World Building / The Vortumbrae

And the light shined in the darkness, but the darkness comprehended it not.
—John 1:5

The Vortumbrae are the Arrangers of the universe. Just as The Luminaries create, and The Cotiles destroy, the Vortumbrae seek to shape the cosmos to their whim. They care for none but their own, and they wish only to spread the Great Dark and consume all that is bright and good. They are led by the Black Triumvirate. The Pantheon of the Vortumbrae is as follows:

  • Zoth-Tyngua, the Devouring Shadow: The nominal leader of the Black Triumvirate, this enigmatic entity has been glimpsed by mortal eyes only a few times since the Dark Powers emerged from the void. It is said that stars wither and die at his very touch.
  • Voormitha, Truth's Demise: The second member of the Black Triumvirate, Yonigoth deals in lies and crimes. In his skilled hands, the truth becomes malleable as a lump of clay, to be reshaped at his whim.
  • Ykraddil, Bringer of Decay: The third and final member of the Black Triumvirate. She manifests as a chill wind which howls in the rotting ruins of once-thriving worlds. Where she goes, life cannot be.
  • Nil-Cthadrakh, The Fear-Walker: This Vortumbrae is the one most commonly seen by lesser beings. He is their messenger, and no planet he sets foot on lives long for its inhabitants to tell the tale.
  • Ftholyeha, Hope's End: Little is known about this Vortumbrae, save only that it is immensely powerful, perhaps even more so than Zoth-Tyngua. It is believed that Ftholyeha is able to completely eradicate entire solar systems in moments.

There are other Vortumbrae, or so it is believed, but not enough is known of them to record here.

Much less is known about the powers of the Vortumbrae than those of the Luminaries, simply because few have witnessed them and lived to report it. However, in addition to those listed above, Vortumbrae seem to have the ability to travel unaided at relativistic and superrelativistic speed. They can manifest as mortals, but seldom do, other than Nil-Cthadrakh; when they do, they appear completely normal, except that in darkness their eyes- otherwise normal in appearance- radiate a dull white glow. As noted in Ykraddil's entry above, they are also capable of assuming other forms. Their true appearance has never been beheld, or at any rate no beholder has survived to tell the tale.

The only other thing known of the Vortumbrae is that they are capable of utilizing portals similar to those made by the Luminaries, and may even be able to connect one of their own portals to an already extant one opened by a Luminary. It is not known why they use or need such an ability, given that the portals cannot carry them between the stars unless one of their number is already at the connecting location, and given their innate travel capabilities they would have little need of such methods in the first place.