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Wrestling: Tazz
"'Cause I'm Taz, the Human Suplex Machine. Beat me if you can. Survive if I let you!"
The name Tazz may generate some confusion depending on the generation of some wrestling fans. To more modern fans, the name Tazz brings to mind a goofy, if entertaining, commentator. To fans from the 1990's, however, the name Tazz brings to mind one of the most lethal wrestlers in the history of ECW. Born Peter Senerchia, Tazz began his wrestling career in 1987, wrestling for six years in Puerto Rico and the IWCCW promotion as well as in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and for the W*ING promotion in Japan, usually teaming with Kevin Sullivan. In 1993, however, he would debut in ECW as The Tazmaniac, and 2 years later, after success in the tag team division he would shed his caveman gimmick and be rechristened as Taz, and become known as "The Human Suplex Machine", using a wide arsenal of suplexes and introducing his Tazmission finisher, which, to the surprise of some younger viewers, was what introduced the Tap Out to Professional Wrestling. He is a former 2x ECW World Heavyweight Champion, a former 2x NWA ECW/ECW World Television Champion, a former 3x NWA ECW/ECW World Tag Team Champion, holding the belts twice w/Kevin Sullivan and 1x w/Sabu, a 1x WWE World Tag Team Champion w/Spike Dudley and a 3x WWE Hardcore Champion.

You can read more about his career at The Other Wiki.

"Who can stop the tropes of rage?!":

  • Arch-Enemy: (In ECW): 2 Cold Scorpio, Sabu, Rob Van Dam; (in WWE): Jerry "The King" Lawler
  • Badass
    • Badass Armfold: During his introductions in ECW.
    • Badass Beard: With connected mustache
    • Badass Boast: See the caption underneath the page picture. That was his Catch Phrase.
      • To say nothing of the taunt the fans would use on Taz's vict — er, opponent for the night: Taz is gonna kill you!
      • Also, his final ECW theme song, an instrumental knockoff of KISS's "War Machine", included the line "I don't need weapons, my hands are my weapons."
    • Badass Teacher: He and Mikey Whipwreck helped run ECW's wrestling school the House of Hardcore.
    • Badasses Wear Bandanas: To signify his brief return to in ring action for ECW One Night Stand.
    • Took a Level in Badass: The change from the Tazmaniac gimmick to Taz was a HUGE improvement.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: In a promotion that distinguished itself by not barring the use of any "foreign" objects, Taz stood out by deciding he did not need any weapons besides his hands and feet.
  • Bash Brothers: Kevin Sullivan (in SMW, ECW, W*ING), Sabu, 911, Eddie Guerreronote , Tommy Dreamer.
  • Brooklyn Rage: From Red Hook.
  • Choke Holds: His Finishing Move, the Tazmission, a half nelson choke with body scissors. The choking half nelson suplex is generally called the Tazplex when anyone else does it but this does not apply to Tazz himself, oddly.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: In his ECW days.
  • Cool Shades: As a color commentator.
  • Crossover: After ECW World Heavyweight Champion Mike Awesome made his surprise WCW debut on the April 10, 2000 episode of WCW Monday Nitro, Paul Heyman filed a court injunction to prevent Awesome from appearing on WCW TV with the belt. This led to ECW's April 13th show, which produced a true once-in-a-lifetime moment that can never be duplicated, as Tazz, a WWE-contracted wrestler, defeated Mike Awesome, a WCW-contracted wrestler, for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.note 
  • Deadpan Snarker: As a color commentator.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable:
    • Inverted. After his huge heel turn at ECW November to Remember 95, he went for over a year without getting pinned. He lost one match to Chris Jericho by disqualification at ECW Big Ass Extreme Bash on March 9, 1996, but was otherwise unstoppable until his Arch-Enemy Sabu pinned him when Taz had him in the Tazmission and effectively pinned himself in their match at ECW WrestlePalooza 97, June 7, 1997.
    • At Royal Rumble 2000, Kurt Angle, who had been competing for WWE with a two-month long undefeated streak, issued an open challenge to anyone in the back to come face him. Tazz made his WWE debut by utterly curb stomping Angle, choking him unconscious with the Tazzmission.
  • Determinator: Claimed on the Rise & Fall of ECW DVD to have walked himself to the hospital after suffering a broken neck due to a botched spike piledriver at the hands of Dean Malenko and 2 Cold Scorpio during a tag match in Florida in 1995.
  • Easily-Distracted Referee: Done on purpose since Taz was a heel referee
  • Evil Mentor: To Samoa Joe in TNA during Joe's "nation of violence gimmick". As if a traitorous, violence worshiping, head biting, sling blade using Wild Samoan was not evil enough already.
    • Villain Decay: He quickly went back to being a commentator after his initial TNA impact however, leaving Joe to his own devices (because he turned heel by joining the main event mafia, making Taz's role redundant)
  • Expy: Samoa Joe seemed to take a lot from him, particularly the chokehold finisher, the towel he carries around with him, and the "Joe is gonna kill you!" chants.
  • Face-Heel Turn: At ECW November to Remember 95, November 18, 1995. Taz had walked to the ring wearing a referee's shirt before Joey Styles' in-ring introductions for the Konnan vs. Jason match. Taz told Joey that ECW had made him a referee for the night because they said he was an "insurance risk." Jason got in Taz's face. Taz asked both guys if they were ready, and decked Jason, leading to Konnan powerbombing and pinning him in 14 seconds. Everything looks to be on the up and up, right? Not quite, of course.
    • Later that night, there was a match, such as it was, between Commissioner Tod Gordon and evil referee Bill Alfonso. Beulah McGillicutty, then a heel as Raven's girlfriend, is supposed to be the referee, but Fonzie attacks her and throws her out of the match. They sort-of brawl for a while, complete with Fonzie blading, with no referee. Taz comes down while Tod is attempting a pin, starts to count, then stops, beats up Tod, puts Alfonso on top and counts the pin, this turning himself heel. The crowd is shocked, and Taz explains that he did it because none of the fans called or wrote or made any attempt to contact him after his injury and that Alfonso was the only person who seemed to care about him. He also rips on the fans for being happy to see Sabu, who had returned earlier that night after seven months in self-imposed exile in WCW, New Japan Pro Wrestling and the indies,note , Paul E. and whatever and whoever else comes to mind, finally saying to the fans, "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU!"
  • Facial Markings: As the Tazmaniac.
  • Follow the Leader: Introduced tapping out to professional wrestling.
  • Game-Breaking Injury: His mounting neck injuries were what caused his retirement from active wrestling in 2002.
  • Gang Bangers: A self proclaimed thug
  • The Ghost/Noodle Incident: As part of his Brooklyn street thug gimmick in WWE, Tazz would occassionally refer to someone named "Joey Numbas." If this character was supposed to exist or was ever going to be introduced, he never was.
  • I Know Judo: Including all the chokes
  • Important Haircut: As part of his transition from the Tazmaniac to Taz.
  • Insistent Terminology: In spite of (or because of) being the human suplex machine, in ECW all of his suplexes were called tazplexes (eg, "Fisherman Tazplex", "Belly to Back Tazplex", etc).
  • Made of Iron: After Taz botched a piledriver and injured himself he went to a hospital to get checked out and the staff expressed disbelief he was still able to walk.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: While commentating in TNA, in particular calling Daffney Unger "zombie hot" and questioning his tastes whenever she appears.
  • No Sell: More in ECW, due to creative leeway, than in WWE.
  • Odd Friendship: With the card carrying villains Kaientai in the WWF/E, Tazz took a liking to them after they betrayed Too Cool.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: At a relative scale. By pro wrestling standards, 5'9 and 240 pounds meant he was tiny compared to half the rest of the roster, much like his former partner Kevin Sullivan. Led to much Underestimating Badassery on their part. Taz was able to Tazplex 300+ lbs. monsters such as 911, Bam Bam Bigelow and Buh Buh Ray and Big Dick Dudley with ease.
    • From the 2004 Thanksgiving Episode of SmackDown!, following the release of the Rise & Fall of ECW DVD:
    THE BIG SHOW: "Easy, Tazz. I know the ECW DVD is out in stores. I don't want you to have a flashback, come into the ring, and suplex me through the pumpkin pie or something."
  • Put On The Commentators Table: Due to mounting neck injuries.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: All in ECW:
  • Red Baron: "The Human Suplex Machine," "The Path of Rage," "The Orange and Black Attack," "The One Man Human Crime Spree."
  • Revenge by Proxy: Repeatedly beat up Rob Van Dam in order to anger his tag team partner Sabu, whom Taz wanted to have more matches with.
  • Screw This, I'm Out of Here!: He eventually walked out on WWECW, he stuck around for Smackdown a little while longer before leaving the company completely though.
  • Start My Own: His frustration with getting passed over for shots at "The Franchise" Shane Douglas's ECW World Heavyweight Title while he had been the ECW World Television Champion in 1998 led to him introducing his own belt, the unofficial ECW FTW (Fuck the World) Heavyweight Title.
  • Suplex Finisher: Much of his arsenal consisted of a wide variety of suplexes. A particularly noteworthy example would be the Tazmissionplex, where he locked his opponent in a half nelson choke, before throwing them through the air onto their shoulders and head. If he hit you with this, you were done. At ECW House Party 99, he defeated Shane Douglas with this, marking his first pinfall victory, as opposed to submission, in some three years.
  • Thirteen Is Unlucky: His WWE theme was called "13," which Tazz explained as representing how many years it had taken him to get to WWE.
  • Unstoppable Rage: The driving force behind the Tazzmission. Vocal submissions were not accepted, only tap outs, which now happens to be par the course for professional wrestling.
  • The Voiceless: As the Tazmaniac.
  • Wrestling Family: Held the ICW/IWCCW Tag Team Titles with his cousin Joe Chetti as the Tazmaniacs, Noga and Mako. Taz later trained Joe's younger brother Chris, who started as an anonymous member of heel Taz's entourage of trainees Team Taz (which included the guys who would go on to become the last-ever ECW World Tag Team Champions "Dastardly" Danny Doring and "The Angry Amish Warrior" Roadkill) and wrestled as G.Q. "Gorgeous" Quartermaine of the tag team the Erotic Experience before finding success in the mid-card as a tag team competitor.
  • Writing Around Trademarks: His original name, the Tazmaniac and his following one of Taz were changed to Tazz when he debuted in WWE. He was able to get away with it in ECW due to ECW being too low-key for Warner Bros. to notice.
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