• Cult Classic: The first game. And the second game before DayZ.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The 2014 invasion of Crimea and civil war-like situation in Eastern Ukraine is uncannily similar to the scenario and plot of II; A radical Russian minority with a Communist bent in a post-Soviet Central-Eastern Ruritania bordering on Russia wages war against weak government forces (after the latter declare to distance themselves from their Cold War sphere of influence) and occupy government buildings. Then Russia personally intervenes, marching over the border in a semi-black-op manner. Then the government forces team up with radical nationalist militants. The only part that has yet to happen is a US-European military intervention.
  • Game Breaker: The ARMA II ACE 2 mod outright brings nukes into the game, in the form of the B61 unguided bomb (so far the only implemented one). Moreover, by default it's is acquired for use through the standard aircraft weapons equipping module. Fortunately, the mission planner may restrict the authority to release said nukes.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: When the Day-Z mod came out, ARMA II sales spiked — even amongst people who admitted that they were NOT at all interested in the base game.
  • Narm: Like OFP, the Mad Libs Dialogue. Also any time Kozlowski (not the same one from OFP) opens his mouth. Also again, Armstrong tends to indulge in Dull Surprise.
    Kozlowski: (in a slightly high-pitched voice) Oh, fuck, those murderous pigs!
    Armstrong: (badly wounded) Need! HELP!
  • Memetic Mutation: When the third planned livestream (pre-Gamescom 2013) was cancelled due to bandwidth problems in favor of recording the video offline and then uploading that, thereby implicitly cancelling live Q&A, participants in their Twitch chat started mocking the official explanation of weather impeding BI's Internet connection with increasingly more ludicrous versions:
    One example livestream chat room participant: Due to the Takistani militia bombing the net cables, the video is being recorded offline and will be uploaded in aprox. 2 hours - Check the BI social media channels for updates"
    Broadcaster Arma3official throwing in:: Due to the logistics failure, we moved our Arma 3 livestream recording to YouTube. Sit back, relax and enjoy! http://youtu.be/PqQewm7T3EM
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The Bohemia Interactive boards flew into a nerd rage when it was found out that ARMA III's single-player campaign was a sandbox game set in 2035 with a "future warfare" aesthetic, crying and sobbing about how it was going to be more unrealistic — when much of the hardware displayed was already in military use in real life.
    • It got worse when the official marketing buzz in 2012, particularly at the E3 2012 showcases, focused wanting to make ARMA III accessible and "streamlined" (complete with the creative director joking "let's not be afraid of that word") and in particular to make infantry more fluid. When assault rifle recoil during the infantry showcase appeared to be lighter than in any previous ARMA game — and when previewers noted that the gunplay felt more like a conventional first-person shooter — outraged complaints flew of BI making the gunplay too "COD like"... and this was all before the announcement that Arma 3 was going Steamworks and thus would require a Steam account and the Steam client to play.
      • To say nothing of all the complaints about the gameplay, ''especially' once a gameplay balance designer was hired, and after a dev said that an unrealistically slow rate of fire for an anti-material rifle (its real-life counterpart is semiautomatic) was working as intended for balance reasons... then at E3, the revelation that the Take On: Helicopters flight model would not be implemented by release, nor were requested-for-years features such as weapon resting (despite being acknowledged) and some systems such as the medical system simplified, with the acrimony on the devs' forums growing...
  • Uncanny Valley: See The Stoic. The way the in-game voices issue commands can also approach this, as each word the characters speak is used from pre-recorded fragments to form the commands, which thanks to the sometimes shoddy voice work can sound very different in tone and inflection between words. This leads to a very stilted, unnatural stop-start-stop speech pattern that can be both unnerving and unintentionally hysterical.