Wrong Genre Savvy / Fan Fic

  • The Pokémon Fan Fic Latias' Journey features an RPG Episode where at one point they get quizzed by a skeleton, and this happens:
    Phanphy: Wait! I saw this on TV once! I know the answer! Is it a Hoennese Swellow or an Orrean Swellow?
    Skeleton: HOENNESE.
    Phanphy: No, you were supposed to say you didn't know, then fall off a cliff.
    Skeleton: YOU WATCH TOO MUCH TV.
  • We Just Want to Help You by Jeanne Hedge is a fic where a random fan of Bubblegum Crisis finds herself in the Tokyo of 2035, hurries over to offer to help Ms. Stingray... and gets tranqed and sent to the loony bin when it turns out she's not actually in Bubblegum Crisis, but a relatively close (but significantly divergent) Alternate Dimension.
  • This Code Lyoko fanfic features Jeremie using fairy tale logic to determine how his relationship with Aelita should progress.
    "We call her 'Princess' all the time. Think hard, Ulrich. What story do you know of had the fair princess's hand won by an intellectual?... I can't win her, Ulrich. I can help her, get her away from XANA and Lyoko by finding the anti-virus but I can't have her heart. It's not the way the fairy tale goes.
  • Many people in The Difference One Man Can Make:
    • Alliser keeps insisting the Witch-King-Beyond-the-Wall is taking his sweet time before launching a massive invasion force against the Wall, blatantly ignoring the facts showing the Free Folk is actually very happy in the True North and intends to stay there. His paranoia was kinda justified at first - due to Harry's many predecessors using the same tactics - but it becomes ridiculous the more longer it goes.
    • When they hear about the new ruler in the True North, the Seven Kingdoms's noble families immediately assume he will try to join the game of thrones and plan to offer him riches and an alliance by marriage to ally with him. The Free Folk being all about freedom, Harry flat-out refuses to tie himself to a Deadly Decadent Court and bluntly lays down the fact a marriage would only engage his family, not the Norfolk at large.
    • Viserys decides to court the Norfolk's help in retaking the Iron Throne. Their answer basically boils down to: "You want us to fight SEVEN FREAKING KINGDOMS for the sake of giving a crown your daddy lose because he was batpoop crazy? What kind of shit have you drunk?"
    • Melisandre is utterly confident in her ability to seduce Harry and make him agree to everything she will ask of him.
    • On the same page, Olenna Tyrell believes her granddaughter Margaery would be able to get Harry to marry her, dismissing Val - Harry's lover and mother to his children - as The Mistress because the Norfolk's standards for marrying are not the same as the Seven Kingdoms'.