did, only better, but only being a marginally better try at mixing more Pop into their sound rather than sticking with the Emo Pop sound they'd perfected already, & having less forgettable songs than Dirty Work, but forgettable nonetheless.
  • Win Back the Crowd: Most fans considered Dirty Work to be a sub-par album, and even the band has said that it didn't work the way they wanted it to. But everybody considered Don't Panic better.