YMMV / Acquisitions Incorporated

  • Base-Breaking Character: Post-season 6, the fans are split into roughly equal camps: those who want Aeofel back and those who never want to see him again. Even during his tenure as The Intern, opinions were equally polarized.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Jim's treatment of Jeff, the head of the Baldur's Gate chapter of Acquisitions Incorporated. Specifically, tricking Jeff into thinking he has magical powers and leaving him to defend the chapterhouse's foyer against an army of bad guys. Chris takes a moment to really rub it in:
    Jeff: I feel so empowered!
    Jim: I... believe in you.
    Jeff: Have a magical day, Jim!
    Jim: You too, Jeff!
    Jerry (out-of-character): That makes me feel sick.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse
    • Trevor the Werewolf from The "C" Team became unexpectedly popular with the players and the watchers alike.
    • Due to the length of the series it might be hard to remember, but Jim Darkmagic used to be one of these back in the days of the first seasons, due to his eccentric, over-the-top personality and mannerism, combined with Mike's incredible dicerolling. Over time this faded away, partly because the other party members got more fleshed out and received more focus in later seasons, but also as a result of Jim himself mellowing a bit out as a character.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Between Aeofel and Binwin's fondness for each other, Binwin's claims of being "legally married" to Jim, Omin's suspicious possessiveness of "James", and Viari's Homoerotic Dreaming about Drizzt, there is a lot of it on this show.
    • Jim seems a bit obsessed (romantically and sexually) with Omin's sisters and isn't discouraged in the slightest when when Omin tells him that Auspicia is basically his twin, and a lesbian.
  • Memetic Badass: Pat's ability to coax favorable rulings out of Chris is so legendary, the term "to rothfuss something" (meaning exactly that) has become a Running Gag on The "C" Team.
    Kate:At our table, we refer to this as 'That Pat Rothfuss Bullshit.'