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Worse Than It Sounds: Films
  • The Adventures of Baron Munchausen: A member of the German nobility and the daughter on an actor set our on series of adventures in which they battle evil, converse with gods and assemble a team of elderly superheroes. On arrival home they defeat an invading army and a bureaucrat with a lisp.
  • After Last Season: An inventive and groundbreaking film that dared to avert or subvert nearly every filmmaking trope in the book (as well as some that are so universal as to have been left out of the book). Though it starts out as a simple Slice of Life story following a group of graduate students, the plot becomes progressively darker and Mind Screwier as its protagonists discover a terrible secret while participating in a psychological experiment.
  • Against the Dark: Action film legend Steven Seagal stars as a plague survivor, teaming with other plague suriviors, fighting the victims of the plague who've turned into blood-lusting monsters.
  • Armageddon: A danger from the heavens is thwarted in a glorious triumph of the working class.
  • Ax 'Em: Terror lurks around every corner when a group of inner-city classmates journey to a friend's cabin for the weekend, and wind up facing off against a psychotic man who seeks vengeance for the deaths of a former friend whose family was killed years earlier. You'll be glued to the seat in suspense as this thriller builds to its dramatic and unforgettable conclusion!
  • Barb Wire: In a country devastated by war, a Fascist government searches for a scientist and spouse working for La Résistance, who take refuge in a bar under management by the spouse's ex-lover (the hero of the story) and a corrupted cop. You're thinking of something else, I know.
  • Batman & Robin: An innovative retooling of a classic 1960s television series. Arnold Schwartzenegger plays counter to type as A nIce fellow. It's well remembered for the use of real-world elements. Brought to you by the director of Falling Down, St. Elmo's Fire, Flatliners, and The Lost Boys comes one of the most unbelieveable movies of all time.
  • Battlefield Earth: Giants invade earth for our resources, and the last of mankind has to make one final stand. Known for its innovative camera angles.
  • Ben and Arthur: The tragic tale of two lovers who just want to get married against incredible odds including but not limited to bitter exes and the objections of their family. Despite their best efforts to overcome adversity, the couple's story does not end happily ever after.
  • Birdemic: A loving tribute to the work of Alfred Hitchcock, featuring star of The Birds Tippi Hedren in a cameo role. Notable for its usage of computer effects and a healthy dose of comedy while simultaneously promoting a Green Aesop.
  • The Burning: Camp caretaker suffers a horrible accident and years later tries to fit back in the society.
  • Cannibal Holocaust: A powerful, really intense tale of survival, that also contains a subtle, refined criticism of the media and Human Nature.
  • Cars 2: From the same people who brought you the Toy Story films, WALL•E, Finding Nemo and many other gems, comes a sequel to one of their most popular films. Its plot is similar to North by Northwest. It is notable for having the most unique reception that its company has ever received.
  • The Cat in the Hat: A classic story is brought to life in which two children are met by a jovial character who shows them how to have fun. It created a legacy so huge that the estate of the book's author decided that no book would be able to top it in a live-action film adaptation, and never allowed it again to happen.
  • Catwoman: Comic book adaptation features arguably DC Comics' most prominent female character aside from Wonder Woman. Stars Best Actress Oscar winner Halle Berry and that woman from Basic Instinct. This film became famous for its courage to think outside the box and not be confined by comic book continuity!
  • Christmas with The Kranks: A married couple learns the hard way that Christmas is Serious Business.
  • Clash of the Titans 2010: Featuring an A-list All-Star Cast, this is a retelling of a beloved Greek myth that includes plenty of terrifying monsters, sword-and-sandal action and a very distinctive brand of 3D.
  • Clones Of Bruce Lee: A spy agency creates three clones of one of the greatest martial artists in history after the latter's death. They Fight Crime.
  • Club Paradise: In this wacky comedy, Robin Williams is a man who opens his own private resort and, though the use of Very False Advertising, attracts many strange vacationers (played by alumni of Saturday Night Live and SCTV). Also starring Peter O'Toole. From the director of National Lampoon's Vacation,Caddyshack and Groundhog Day.
  • The Devil of Blue Mountain: A truly frightening tale of two girls' escape from the clutches of a masked serial killer, also forcing them to confront their own character flaws. Tons of anticipation about.
  • Dorf on Golf: A veteran of TV and movie comedy takes on a popular international sport in this crowd-pleasing satire.
  • Dragonball Evolution: Based on one of the most famous anime series of all time, this movie offers a new and interesting take on both the main character and the franchise as a whole. Contains an outstanding performance by Chow Yun-Fat.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: The classic roleplaying game comes to life with Jeremy Irons as an unforgettable villain.
  • Edison Force: Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey star in this tale of a brash young journalist who takes down a corrupt division of the city's police force, with the help of a bad cop gone good.
  • Enemy Mine: Two stranded soldiers, from opposite sides of a fierce conflict, must put aside their differences to survive a deadly wilderness. Features Academy Award winner Louis Gossett, Jr.
  • Epic Movie: In this groundbreaking deconstruction of the comedy, characters from all across the spectrum of cinema achieve self-awareness and begin to question their very existence. A profoundly experimental film that will change the way you look at movies.
  • The Final Sacrifice: On the ruins of a once-great kingdom, a young boy must avenge his father's death, and a dejected man must atone for his past. Together, with only an aging vessel to guide them, they must stop an evil mystic from violently remaking the world in his own image. A gripping tale of adventure and redemption.
  • Finding Nemo: A man's wife is brutally murdered by a serial killer and his son is left physically disabled. In a twisted turn of events, his son is kidnapped and he has to chase the kidnapper over thousands of miles with the help of a mentally disabled woman.
  • Friday the 13th (1980): A grieving woman finds her own way to mourn the tragic death of her son.
  • From Justin To Kelly: Two of America's fastest-rising music superstars star in this unforgettable musical (a story about the power of love and self-discovery) that evokes memories of Grease and Fame. Unfortunately, the male lead's music career never took off due to being so associated with his role in this film.
  • The Garbage Pail Kids Movie: Based on a popular 1980s franchise, this movie defies conventions and genre, is notorious for its unforgettable characters, and overall thought to be one of the most notable movies among the elite few who have seen it in its entirety.
  • The American Godzilla (1998) film: Matthew Broderick stars as a brilliant yet poor scientist with little respect who is called upon the US Army to track down and study a giant lizard. The film contains some brilliant acting by that lady who played Bart Simpson, and that one French dude was pretty good too. Another chapter in a franchise beloved the world over.
  • Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay: Wrongfully imprisoned by a corrupt federal agent, two fugitives embark on a dangerous quest to clear their names. On their way, they fall prey to a powerful conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of the United States government.
  • Highlander II: The Quickening: Your favourite hero is back! Forced out of retirement in a dystopian future, he must battle hordes of his own kind once again and save the world from its own follies. But will he figure out the mystery of how his old mentor has returned to him? And what will happen when he learns the truth of his origins? With jaw-dropping visual effects and heart-pounding action scenes to rival The Matrix and Back to the Future, this sci-fi fantasy epic features Award-winner Sean Connery and is sure to become a classic the whole family will enjoy for years.
  • Hobgoblins: A young, working class hero tries to win the affections of his lady love while battling a monster that has the power to destroy mankind with its own desires. This film's scholarly value as a cultural record of the era in which it was made cannot be understated.
  • The Hottie And The Nottie: One of Hollywood's most well-known starlets appears in a film about the power of friendship and the essence of beauty. The film is an updated reworking of Shakespeare's Taming Of The Shrew.
  • Hudson Hawk: An ex-con is hired to steal one of the greatest secrets of the Italian Renaissance.
  • The Incredible Mr Limpet: A re-imagining of Kafka's Metamorphosis in which a man driven insane by the excesses of his kind relinquishes his very humanity out of a twisted sense of patriotism.
  • The Human Centipede: A curious scientist comes up with a way of efficiently feeding humans.
  • Ice Age: During one of the world's most infamous historical epochs, a cynical widower who witnessed the murder of his wife and child reluctantly joins forces with a pariah and a seasoned killer to return an infant to a society which will inevitably exterminate their own.
  • I Know Who Killed Me: A symbolism-heavy psychological thriller that challenges the audience's perception of reality. The story centers around a young woman who may or may not have multiple personalities, and her attempts at solving a crime she may or may not have been a victim of. Notable for being one of the first truly dramatic roles for its leading lady.
  • Ishtar: Academy Award Winners Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman join forces as an inspiring folk duo hilariously shuttled from their ho-hum lives and into a world of international intrigue! A lighthearted but poignant tale of the power of song to bring understanding to the bitterest of enemies. Critically acclaimed, and nominated for film's most elusive awards.
  • Jack and Jill: Few movies have ever united critics as much as this examination of family relations and sexual politics. Also featured Academy Award winner Al Pacino in the role he'll be remembered in for years to come. In fact, one night, it won every award at an awards ceremony.
  • Jaws: The Revenge: A woman travels to Bahamas to work out the grief of losing her youngest son. After arriving, she starts developing a romace with a handsome plane pilot.
  • Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter: A religious man saves members of an oppressed minority from the evil beings that prey on them.
  • Junior: A deep investigation on the questions of sexuality and parenthood as we follow a scientist, played by well-known macho actor, getting pregnant through an experiment.
  • Kazaam: A philosophical exploration of Benevolent Slavery, as seen through the eyes of a young urban boy and the gigantic, magical African man who caters to his every whim. A brilliant, special-effects laden showcase for the acting and rapping talent of famed basketball star Shaquille O'Neal!
    • Song of the South: Another exploration of the same, with a lovable, jolly tale-spinning old black Southerner and his real, immortal creations. It both inspired an amusement park ride and introduced the world to a now-iconic song!
  • Land of the Lost: Based on the 1970's Saturday Morning kids show of the same name, a disgraced paleontologist, his beautiful research assistant, and a tourist guide are sent down a waterfall, and end up in a world populated by dinosaurs, monkey people, and feral lizard men.
  • Laserblast: A film that declares itself to be better than one of the most popular science fiction films of all time, this film centers around a troubled youth, who attempts to exact justice on those who wronged him using a fantastic, powerful weapon. Unfortunately, the power proves too much for him to handle, and he is brought down by both his own hubris, and by the mysterious creatures hunting him down for the weapon. Leonard Maltin gives it two and a half stars!
  • Lilo & Stitch: A teenage girl and her young sister, living together after the death of their parents, take in a drifter who speaks little English, and together they bond as a family. However, the revelation that the drifter is a fugitive on the run from the Government threatens to tear the happy family unit apart.
  • The Lonely Lady: A creative, talented screenwriter struggles to make her way in Hollywood, only to achieve success after associating herself with many corrupt, cruel individuals. A timeless, award-winning film that sadly has not receive proper treatment from its distributors.
  • "Manos" The Hands of Fate: A family destined to plumb the secrets of the vastness of nature. A sinister secretive cult desiring fresh, nubile victims. A touching tale of two lovers in the vastness of nature, and two cops desperate to solve the mystery. A classic which will haunt your dreams...forever!!
  • The Man Who Saves the World: A landmark in the international cinema, this science fiction film forged in the midst of a tumultuous crisis situation in its homeland is not only laden with introspection about the future of mankind and his responsibilities with high technologies such as space travel, nuclear weapons, and ecological planning in the light of overpopulation, but also unbelievable action sequences and stunning, jaw-droppingly idiosyncratic and unmistakably iconic special effects!
  • Marmaduke: An adaptation of a beloved comic book tells the story of a tall angsty teenager and how hard it is for his family to care for him.
  • Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders: Inspired by the works of acclaimed author Stephen King comes this chilling horror-fantasy that delves into the mind of a retired writer, played by Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine, and the tales he creates.
  • Mystery Men: In a before-its-time deconstruction of the superhero genre, a handful of on-again-off-again superheroes, who are actually just deeply flawed, even insane people, with no real' "superpowers" at all, attempt to investigate the death of another superhero, albeit the most jerkassy, government-sanctioned one. They uncover a plot far bigger, and a threat to the world itself. Cast members include the only girl, not quite wanting to be a mask but pressured into it by her parent, the previous owner of her hero identity, a murderous psycho who is one of the last hangers-on to the glory days, when his kind were everywhere, broken out of prison by an allied super and who memorably takes a bunch of people out with a makeshift aerosol flamethrower, and the one guy who with actual powers who should maybe put some shorts on or something if he wants to continue fighting evil today. Not the one you're thinking of.
  • North: A young boy, tired of his dysfunctional family, goes on a heartwarming journey around the globe to find loving adults. A celebration of cultures everywhere, bringing across their pastimes and way of living that goes beyond making them stereotypes. Not to mention, it was the subject of one of Roger Ebert's most memorable reviews. Directed by the man who brought to us This Is Spinal Tap, Stand by Me and The Princess Bride.
  • Plan 9 from Outer Space: They dared to violate the forbidden border between the living and the dead. They were from beyond our world. They never gave up. Only one intrepid, two-fisted hero stood between them and the conquest of the Earth! With the unforgettable screen presence of Tor Johnson as the undead champion of evil. The director of the film became so iconic, he later had a movie about himself made.
  • Pod People: In this European science fiction classic, a young child befriends a magical creature from a race of beings perceived to be vicious. He must end up making a heartbreaking choice between keeping his new friend while risking his life, or keeping the creature out of harm's way, even if it means losing his one true friend forever.
  • Psycho (the remake): A young man's mother is a psychotic killer. But is that really what's going on?
  • Puma Man: An average young man discovers that he is the descendant of a race of superbeings, and, with the aid of a powerful and wise Native American sidekick, he must halt the plans of the evil to steal the minds of the innocent.
  • Quest Of The Delta Knights: The missing heir of a royal family seeks the help of Leonardo da Vinci himself to save the world.
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Tim Curry brings salvation to millions of lost souls by deceiving them with the wonders of musical entertainment and the surprising joys of cross dressing.
  • The Room: A Nice Guy screwed over by his job hopes that the situation will be better once he marries the love of his life,who cheats on him via his own best friend on his birthday, The tragic betrayal makes him Driven to Suicide.
  • Safe: A middle-aged man and a young girl bond over the common loss of a loved one in a tale set to a moving score by an award winning composer.
  • Santa Claus: Ultimate Good battles Ultimate Evil for the souls of the innocent. Features groundbreaking and horrifying animatronics that would remain unrivaled in the darkest soul of cinematic memory until H.R. Giger's work on Alien. Two Words: Laughing Reindeer.
  • Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny: Stranded in a land far away from his homeland and the residents unable to help, a Greek Bishop tells a unique version of a classic tale, before finally being rescued.
  • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: Can a mystical figure and champion of good stand his ground against an enemy who desires his powers for their own selfish purposes?
  • The Seeker Adapted from one of the 20th Century's most beloved fantasy series and made over to seem closer to another of the 20th Century's most beloved fantasy series this film features magic, action, Vikings and a strong performance from Christopher Eccleston.
  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: In this star-studded musical, a young man given the power to bring joy through his songs must set aside a chance at stardom to save his hometown and the woman he loves from the forces of evil. His only weapon: the timeless music of The Beatles.
  • Shanghai Knights: When a nobleman of Imperial China is murdered, his son and daughter leave on a quest to find his killers and avenge his death. They are joined by an American gunfighter, bound to them in a friendship that defies the barriers of the times. Together, they uncover an international conspiracy to conquer two of the world's most powerful nations.
  • Shark Tale: A passionate story of deception and self acceptance that has been transposed to a piscine setting, this movie deftly embellishes classic themes with a lively sprinkling of wit.
  • Showgirls: An unflinching examination of the interpersonal struggles amongst young ingenues in the performing arts, hoping to climb to the top. Starring a beloved child star of the small screen, and has become such a defining role that she couldn't ever break away from. So innovative that it inspired the Motion Picture Association of America to reevaluate its standards.
  • Sidekicks: An in-depth look into down-in-health youth psyche, as he streams to fuifill his dream while having to deal with everyday life hardships.
  • The Smurfs: From the director of Never Been Kissed and Beverly Hills Chihuahua came this family movie based on a classic belgum comic where the titular heroes goes accidentally to a distant land in order return back to their home and defeat their archnemesis. Featuring such talents like Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays and Katy Perry.
  • Song of the South: the movie the big entertainment corporations don't want you to see! Featuring classic African-American folktales and a controversial exploration of the social dynamics of the post-Civil War American South.
  • Sorority Boys: Three chauvinistic frat guys get in touch with theirs feminine side while trying to clear their names of a crime they did not commit.
  • Space Mutiny: This science fiction epic centers around the complex politics of a small, contained civilization, as many of its inhabitants grow dissatisfied with their conditions. The only ones who can bring peace are a man of many aliases and an ageless female scientist.
  • Spawn: An assassin comes back from the dead and swears revenge on his boss, using supernatural powers bestowed upon him by SATAN HIMSELF to complete his mission.
  • Species: A powerful reversal of gender roles in which a woman is the serial killer of men.
  • Star Trek: Nemesis: Tom Hardy plays a man who, traumatised by his upbringing in a place where he never saw the sun until he was an adult, decides to commit an act of mass-murder. Only an ageing hero who sees himself as the antithesis of Hardy's character can stop him.
  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith: an epic installment in one of cinema's most popular space operas. This is a tale of love and war, of tragedy and betrayal, of the rise of a new social order from the ashes of the old, of the temptations of power, and of Faustian bargains made in the name of love. It unflinchingly explores the end of one of the series' highest-profile love affairs, as a strong woman and a virtuous man are both brought low by tragedy. We also finally get the highly-speculated canonical origin of the series' most iconic villain!
  • The Stupids: In this wacky comedy, a very unique family go out on a search for some of their most prized possessions, and must somehow save the day after uncovering a much bigger conspiracy involving those who stole said possessions. From award-winning director John Landis.
  • Suburban Commando: A film where a brave, intergalacticly renowned freedom fighter crashlands on our humble planet Earth, and must blend in to cover his true identity, while fighting anything from criminal thugs to space-faring bounty hunters! And who better to play the star in this intergalactic epic, but THE HULKSTER!!!
  • Sucker Punch: From the beloved director of 300, Man of Steel and Watchmen comes a portrait of adolescent sexuality and insanity, featuring hot girls, clockwork Nazi zombies, dragons and robot ninjas!
  • Super Mario Bros.: Academy Award Nominee Bob Hoskins teams up with the crackling wit of John Leguizamo in this tale of two brothers, downtrodden working-class schlubs, who stumble upon a magical land and rise above their meager beginnings to become heroes! Based on the children's classic beloved the world around. Featuring Academy Award Nominee Dennis Hopper!
  • Toy Story: An exploration of male jealousy and our beliefs in our identity, as two rivals struggle to escape the clutches of an enemy who tortures them for fun, and reunite with the person who loves them. Considered widely to be one of the greatest films in its genre, which it pioneered.
  • Triumph of the Will: In a country torn and shattered by Pestilence, War, Famine and Death, one man will forever change the way it is ruled. Now, a team of enemies , including those opposed to him within his own realm, stands before him in his plan to boldly explore new territory for his realm! Will he prevail? No.
  • Troll 2: This small town seemed like the prefect place for a relaxing vacation. However, this town has a dark secret, and a young boy must warn his family before it's too late. Don't miss the truly shocking twist: there are no trolls. Not one! It is also the origins of one of the funniest lines ever uttered on the big screen. Interestingly enough, it isn't a sequel despite having a "2" in its title; the original is mostly remembered for an ironically-named main character.
  • 21: Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne star in a fascinating study of grey morality in which a prodigious young student takes increasingly big risks as he uses one corrupt system to exploit another.
  • Waterworld: In a world destroyed by pollution, Kevin Costner's destined hero searches the endless horizon for the way to Paradise.
  • Weekend at Bernie's: A black comedy thriller that has become part of the pop cultural lexicon. Larry and Richard are two young insurance agency employees hoping to climb the corporate ladder. Luck seems to have come their way when their boss Bernie invites them to a part at his beach house, but Bernie has a more sinister motive. When Bernie's own scheme backfires and he is killed by a hitman, Larry and Richard try to extricate themselves from a life and death situation by hiding their boss' death from everyone - including his killer. Stars Jonathan Silverman, who has worked alongside cinema greats such as Ernest Borgnine and Meryl Streep.
  • Ursus in the Valley of Lions: Orphaned in infancy, the rightful king now seeks his throne.
  • Van Helsing: An enigmatic hunter must travel into the heart of a beautiful foreign country, rescue its princess, and destroy an ancient evil.
  • Violent Shit: Misunderstood loner has a journey towards a religious redemption of his sins.
  • The Wild Life: A teenage boy goes to college, while his ex-girlfriend has an affair with a married policeman who appears 20 years older than her, and his roommate tries to woo a mall clerk.
  • Xtro: A man unites with his son after his disappearance three years ago.
  • Shock Treatment: A troubled couple decide to explore some radical alternatives to traditional couples therapy.
  • Skidoo: Groucho Marx and Jackie Gleason team up to pull a wacky jailbreak.
  • Sextette: The legendary Mae West returns to do what she does best. Also features Ringo Starr, Timothy Dalton, and Alice Cooper.
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