YMMV / A Haunting

  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Plenty of episodes end with the families triumphant over what has antagonized them.
    • Season 7 episode 2 "The Shadowman" ends with the brothers coming back to the house THIRTY years later after enduring the Shadowman's machinations and finally rid themselves of the harrowing spirit.
    • Season 7 episode 11 "Trapped in Terror". It's already heartwarming enough when the paranormal investigators are able to allow Tiffany, the trapped little girl killed by an enraged gunman, to pass on. However, it gets even more heartwarming when the gunman himself is confronted by the investigators and is not antagonized, but forgiven. This previously terrifying spirit goes from scowling to looking like a kicked puppy as he lays his shotgun down and moves on.
  • Narm: "Spellbound" has a few unfortunately hilarious images, though some may disagree and find them Nightmare Fuel instead. One of them is a chair that rushes at a boy, cackling at him. As if it is saying; "I AM A CHAIR! I LAUGH AT YOUR NOTIONS OF EARTHLY LOGIC!! HAHA! HAHA! HAHAHA!"
    • Also, the part where Sandra's son reacts dramatically to the painting of Pan — a pretty well-known pagan deity — in his old bedroom, repeatedly calling it a painting of the Devil.
    • "Demon Child" had this due to the kid actor's very poor acting at being possessed or being controlled by Man, instead coming off as insanely bratty. Especially this line when the parents tell the kid if he's hungry:
  • Tear Jerker: Oh Yes, this show has some of these moments.
    • In some cases, rather than becoming closer as a result of their battle with the supernatural, the family is broken by it, leaving them with emotionally and mentally scarring (and in a few cases, completely loses their religious faith as well — leaving them with not even that to fall back on).
    • The collapse of the relationship between the couple in "A Haunting in Summerwind". The two had such a strong relationship that eventually lead to the collapse of it following their move into the Summerwind home. Worse was when they moved out, they never saw each other again...
      • Special points to the eldest daughter revealing that during the rough time she had thoughts of suicide.
    • Despite the Narmness of the episode, "Demon Child" had a few: The first one was with the mother trying to confront her son's erratic behavior due to Man's influence on him. And then out of freakin' nowhere, the kid just randomly shouts to her that he doesn't need her anymore because Man says so.
      • Really reaches it's apex after the Nightmare Fuel encounter with Man, the kid and his mom confront each other after her freak out, and the lady's narration puts that her son's expression was basically saying "That wasn't me..".