YMMV / A Brief History of Equestria

  • Abduction Is Love: Seven years after the Warming, Hurricane steals Clover out of her own bedroom. However, he's a complete gentlepony about it, and eventually returns Clover to her bedroom after sharing a private dinner with her. It's suspected that Princess Platinum helped set this up without either Hurricane's or Clover's knowledge.
  • Bizarro Episode: The original version of chapter 18 — covering the formation of a unified Equestrian government after the Winter War, it suddenly runs into a tangent about how awesome Puddinghead's parties were, then describes a scene where Hurricane and Slendermare fought over who's sexiest, and then there was an orgy... and then Twilight Sparkle wakes up at her desk, where she fell asleep working on the text. This was an April Fool's Day joke chapter, and it was later moved to Brief History: Side Stories and replaced with a proper chapter.
  • Complete Monster: Talonhoof the Reviled is a Hippogriff (and Knight of Cerebus)) who seeks to commit genocide on ponies. After killing the king of Griffonstone and establishing an army, he launches a full scale war on Equestria, imprisoning ponies regardless of age in the salt mines and forcing them to work there for the rest of their lives, and having his army kill any ponies they come across. When a soldier spares a child, Talonhoof beats her to death with his bare limbs before gutting the soldier and leaving him to slowly bleed out in agony. He later destroys the city of Celestine and kills all the inhabitants.