YMMV: Alien Chronicles

  • Moral Event Horizon - Many of them are perpetrated 'upon' Ampris, in case you were wondering. Israi, who never was very moral to begin with, crosses this completely after Ampris holds her temporarily prisoner in the Palace Archives in Book 3. She immediately retaliates by destroying the Archives, including all knowledge of how to save the empire. Just for good measure, when things start to really go pear-shaped, the first thing Israi does is set up Holocaust-style death camps and start a mass slaughter of the abiru.
  • Purity Sue - Ampris seriously counts as one, especially by Book 3, where she's the only character capable of optimism, charity, selflessness, and seeing freedom as desirable option on a consistent basis; everyone else whines, argues, laments their predicament, wrings their hands, behaves in generally unhelpful if not downright destructive behavior, and accuses Ampris' offered options of being worse than the Viis' insane tyranny. Elrabin manages to escape being branded as one because of his Deadpan Snarker tendencies.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes - Some of Ampris' speeches or reactions to Jerk Ass complaints can come across like this.
  • The Scrappy - Ampris's kids, though the original intention was a second trilogy, showing the two kids as the new abiru Empire's Romulus and Remus. Sadly, it never came to pass.