YMMV / Ace Lightning

  • Fan Nickname: Lady Illusion has acquired the fan nicknames (or rather, fan first names) of Elspeth and Li (made out of her initials). Another fan theory hangs about that Sparx is secretly a princess who's "real" name is Amandine. Fans presumably chose this name specifically because they know it would embarrass the hell out of her were it true).
  • He Really Can Act: Unidentified Flying Superhero was Mark's moment. Before that, some fans were convinced that Tom Wansey knew what he was doing.
  • Idiot Plot: Rick wants to take over the world because he lost his previous job at a video game company for his wild claims that he had a way to bring game characters to life. To get his revenge he implanted his special program in one of the copies of the Ace Lightning game that happened to end up in Mark's hands, and the rest is history. All that could've been avoided if he'd simply demonstrated proof of his claim, which he obviously could've supplied if he'd seen a need to. Then Rick would've been hailed as a genius and become indecently rich, with no need of world-threatening shenanigans.
  • Narm Charm: Mostly because Ace is such a blatant parody of superhero stereotypes and yet so utterly believes in them. The human characters acting also bounces around this category a lot. Especially Mark. You really do either love or hate it.
  • Squick: Oh boy...
    • Kilobyte's tentacles. Utilized for power drainage. This is usually a bit... graphic.
    • Lady Illusion and Lord Fear are a couple for most of the first series (and yes they behave that way), right? He's a sentient skeleton. Ew.
    • Pigface's, er... snot attack. Poor Heather gets a faceful of it, once.
  • Villain Decay: Lord Fear, after the overshadowing arrival of Kilobyte.
  • The Woobie: Mostly Ace, though Mark has his moments.
    • As does Chuck
      • And Random Virus. Seriously.