YMMV / A Haunting

  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Plenty of episodes end with the families triumphant over what has antagonized them.
    • Season 7 episode 2 "The Shadowman" ends with the brothers coming back to the house THIRTY years later after enduring the Shadowman's machinations and finally rid themselves of the harrowing spirit.
    • Season 7 episode 11 "Trapped in Terror". It's already heartwarming enough when the paranormal investigators are able to allow Tiffany, the trapped little girl killed by an enraged gunman, to pass on. However, it gets even more heartwarming when the gunman himself is confronted by the investigators and is not antagonized, but forgiven. This previously terrifying spirit goes from scowling to looking like a kicked puppy as he lays his shotgun down and moves on.
  • Narm: "Spellbound" has a few unfortunately hilarious images, though some may disagree and find them Nightmare Fuel instead. One of them is a chair that rushes at a boy, cackling at him. As if it is saying; "I AM A CHAIR! I LAUGH AT YOUR NOTIONS OF EARTHLY LOGIC!! HAHA! HAHA! HAHAHA!"
    • "Demon Child" had this due to the kid actor's very poor acting at being possessed or being controlled by Man, instead coming off as insanely bratty. Especially this line when the parents tell the kid if he's hungry:
  • Nightmare Fuel: Oh, yeah.
    • Special mention goes to the episode "Where Evil Lurks." A child was paralyzed below the waist due to the machinations of the episode Big Bad, the demon Seth. Speaking of whom, he looks like Lord Voldemort's spectral, even creepier cousin, and at one point he casually dismisses a large number of angry ghosts, showing exactly who is really to blame for the activities in the house. Even removing him did not stop things, as another demon showed up to pick up where he left off.
    • "The Summerwind House" hits the middle of the road between Eldritch Location, Genius Loci and Haunted House and runs with it, for one of the most sinister episodes. Thank goodness the damn thing burned down.
    • The episode "Demon Child." Man. Just FREAKING MAN!!
    • "The Possessed": Belial is a very, very different demon than previous ones. He's intelligent, powerful, and incredibly dangerous.
    • "Spellbound": Yes, the chair thing was goofy, but then we see the face of the creature haunting the house, and it looks like Freddy Krueger. And then there's the trippy occurrence at Sandra's last Wicca ceremony.
    • "Ghost Hunter": Jamie's personality changes and random mumblings, all the scratch marks showing up on his body, and then new ones cutting themselves in as his mother watches. When John Zaffis arrives, there are even more. And during the exorcism, Jamie experiences some nasty Body Horror.
    • "House of the Dead", starring a Soul Music Guitarist. What, you thought only Soul Eater characters could make faces like that?
    • "Monster In The Apartment": Joseph. What looks like a small boy is really a terrifying demon with simply astounding powers of More Than Mind Control. How else would Bob suddenly appear from his job that fast? Its true appearance really sealed the deal, together with the fact it seemed only to target the vulnerable, if one thinks that the monster from the heroine's youth and Joseph were one and the same.
      • Thanks to a bigger budget, the new season is chock full of it. Special credit goes to "The Exorcism of Cindy Sauer." The villain of that episode is especially horrible, being responsible for one man committing suicide, and then trying to do the exact same thing to his wife, possessing her numerous times and conducting some of the nastiest More Than Mind Control out there.
    • "The Uninvited" has one of the freakier series of events, including a demon thing that seems hell bent on randomly attacking people in an extremely petty and unambitious way that somehow ends up terrifying.
    • "The Nightmare Upstairs" is even scarier if you have kids, and even worse if you are a kid, as it shows the parents repeatedly dismissing the incidents. The monster of the episode is absolutely terrifying due to one particular fact about it: its The Faceless. It literally lacks a face, and can sometimes be seen wearing the form of those close to you. And then it gets into bed with people, and one investigator even turns over while trying to sleep and seeing its blank, empty black hole of a face. It then torments one of the girls by directly manifesting and then seizing control over every door in the place in the last minutes.
      • There is also the way it attacks the girls, in a manner very reminiscent of Attempted Rape, forcing them down and pushing itself all over them, a stifling, malevolent force. Yeesh...
    • Season 7 has already shown two horrifying demons, one who pushes people down stairs, shows a twisted, pale face connected to shadows and massacres animals just to show it can, the other is basically a Living Shadow who is shown multiple times to be The Corrupter and a master of More Than Mind Control. Its even implied the so called Supernatural-Proof Father is being influenced by it into being more abusive, including outright delivering the boys into its waiting jaws. What is worse, the latter demon is not even defeated fully - its just shunted out of the house, and back into its woodland home.
    • The Fort from Episode 2 is also rather freakish looking, and makes you wonder if the Dad was influenced by the creature earlier than we knew.
  • Tear Jerker: Oh Yes, this show has some of these moments.
    • The collapse of the relationship between the couple in "A Haunting in Summerwind". The two had such a strong relationship that eventually lead to the collapse of it following their move into the Summerwind home. Worse was when they moved out, they never saw each other again...
      • Special points to the eldest daughter revealing that during the rough time she had thoughts of suicide.
    • Despite the Narmness of the episode, "Demon Child" had a few: The first one was with the mother trying to confront her son's erratic behavior due to Man's influence on him. And then out of freakin' nowhere, the kid just randomly shouts to her that he doesn't need her anymore because Man says so.
      • Really reaches it's apex after the Nightmare Fuel encounter with Man, the kid and his mom confront each other after her freak out, and the lady's narration puts that her son's expression was basically saying "That wasn't me..".