!![[VideoGame/{{Adventure}} The Atari 2600 Game:]]
* GoddamnedBats: The bat that steals your items is probably the TropeMaker.
* ParanoiaFuel: The dragons. Especially in the harder modes where the [[GoddamnedBats bat]] will sometimes steal your item and '' give you a live dragon in return.''
* UnfortunateCharacterDesign: More than one player has noted that the dragons look more like ducks. Parodied in ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'', as whenever the dragons appear as a minor character, they call it a duck.
* WordOfGod: [[http://www.gooddealgames.com/interviews/int_Warren_Robinett.html Warren Robinett]] has said he named the dragons (Yorgle, Rhindle, and ''Grindle'') and the Bat (Knubberrub), but only the names of the dragons made it into the manual, and Grindle got a slight name change in the process. ([[FlipFlopOfGod Or maybe not]], since [[http://www.stanford.edu/dept/HPS/TimLenoir/MilitaryEntertainment/Atari/Warren%20Robinett%20Interview.html in other interviews]] he says he named the green dragon Grundle from the start)
** Similarly, the Chalice was originally meant to be the Holy Grail, but [[ExecutiveMeddling Atari made him change it to the more generic "Chalice"]].