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YMMV: Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka
aka: Akane-Iro Ni Somaru Saka
  • Broken Base: The focus switch from Yuuhi to Minato for the final 3 episodes wasn't well received by some viewers with one side thinking that the Minato development with Junichi occurred too quick and made all the previous scenes with Yuuhi pointless. The other side believes that it's justified seeing as how Minatos been taking care of Junichi for awhile before Yuuhi even entered the picture. And then of course there's the added debate as to wither Minato is actually Junichi's blood related sister or not, further complicating things for the viewers as to if the brother-sister love is appropriate or not.
  • Canon Sue: Minato seems to be one.
  • Ho Yay: Junichi and their teacher.
  • Les Yay / I Want My Beloved to Be Happy
    • From Yuuhi to Minato: "I love Junichi, but I love you as much, Minato!" There are two ways to look at this: The above example or in a more sisterly way.
    • Or maybe Yuuhi-Jun-Minato.
    • Also Karen show some signs towards Yuuhi.

alternative title(s): Akane-iro Ni Somaru Saka
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