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YMMV: Akai Katana
  • Guide Dang It - Played with. Many a player have expressed their frustration online about being unable to figure how to play the game, only to be told that pressing B will give them a tutorial.
  • Incest Subtext - The two holding hands in the cover, title screen and pretty much every picture? That's Kikyou and his sister Botan. Yeah...
  • Les Yay - Sumire and Tsubaki go without saying.
  • OOC Is Serious Business - Depends on how much you know of the story. In their background story, Shakunage tries killing Suzuran out of bloodlust, which is what leads her and Shion to join the Gekka Battalion. However, if you play as them and meet up with him during the third boss fight, he seems surprised that they're on the opposing side, and apologizes them when he dies. Based on the True Ending, Shakunage's calmer, more caring side is his real face, so his moment of bloodlust was OOC.

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