Wrestling / WAW Wrestling

WAW Wrestling is an independent promotion hailing out of Manchester, New Hampshire (that tiny state in New England that never really seems to have much going on). A non-profit organization that donates to charity, WAW Wrestling offers a weekly show called 'Aftermath' that airs on YouTube as well as its own website.

WAW's site can be found here.

WAW Wrestling contains examples of...

  • The Ace: Johnny Psycho, for a face version. Chris Shady is a good heel version.
  • Action Girl: Just about every female in the promotion, actually. It would be easier to list the ones that don't qualify.
  • Captain Ersatz: Jonny Psycho, in particular, should have people thinking of CM Punk.
  • Cool Old Guy: Nachos Bell Grande, who is billed as having been born in 1969. Arguably even cooler is Peter Labrie, ring announcer.
  • Fun with Acronyms: The Inner City Posse, the resident juggalo stable, has the initials 'ICP'. Of course, the name is also a reference to ICP's (the musicians) original name.
  • The Giant: Most of the wrestlers are rather small, but there are a few big guys peppered here and there. Special mention goes to the 6′5″, 350-pound Stitches (who is both the tallest and the heaviest wrestler).
  • Gimmick Matches: Hoo boy, there are a lot of these. For the full list, see this page. In general, though, the more gimmicky matches tend to be rare and seldom get in the way of the actual wrestling.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: WAW commentator Chad Epik is stuck in one of these, saying nasty things about crowd favorites like Nachos Bell Grande while praising other faces like Johnny Psycho.(in the wrestling world its called being a tweener. in chad epiks world and in his own words *I'm like Switzerland. I am not a good guy or bad guy as long as i am getting paid I'm happy *)
  • Joke Character: To say nothing of their in-ring abilities and win-loss records, Ecuador and Nachos Bell Grande can each be considered this.
  • Parts Unknown: Of the 'from wherever he/she feels like' variety.
  • Power Stable: The 3 Kings seems to be one. Things get even worse with Dirty Dealer as their manager.