YMMV / Age of Ultron

  • Broken Base: There are two camps here: Fans who think the story was average at best, and those who just see it as part of Marvel's Event Addiction. It didn't even sell all that well, being outsold by regular DC and Marvel comics during its run, as opposed to other events like Fear Itself or Secret Invasion that were the best selling titles that month.
    • Plus the third camp who see it as part of Marvel's Bendis Addiction.
    • And a rising camp of people who trace the events of Secret Wars (2015) back to this arc and thus hate it even more (or have grown to hate it retroactively).
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Say what you want about the rest of the story, the opening chapter, with Hawkeye storming a drug pen, taking out all the dealers and goons to save a captured, tortured, and incredibly drugged up and disoriented Spider-Man, really is a great way to kick things off, and it's the best Bendis has ever written Hawkeye.
  • Fan Nickname: "Age of Everyone Except Ultron" in response to how Out of Focus the titular villain is.
  • Fridge Logic: Wolverine's solution in the ending. Even if Ultron didn't just evolve beyond the shutdown code, he wiped Pym's memory of creating him. How would Pym know to use it?
  • Tear Jerker: The Ultron #1AU one-shot features Victor Mancha, who's now the last surviving member of the Runaways, as he struggles with grief over the loss of everyone he ever cared about at the hands of his father.