YMMV / All That Remains

  • Broken Base: Overcome. Some think it was their most diverse and overall enjoyable album, others see it as the beginning of the end in their slide towards radio rock.
  • Dork Age: Overcome was divisive and definitely was the start of their foray into radio rock (especially "Two Weeks"), but most fans will agree that it had plenty of good songs. Since A War You Cannot Win and the chart success of "What If I Was Nothing", however, virtually all of their older fans have been of the opinion that their insistence on trying to write another "Two Weeks" or "What If I Was Nothing" has ruined the band, and Phil's deliberately antagonistic behavior on social media and inability to shut the fuck up has done its fair share to alienate fans as well.
  • Signature Song: "Two Weeks" or "This Calling". "Six", however, is becoming quite popular. For their more recent material, "What If I Was Nothing."
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Some fans say this for A War You Cannot Win. The fact that it has 4 reviews on Metal Archives with an average of only 16% should tell you so.
    • There were similar sentiments about Overcome, so their next album, For We Are Many is a lot more like Fall of Ideals. A War You Cannot Win is basically the logical progression of Overcome