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Wrestling: Luke Harper
aka: Brodie Lee

Jon Huber (b. 1979) is an American Professional Wrestler from Rochester, NY currently in WWE as Luke Harper of The Wyatt Family. He debuted in late 2002 as in the upstate New York independent scene where he competed until he arrived in CHIKARA in 2007. His original gimmick, "The Right Stuff" Brodie Lee, was based on the New Kids on the Block. This ended at the CHIKARA show Here Come the International Invaders- Attack of the Phantom Sith, August 17, 2007, when he introduced his new trucker gimmick, "The Big Rig" Brodie Lee, and allied himself with the Olsen Twins (Colin [Delaney] and Jimmy) against the Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant and Worker Ant) and scored the win for his team by pinning Worker Ant. This was during a year-long streak where he did not get pinned or submitted. As Brodie Lee he also competed for Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate/Dragon Gate USA, CZW and a variety of independent promotions. Among his in-ring achievements, he is a former WWE NXT Tag Team Champion, a former JAPW Heavyweight Champion, a former JAPW Tag Team Champion and was the final JAPW New Jersey State Heavyweight Champion.

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"Tropes related to Brodie Lee/Luke Harper":

  • Badass Beard/Beard of Evil: The Wyatt Family is a trio of evil bearded individuals. Brodie Lee wasn't much better, what with being the servant of a railroad spike wielding "zombie princess".
  • Bald of Awesome: Luke Harper has a variant of this with a noticeable bald spot on top of his head. That bald spot is actually a scar left over from a particularly nasty chairshot he took during his indy wrestling days, but he liked the way it looked and kept it rather than having it repaired.
  • Big "YES!": Constantly shouts "YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH" while wrestling in WWE. In NXT it was more of a subdued, cult-like chant, but is much louder on Raw and SmackDown!, possibly due to the size of the arenas.
  • Bondage Is Bad: Luke Harper's black handkerchief in his back left pocket marks him in the somewhat outdated handkerchief code as a BDSM top. It also has a touch of Depraved Homosexual as the code was pretty much entirely used by the gay community and considering we're talking about the PG WWE here, certainly an example of Getting Crap Past the Radar.
    • Or it could be that WWE and Harper just don't know about the subtext. He's worn other color handkerchiefs in his pocket during his indy days.
  • The Brute: For Age of the Fall in ROH and for Blood WARRIORS in Dragon Gate.
  • The Bully: Back in 2008, he would push around the smaller CHIKARA wrestlers, leading to Claudio Castagnoli standing up to him and a short feud, which Castagnoli won by defeating Lee in CHIKARA's first-ever cage match.
  • Cult: The Wyatt Family
  • Deep South: His gimmick as Luke Harper. Harper doesn't have a hometown currently in WWE, and in NXT he was billed from Butte, Montana. He's actually from upstate New York. Then again, the major difference between upstate New York and the deep south is the weather...
  • Expy: Bruiser Brody, Brodie Lee, really now, what do you think? If it is anything other than "yes" you thought wrong.
  • Fingerpoke Of Doom: Subverted. In his "12 Large: Summit" Tournament Match with Vin Gerard at CHIKARA Aniversario: The Legendary Super Powers Show, May 22, 2011, Gerard tried it and Lee laid down, but then slapped Gerard when he tried for the pin. (Gerard ultimately won the match, but with an inside cradle.)
  • Finishing Move:
    • As Brodie Lee: Big Boot, Running Liger Bomb, Brodie Bomb, Truck Stop (Spinning sit out side slam)
    • As Luke Harper: Discus Clothesline
  • Ghost Town: The Wyatt Family is billed from Snake Bight, FL, which is a real place.
  • Jerkass: One of his shticks in CHIKARA was refusing to play along with the normal tomfoolery. For example when a spontaneous baseball game broke out during a Throwbacks match, instead of playing along he just decked the nearest opponent with an open hand slap. To say nothing of the way he treated Grizzly Redwood when they teamed.
    • There's also the way he always made a beeline for ring announcer Gavin Loudspeaker, who had to flee for his safety. No reason was ever given for his irrational hatred of him.
  • Lightning Bruiser: He's 6'5, 275 lbs. and can do dropkicks and hurricanranas.
    • Hell, he can even dive between the ropes to get at someone!
  • Power Stable:
    • (in ROH): The Age of the Fall
    • (in EVOLVE): Akuma's Army
    • (in Dragon Gate): WARRIORS, Blood WARRIORS
      • (in Dragon Gate USA): WARRIORS International
  • Power Trio: Age Of The Fall was cut down to a just him, Jimmy Jacobs and MsChif(not counting stragglers outside of ROH) The Wyatt Family was a trio for most of its existence too.
  • Punny Name: His double team finisher with Grizzly Redwood, The Truck Stops Here.
  • Put on a Bus: He was in the running to be CHIKARA's Big Bad of 2012 when he was abruptly signed by WWE. So he lost a title match against Eddie Kingston and vanished. He, of course, went on to become Luke Harper.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: His New Kids on the Block gimmick.
  • Real Song Theme Tune:
  • Red Baron: "The Right Stuff," "Big Rig"
  • Signature Move: Brodie Lee's choke suplex and double under hook superplex, Luke Harper's Gator Roll
  • Tag Team:
    • (in NWA Upstate): Big 'N Tasty, with Freddie Midnight
    • (in Alpha-1 Wrestling): The Convoy
    • CloudLee, with Cloudy
    • The Hillbilly Wrecking Crew, with Necro Butcher and Trevor Murdoch
    • The Roughnecks, with Eddie Kingston and Grizzly Redwood
    • The Miracle Ultraviolence Connection, with Cheech and Cloudy
  • Took a Level in Badass: When he switched to the trucker gimmick.
  • Tuckerization: He took the name "Brodie Lee" from the movie Mallrats, by combining Jason Lee's last name with the first name of his character, Brodie Bruce.
  • Wrestling Doesn't Pay: A wrestling trucker as Brodie Lee.
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