Wrestling: Brock Lesnar

Lesnar's new (ca. 2014) motto

Brock Lesnar, born 1977, is a professional wrestler and former MMA fighter. Lesnar won the NCAA Amateur Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in 2002, before debuting with WWE in 2002. He left WWE in 2004, after winning three WWE Championships, to try out for American Football. He played pre-season for the Minnesota Vikings, but was cut before the regular season began. He then returned to wrestling and went on to win the New Japan Pro Wrestling IWGP Heavyweight Championship. After moving to Mixed Martial Arts, Lesnar won the UFC World Heavyweight Title in 2008 from Randy Couture, later losing it to Cain Velasquez in 2010. He served as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter opposite Junior Dos Santos.

Lesnar returned to the WWE on the April 2, 2012 episode of WWE Raw, when he came out and hit John Cena with the F-5.

In 2014, Lesnar defeated the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX, ending 'Taker's previous 21-0 streak at the show. Four months later he beat (read: massacred) John Cena cleanly at SummerSlam '14 to become the WWE World Heavyweight champion, winning his first championship at WWE in over ten years.

Lesnar has also managed to leave an impact on pop culture. By their own admission, the creators of Manly Guys Doing Manly Things and Attack on Titan used Lesnar as a model for the physical build of two important characters— Commander Badass and the Armored Titan, respectively. Coincidentally, they both seem to know Brock mostly from his UFC days.

The Other Wiki has a more extensive article on his life and career.

"Here come the tropes!":

  • And Starring: The April 30, 2012 show saw "WWE Raw Supershow starring Brock Lesnar". A week later, Triple H showed up and put a stop to it.
  • Arch-Enemy: Kurt Angle in pro wrestling, possibly Frank Mir in MMA.
  • Awesome McCoolname: It sounds so perfect for his image that it might be a shock to find he was born with it.
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: His main strategy. And with his speed and strength, he doesn't need to use any other strategy, although it can come back to bite him on occasion (see Frank Mir, Cain Velasquez and John Cena).
  • Ax-Crazy: As a result of being "brainwashed" by Vince McMahon. Best summed up by himself in a vignette before SummerSlam 2014. "If you want to wrap your head around my world, you need to understand one thing: I enjoy hurting people."
  • Badass:
  • Badass Beard: The "mountain man" look he sported in the run up to his fight with Cain Velasquez.
  • Badass Boast:
    • "I am the Next Big Thing!" Also doubles as his Red Baron.
    • During the 2004 No Way Out intro he uttered this epic line:
      Brock Lesnar: I've beaten legends, great ones, phenoms! You are no one!
    • In a vignette leading up to Summerslam 2014, he gives his thoughts on breaking the streak:
      Lesnar: The thing is, I knew I was gonna beat the Undertaker. Everyone knew I was gonna beat the Undertaker. They just didn't want to believe it. For God's sake, why wouldn't Brock Lesnar be able to beat the Undertaker? Because he's some mythical god?
  • Berserk Button: Don't slap him in the face, as John Cena discovered the hard way.
  • Blond Guys Are Evil: In his heel runs.
  • Blood Is the New Black:
  • Blood Knight:
    • Arguably anybody that competes in UFC has to be a bit of one, but he brought it into WWE with him as well.
      "What makes me happy? ... beating people up. That's what makes me happy."
    • And that's quite possibly not just the character he portrays. During an interview with ESPN, Lesnar claimed, apparently with the straightest of faces, that if it was legal to go out and beat down random people just for kicks, it'd be his number-one hobby.
    • Arguably played this trope straight literally after his 2012 return. During a time where blood was a no-no in WWE, seemingly every brawl Lesnar was in resulted in someone (be it him or his opponent) bleeding heavily by the time it was over.
    • Proved that he's for real about it (at least in kayfabe) when 3MB (a heel stable) called out The Shield (a face stable) due to a confrontation that the two groups had a week prior. Everyone watching was probably anxious to see The Shield lay the ass-kicking of a lifetime on 3MB, but who comes out instead? Brock fucking Lesnar, who was himself a heel at the time. Heel-on-heel violence is rare in WWE, but so is someone with Lesnar's blood lust and killer instinct. So basically, long story short, Brock Lesnar showed up during a promo of a mini-feud in which he was in no way involved, and ripped three other heels to shreds for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
  • Big "Shut Up!": His first line (Not counting a UK-exclusive PPV) on WWE television was to interrupt Paul Heyman mid-rant by screaming "SHUT UP PAUL!" at him.
  • Book Ends:
    • Debuted in WWE on March 18th 2002, the night after WrestleMania X8, and made his final appearance for the company at WrestleMania 20.
    • And then he returned to WWE in 2012, on the episode of Raw airing April 2 & the night after WrestleMania 28, providing another book end.
  • Boring but Practical: Lesnar's new Signature Move, the Kimura, would be more suited to the days of Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund (and probably has been used by one of them) and looks out of place beside flashier moves of today. However, it can cripple someone in real life and is a nice nod to his MMA days.
  • Born Winner
  • Brilliant but Lazy: Beat the Streak, destroyed the champion like he was nothing, and only bothers to show up a few times a year to wrestle. To be fair, however, this may be a callback to his days in UFC, in which fighters defend their titles less than once a month.
  • The Brute: During his first heel run, with Paul Heyman as his manager and mouthpiece.
  • The Bus Came Back: Returned to Raw, April 2, 2012 and laid out Cena with an F5.
  • Charles Atlas Super Power: Particularly in his days in WWE, he seemed impossibly strong, even able to hoist the 500 pound Big Show around with ease. This is actually Truth in Television. As far back as middle school, Lesnar is noted to have been freakishly strong. Like many Strongman competitors, he grew up on a farm, and became accustomed to lifting heavy loads (such as young calves) and developed an iron-clad work ethic. It's best described by the man himself in a UFC Countdown video:
    Brock Lesnar: (in response to how training for MMA differs from professional wrestling) I learned early on that I don't need to lift 500 or 600 pounds once. I need to be able to press 250 pounds as many times in a row as I need.
  • Combat Pragmatist: (read: wants to cause as much pain as possible, rules be damned)
    • Especially made notable at SummerSlam 2014, where, to paraphrase AJ Styles, Brock beat the piss out John Cena and peeled his head like an onion on the way to capturing his fourth WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It was an incredible display of how to physically wear down and dissect a superman, which also contained a brilliant subtle insult aimed at Cena's place in history.
    • Described perfectly by Paul Heyman, who educated John Cena on Brock Lesnar's psychology during a match, and why he can't be beaten:
      Heyman: With all due respect, Mr. Cena, that is your biggest problem. You LIVE to be John Cena. You LIVE for the fans to chant at the top of their lungs, "LET'S GO CENA!" But you see, when Brock Lesnar steps into the ring, Brock Lesnar doesn't hear anybody but three people: (1) The referee, who has the power to disqualify him, (2) Paul Heyman, who strategizes his greatest victories, and (3) the suffering of his victims, like YOU suffered at Brock Lesnar's hands at SummerSlam.
  • Commuting on a Bus: His current run in the WWE has been this.
  • Cue the Flying Pigs: When he broke the streak, the fans looked like the ring had just exploded while they watched in silent disbelief.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: He's notorious for dishing these out in his pro wrestling persona, sometimes just for fun. None were more impressive, however, than the one he handed to JOHN CENA in 2014.
  • Dark Is Evil: Constantly wears black clothes and wrestles in black fighting gear.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: In his 2003 Face run.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable/Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?:
    • Ended The Undertaker's WrestleMania winning streak cleanly. Go watch WrestleMania 27 and marvel at the ludicrously one-sided beatdown that Triple H gave to the Deadman. On top of that, Triple H had to use weapons, and he still lost. Brock Lesnar, meanwhile, proved at WrestleMania XXX that he IS a weapon.
    • Depending on how his booking goes following SummerSlam, this could very well apply to whomever unseats Lesnar from the WWE World Heavyweight Title.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: "This is a real feeling that you're feeling because I can feel it! I'm the reason you're feeling the way that you're feeling right now, John."
  • Determinator: At the 2015 Royal Rumble. In a triple-threat match with John Cena and Seth Rollins, Rollins and Cena, despite being INCREDIBLY bitter enemies, did their best to turn the bout into a handicap match to eliminate Lesnar. Brock suffered the following: FOUR Attitude Adjustments, a Curbstomp, an Irish Whip into the steel ringside stairs, an attack to the head using the stairs, an elbow drop through the announce table (which broke at least one of Lesnar's ribs), and two shots the side of his head with Rollins' metal Money in the Bank briefcase. Lesnar won the match... despite using no weapons and pretty much doing nothing but suplexes and finishers.
  • The Dragon:
  • The Dreaded: CM Punk said it best — Brock's greatest weapon has never been any of his physical gifts, but the sheer fear all of his opponents had for him, whether they showed it or not.
  • Embarrassing Tattoo: His sword tattoo looks like a little too much like another type of sword...
  • Establishing Character Moment:
    • Upon his first re-appearance on WWE, he makes a beeline straight for the ring and delivers an F5 to John Cena.
    • Even further than that, his debut? Running into a hardcore match and pounding Al Snow, Maven Huffman, and Spike Dudley into the mat like they were dolls while hardly breaking a sweat (note: almost all of the participants in this match were armed with weapons— Lesnar gave approximately zero fucks). To further drive the point home, Maven was the Hardcore Champion, and this was when the 24/7 rule (so long as a WWE official was present, the Hardcore title could be defended at any moment) was in effect, meaning, in kayfabe, he could have pinned Maven and won the Hardcore Title in his first ever TV appearance if he had wanted.
  • Easily Forgiven: After ending the streak, you'd think he'd have heel heat forever. But once it was leaked that he will be facing John Cena for the WWE World Title at Summer Slam 2014, there are a group of fans rooting for him. People even started chanting "We Want Lesnar" on the Raw after Money in the Bank. So either people are over the streak ending or they just want Lesnar to take the titles from Cena. He's also gotten cheers for not acquiescing to The Authority and possibly for his tendency to beat up heels despite technically being one himself (and the fans might simply have a huge amount of respect for his breathtaking athletic ability and the matches he puts on).
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones/Villainous Friendship:
    • Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman seem to be each other's only friend in the business, and have a genuine respect for one another. If someone looks like they are getting in Heyman's face, here comes Brock to step up and protect his manager.
    • Kayfabe-wise Heyman has some other friends. They just haven't appeared on WWE programming since he came back.
    • Even Heyman will step in to protect Lesnar, knowing full well that he doesn't stand a chance against any kind of wrestler. This was shown in the 2013 Extreme Rules match against Triple H where he runs into the cage where Trips has Brock in a submission he has no chance of escaping, without so much as a weapon, just to get him to let go. Afterwards, he wills himself up just long enough to get a cheap shot on Hunter and gives Lesnar the victory. If they weren't heels at the time, that would have been a touching Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Evil Plan: His main objective at Extreme Rules 2012 was to hurt John Cena. Which he did.
  • Eviler Than Thou: John Laurinaitis tried to bring him in as The Dragon, but Lesnar turned the tables and bullied him into giving him whatever he wanted.
  • Extreme Melee Revenge: The 2014 Royal Rumble saw Lesnar likely exceed WWE's yearly chair shot quota all over The Big Show's back - breaking three chairs in the process.
  • Farm Boy: In South Dakota.
  • Fingerless Gloves: Sports MMA style gloves since his 2012 return.
  • Game-Breaking Injury: His (ongoing) battle with diverticulitis hindered his MMA career quite badly, leading to his retirement.
  • Groin Attack: Has no qualms about running up behind someone (say, John Cena for example) and kicking him right in the balls.
  • Handicapped Badass:
    • Kept fighting in UFC even when suffering from diverticulitis.
    • YMMV on the claims by Paul Heyman, but Lesnar was supposedly only at "50 percent" because of his continued issues with diverticulitis even while devastating John Cena for 20+ minutes at Extreme Rules 2012, only to narrowly lose the match after two hits.note  Going into SummerSlam '14? He was allegedly at 100%. Ask John Cena whether or not that was the case (or see Badass, Combat Pragmatist, and Curb-Stomp Battle above, as well as Hero Killer below).
  • Hero Killer: His entire comeback run appears to be built on Lesnar being exactly this.
    • He pretty much became the most significant hero-killer in professional wrestling history by ending the Streak 100% cleanly.
    • He promptly followed that by giving John Cena the biggest beatdown of his career at SummerSlam '14 to win the WWE World Heavyweight title.
  • Humiliation Conga: First he gets tackled by Goldberg at the 2004 No Way Out during his title defense against Eddie Guerrero. Then Guerrero performs a frog splash onto his injured body and pins him to become the WWE Champion. Then Goldberg defeats him in their grudge match at WrestleMania XX (which was, not incidentally, both men's last match in WWE) - and finally, just to twist in the knife, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin "stuns" both him and Goldberg to massive cheers from the crowd. Then he attempts to break into the NFL and fails, and then he attempts a return to the WWE but is turned away, and then he tries to wrestle in Japan but can't get out of his no-compete clause. It took awhile for Brock to get back on his feet.
  • Ironic Echo:
    • Lesnar dominates his UFC debut match with Frank Mir but gets caught via an inexperienced mistake and loses the match. Fast forward to 2012: it happens to him again in his WWE return match against the now-veteran John Cena, destroying him for 20 minutes before running into a chain-wrapped fist as a result of attempting an ill-advised high-risk move.
    • Another echo, this time to his second match with Mir, where Lesnar's new experience and patience allows him to dominate Mir. spoiler: His SummerSlam 2014 match sees him being much harder to take down, and he defeats John Cena decisively.
  • It's Personal: He and Paul Heyman seemed to be doing everything in their power to make his feud with Triple H this.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold:
    • Can be a Jerk Jock at his worst, but is a cool guy if you don't diss him. He seems to have become this especially after a hard-fought win against Carwin and losing his title to Velasquez.
    • For all the bridges he's burned in his career (most notably with the WWE), he's done well to rebuild many of them, or keep himself from burning any more. He still praises the people who helped him get where he is today, and gives credit where it is due... unless you are Frank Mir.
    • It's pretty much impossible to get an autograph from him outside a WWE/UFC event. He's been known to completely ignore fans who approach him in public, although he has repeatedly said that he is an intensely private person outside the ring, and has no tolerance for people bugging him when he's not working.
    • According to reports, he personally thanked The Undertaker after their WrestleMania XXX match; this after a long-standing feud between the two after Brock felt Taker was always reluctant to put him over.
  • The Juggernaut: Oh hell yes. Especially in his championship run. He's been compared to a final boss from an arcade fighting game.
  • Knight of Cerebus: During his second WWE run.
  • Lightning Bruiser:
    • Lesnar is known for both his extreme size and and surprising quickness in the UFC. Seanbaby wrote in this article: "Brock Lesnar is a human cheat-code. He is 300 pounds of muscle and judging by the way he darts around, I don't think mass and inertia were properly explained to him." He also played this trope straight during his WWE career.
    • Once during a replay on Raw, he was shown standing in the ring, and then outside the ring attacking 3MB, with no clipping. The camera had just turned away from Brock for around a second and when it came back Brock was beating up 3MB on the floor.
      • To go into further detail, when only Heath Slater and Lesnar remained, Slater made a break for it. He scrambled to the outside on one side of the ring, and Lesnar quickly left the ring through the adjacent side of the ring, beat Slater to the spot where he was running, and still had time to set himself to execute a stiff, but safe, clothesline (again, all on live television with no camera tricks). He looked like a heat-seeking middle linebacker beating a halfback around the edge of the offensive line. It's kinda hard to describe, so just watch. And don't forget to pick your jaw up off the floor.
    • A long time ago, Eddie Guerrero proved that Brock was more of a Glass Cannon, relying on his incredible offence to beat his opponent quickly, but if the match started dragging on he would run out of gas and be vulnerable to mistakes. That was in the past. Now he's learned. Now he paces himself and dishes out suplexes like he's painting the floor with your face. And the instant you show any signs of a Heroic Second Wind, he will shut you down and end the match without wasting any more time.
    • And that aforementioned running out of gas? He can now deliver repeated suplexes to a 250-pound man and throw the guy around like he was made of putty for twenty minutes straight and have enough energy left in the tank to stuff all of his opponent's comebacks in seconds. The fact that Lesnar isn't, visually, the specimen he was in the early 2000s (and his diverticulitis, which would have likely killed him had he not had the best doctors money could buy) seem to have had little effect on his stamina.
  • Likes Older Women/May-December Romance: His wife Rena (former wrestler Sable) is 10 years his senior.
  • Limit Break: His F-5. It often operates as a finishing move, but given that he only wrestles a few times a year in high-profile matches (where moves that are normally a One-Hit KO are nerfed for drama's sake), it becomes this. Frighteningly enough, he seems to start with what would be considered a 'full gauge' at the start of the match. It's not at all uncommon to see him use an F-5 (or, at least, his first one) less than a minute after the bell rings.
  • Mad Libs Catchphrase: Played straight with his 2014 mantra "Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat." After WrestleMania XXX, it became "Eat. Sleep. Break The Streak." Then it became "Eat. Sleep. Conquer John Cena."

    Another example that Heyman used (which didn't appear on a t-shirt, however) was "Eat. Sleep. Suplex. Repeat," referring to the 16 German Suplexes that John Cena took at SummerSlam 2014.
  • Minnesota Nice: Averted.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: A lot of his matches against weaker opponents like Zach Gowen turn into this (also when he threw Gowen down a flight of stairs). But then he upped it to 11 when he did it in his return match to John Cena, putting on such a vicious beatdown that even the usual split-for-Cena crowd started to rally behind John towards the end of the match.
  • Only in It for the Money:
    • Lesnar was always rather upfront about the fact that his true passion was football and his real dream was to play for the NFL, but he went to WWE because "that's where the money was." During his 2012 return, this was a major aspect of his character. His honesty is magnified in his autobiography, where he clearly states that he is a "business" man who will show up to work if the price is right, even if it is for one night of easy work (like his first MMA fight).
    • After April 6, 2014, this is now the reason Lesnar is coming under ferocious levels of X-Pac heat from fans all over the place, as they don't believe he deserved to be the one to end the Streak, due to the fact that he's got no love for the industry or the fans. His attitude of being in it only for the money was hyped up by Heyman on Raw the following night. Fans were not willing to forgive him for it. And probably aren't likely to ever do so. No word on whether or not his relationship with Undertaker has worsened or not due to this, either, but given their apparent real life animosity, it's not hard to imagine that being the last nail in the coffin, preventing any kind of civility between them. Taker was (rightfully) very proud and protective of that Streak.
      • To specify, the above spoiler-marked portion may be true in kayfabe, but in real life, it couldn't be further from. With regards to the animosity between Taker and Lesnar, it's safe to say that that's been quashed. Not only had Undertaker been pegging Brock to be the streak-ender since late 2010 (which may add a new dimension to the whole "wanna do it?" thing after Brock's loss to Cain Velasquez), but when Undertaker was driven to the hospital due to a severe concussion he suffered mid-match as Heyman mentioned in his Worked Shoot on TV the following night, not only did Vince McMahon go with him, so did Lesnar and Heyman themselves, who left out this last detail on Raw for obvious reasons.
  • Phrase Catcher: Tazz liked to shout "Here comes the pain!" whenever Lesnar made his entrance (and was later the subtitle for the fifth game in the SmackDown! series), and appeared on several of his merchandising shirts at the time as well as his DVD.
  • Power Stable: "Team Lesnar" with The Big Show, Matt Morgan, Albert and Nathan Jones, all managed by Paul Heyman, though the name was only used officially at Survivor Series 2003. He also runs Death Clutch Gym, MMA camp for heavyweight fighters.
  • Psycho for Hire: A mercenary at heart who relishes in conquering things, dishing out pain, and getting paid in the process.
  • The Quiet One: He usually lets Paul Heyman do the talking for him.
  • Rated M for Manly: Especially in WWE.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot:
    • Essentially, his gimmick during his return tour has been as an MMA fighter. He even seemed to trade in the F5 (which he had no problem doing, as he showed John Cena immediately) for the Boring but Practical Kimura lock.
    • Aspects of his fighting that he struggled with as a prizefighter also found his way into his WWE character. Earlier into his return, a strong blow to the stomach would double him over in severe pain, a nod to Lesnar's battle with diverticulitis and mononucleosis in 2012.
    • In 2014, at the Night of Champions pay-per-view during his rematch with John Cena, the only times Cena was able to consistently maintain offense were when he relentlessly pummeled Lesnar with strikes— one of Lesnar's biggest criticisms as an MMA fighter was that he was extremely uncomfortable with being punched.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: Overlaps with Dark Is Evil above, as his gear usually has crimson accents.
  • Red Baron: The Next Big Thing, The Anomaly, The Beast (Incarnate), The Conqueror, The Carnivore, The Human Cheat-Code, The Conqueror of The Streak, The One in 21-1.
  • Remember When You Blew Up a Sun?: "Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I am the one behind the one in 21-1. I earned that distinction when my client, BRRRRRROCK LESSSSSSSNAR! ... conquered The Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania!" He repeats this monologue, more or less word-for-word, so often that the crowd has memorized it enough to say at least half of it at the same time as Heyman does. It's also always the first thing he says when he opens a promo, ever since the aforementioned win by Brock Lesnar over Undertaker.
  • Rogues Gallery: In his initial WWE run he had constantly clashed with Kurt Angle, The Big Show, John Cena, Chris Benoit and The Undertaker.
  • Rule of Symbolism: 16 suplexes seems like a rather odd number to hit someone with...unless you remember that the record for most World Championship reigns is 16, held by Ric Flair; a record John Cena is one short of tying with 15 title victories, and whom, if Brock has anything to say about it, won't be getting that sixteenth championship.
  • The Runner Up Takes It All: Ironically, WWE had originally gone to the University of Minnesota to sign Lesnar's teammate Shelton Benjamin, not Lesnar himself.
  • Shout-Out: His Tag Team in WWE's developmental program OVW with Shelton Benjamin was called the Minnesota Stretching Crew, based on the old school team the Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Gene/Lars/Ole/Arn Andersons).
  • Slasher Smile: Sported one during his "match", with John Cena at Summerslam '14, even emulating the Undertaker's signature sit-up taunt.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Well, more like Big Name Bigger Ego, but this is pretty much his gimmick since his 2012 WWE return i.e. the inherent belief that he should be waited upon hand and foot and have everything handed to him right when he asks. And the way he destroyed the undisputed face of WWE (plus defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania'', he may have a point.
  • Smug Super: Lesnar can kick anyone's ass six ways from Sunday and has the arrogance and bravado to show for it.
  • Spam Attack: His match against John Cena at SummerSlam 2014. Suplex after suplex... after suplex. And when Brock was done with that, he delivered - you guessed it - more suplexes. 16 in total.
  • Take Over the World: Between his "Conqueror" tagline and the time he tried to make Monday Night Raw "Starring Brock Lesnar", he's as close as a part-time wrestler is gonna get to making this trope a goal. Heyman even once described Lesnar as a modern-day Alexander The Great, sitting on a rock and weeping, because he had no worlds left to conquer. He would further elaborate later, citing the fact that Lesnar is the only man in history to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship, WWE Championship, and NCAA Division I Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, making sure to note that no one else has even won any TWO of those titles, let alone all three. "Taking over the world" (at least the world of athletics) may be no understatement.
  • Take That, Audience!: After his underwhelming WrestleMania XX match with Goldberg, Lesnar gave the MSG crowd a one finger salute for the X-Pac heatnote  they gave him (and Goldberg) earlier.
  • This Is for Emphasis, Bitch!: Suplex City, Bitch!
  • Underwear of Power: In his initial WWE run. Since his WWE return, he's been wearing an MMA gear (shorts and fingerless gloves) with boots.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: Sort of a running theme to his MMA run. His strength and speed were enough to overwhelm some opponents (and even then he was vulnerable, as Frank Mir proved when he submitted him in their first fight), but against high level opposition his relative lack of experience in striking and submissions really showed.
    • This is basically him in his second WWE run, too. He basically strikes and spams German suplexes and F-5s. And his suplexes are noticeably 'sloppier', which may be by design as they tend to look and be sold more like 'legit' suplexes, which aren't much of a stretch for a guy with Brock's raw power.
  • Unstoppable Rage: After Seth Rollins denied him his rematch the night after WrestleMania and high tailed it out of there, Lesnar proceeded to completely lose his shit and upended the announcer table, knocking down the commentators before waylaying J&J Security. He then grabs a fleeing Michael Cole and delivers an F5 in the ring, before grabbing a cameraman to do the same. Stephanie McMahon pleads with him to stop, even promising him his rematch with Rollins, only for Lesnar to F5 the cameraman anyway.
    Stephanie: [with Brock holding a cameraman on his shoulders] Brock, PUT HIM DOWN!
  • Vocal Dissonance: Not so much when he speaks (although his voice is maybe a tad higher than one would expect from a testosterone-fueled musclehead) but whenever he tries to yell. The screeching tires sound that issues from his throat has become the stuff of memetic legend.
  • Weaksauce Weakness:
    • Lesnar doesn't react well to getting punched in the face. Note that he is never knocked down or knocked out (he took a freakish amount of punishment in his fight with Shane Carwin), but when someone gets through and lands a hit he tends to backpedal away. This was played straight (somewhat) in his first match back against Cena, when Lesnar lost to Cena after a steel-chain assisted punch to the face, but then averted when it took THREE SUPERMAN PUNCHES to floor Lesnar in his match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania XXXI
    • Came into play in his return match at Extreme Rules 2012 when Cena managed to overcome a then-Curb-Stomp Battle with a shot to the face of a leaping Lesnar with his chain wrapped around his fist, which stunned Lesnar enough to allow Cena to get the AA on the steel steps for the improbable, even by his standards, win.
    • Came up again during his match with Triple H at SummerSlam. While not as one sided as his match with Cena, he was dominating for most of the brawl until Triple H managed to get a hard strike on his stomachnote  at which point Brock promptly doubled over in pain and was staggering for the rest of the match.
    • During an episode of Smackdown! when Chris Jericho was a guest manager, he unwisely picked a fight with Lesnar. While the fight didn't even last a minute, Jericho delivered a punch to Lesnar's face that stunned him for a good five seconds. Even more interesting considering how small Jericho is compared to Lesnar.
  • Worked Shoot:
    • His confrontation with The Undertaker at UFC 116. It never lead anywhere, as there is simply no way Dana White would let Lesnar appear for any other fighting or pseudo-fighting organization while he's still under UFC contract.
    • Ironically, the two would have a completely unrelated one-month feud in his WWE return resulting in Brock breaking the streak cleanly, and Heyman throwing on a Worked Shoot the following night in which he verbally showed up everyone from both the fans and the industry who did not like Lesnar's victory while simultaneously convincing them to hate it even more.
  • Worthy Opponent: A Discussed Trope and a Defied Trope; Brock Lesnar (in character, at the very least) simply does not believe in the concept of a worthy opponent; by his own admission, he "respects no one at any time."
  • Would Hit a Girl: After a confrontation with The Hurricane early in his career, Lesnar found himself face-to-face with The Hurricane's sidekick, Mighty Molly. He didn't hesitate to blast her with a clothesline that would have easily floored any male wrestler.
  • Wrestling Monster: Less out-there than most of them, but there isn't really any other way to justify the way he completely no-sold weapons used by, among others, the Hardyz during his rampages. An especially notable case in that he doesn't have any Halloween or otherwise gimmicky effects to his character: his sheer physical prowess and attitude alone causes this trope.
  • You Are Already Dead: In his fight against Alistair Overeem, he provided a great example of this reaction. He got hit with a thunderous kick to the liver, took two steps back and then doubled over in pain, unable to continue. To anyone unfamiliar with the physiology, this might have looked suspicious, but fighters who have taken clean shots to the liver say that it does take a second or two for the pain and shock to register. At that point, according to former UFC fighter Scott Smith, "You feel like you're gonna die."
  • You Kill It, You Bought It: Prior to WrestleMania XXX, everyone from commentators to managers to fellow wrestlers to the Deadman himself commonly referred to Undertaker as, in some form or another, the most dangerous wrestler in WWE history. Since defeating him at WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar appears to have taken that title.