Wrong Genre Savvy / Web Original

  • Sooni from Tales of MU lives in a Dungeon Punk world that draws heavily on Dungeons & Dragons in particular, yet seems to consider herself an Anime heroine. Among other things, she strongly believes that Defeat Means Friendship.
  • Zeke Strahm from Seeking Truth is a badass Cowboy Cop, who steadfastly refuses to believe he is in the midst of a Cosmic Horror Story. Then everyone he knows and loves dies (some of them by accident) and his life falls apart completely.
  • Cracked's Infiltrating a Gang Based on My Knowledge of West Side Story.
  • The Dove, a Serial-Killer Killer from the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, incorrectly believed he was the hero in a revenge-driven crime thriller. It honestly never occurred to him that he was the villain of a superheroic version of the standard Police Procedural. The revelation of his actual status in the story caused him to commit suicide.
  • In "We Are Our Avatars", Asagi Asagiri views the world as a massive video game...when it's really a massive forum game, which upgrades into Genre Savvy whenever any mechanics from video games worm their way into the situation.
  • Suburban Knights:
    Spoony: Suddenly I've decided that I'm terribly afraid of you.
    • Just in case he tries the same thing on the Big Bad, who throws down his staff in exasperation when he does it, making it look for a second as though that somehow actually worked.
  • Whateley Universe: it should come as no surprise that a series so heavy on Deconstruction would have a number of these.
    • Don Sebastiano thinks that he's in a standard Sky High-esque superhero story, he's the Big Bad and that he and Hekate can do anything they want. Problem is, they're actually in an X-Men-esque superhero story. He's more the Disc-One Final Boss, Hekate is his dragon, and he's underestimated the value of politics- without them, he'd be dead or maimed, because he's playing in the same league as a bunch of people who could kill him without any effort and have already gone up against bigger enemies. (Seriously, the Don or Hekate- or both of them- versus Tennyo? No contest.)
    • Fellow Whateley student Josie Gilman is Wrong Genre Savvy played for laughs. She really does think she's in an X-men (or at least New Mutants) story when she's actually the Butt-Monkey in a Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror story. In her case being wrong genre savvy is probably the only thing keeping her sane.
    • Wannabe Monster Hunter Nightbane is obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and sees herself as their world's equivalent, to the point that when she decapitated the Nigh Invulnerable Humanoid Abomination Carmilla (who was meditating at the time, and didn't even notice until she found her old head, still alive, a few days later), she was surprised that Sara didn't turn into a pile of dust.
  • In Atop the Fourth Wall,during the "Sleepwalker" story arc, Harvey Finevoice informs the (as of yet unnamed) female intruder that Linkara is locked in his room and weird things are happening in there, thinking that she's the one responsible. The intruder theorizes that Linkara is asleep and being tortured by Freddy Kreuger, since he was reviewing NoES comics and this cliché has been done several times since the AVGN first did it. Harvey shoots down this assumption with evidence showing that Linkara is very much awake.
  • In Ten Little Roosters, the titular ten Rooster Teeth creators are in the midst of a Murder Mystery, but Chris, decked out in his Hobbit-like outfit, has his mind set on Lord of the Rings and other fantasy settings. This goes to the point where Burnie gives Chris a "The Reason You Suck" Speech because he just wouldn't stop and say who the killer was. Even worse, when the killer does shows up to confront the two, Chris decides that now is the perfect time to pull off a Heroic Sacrifice. Three times. And each time, he blocks Burnie's shot of the killer! By the third time he hops up, Burnie's just had it and when he croaks, he just says "Yup, I'm done here" and leaves him.
  • In Achievement Hunter's Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V episode "Lindsay's Heist", Michael stops Lindsay during the live-action segment and asks if there was anything she wanted to tell him. She just looks at him in a confused manner, says "no" and walks on. This was because, in "Michael's Heist", Michael had done this with Lindsay as he plotted to betray everyone save for Gavin.
  • Used in Death Battle, in "Pokemon vs. Digimon". Red believes that Agumon is a kind of rare Pokemon, and tries to capture Agumon with a Pokeball which of course doesn't work. Red is also bewildered at Tai running up to him and beating him up himself when Mega Charizard begins seriously hurting WarGreymon - he really honestly didn't see the other "trainer" getting directly involved in a fight. This makes sense if you go with the interpretation that fights in Pokemon battles are friendly duels while fights in Digimon often result in serious injury and death, so it would make sense for Tai and Agumon to treat the battle more seriously.
  • The main character of Pokémon Rusty thinks he exists in the world of the Pokemon games, complete with the logic of said games. However, he's in a Deconstructive Parody of those games, where Reality Ensues and such thinking is an example of Didn't Think This Through. Not to mention, Rusty think he's the hero till the very end, not realizing, or capable of realizing, that he's in fact a terrible trainer who gets his Pokemon killed and they all hate him.
  • In the second Christmas Episode of RWBY Chibi, Roman Torchwick decides that stealing Nondescript Winter Holiday gifts is a poor way to crush everyone's spirits and decides to just steal that spirit instead. To his shock, when Team RWBY shows up soon after, they're perfectly fine. As Yang explains, just because you took their holiday spirit doesn't mean they can't be happy in other ways.