World Building / The Time Of Quickening

With the Luminaries trapped in the interior of the Sphere, their long, dark slumber would last for aeons before sunlight would see them again. When it did, it soon became filtered through the bottomless seas of the two-sided, hollow planet that formed over the Sphere's surface. The earliest civilisation, the Starborn, would in time call it Getae; but for the time being, it was merely obstructing sunlight.

At the time the earliest sentient beings came to life on the planet's surface, Getae's landmasses had coealesced into five continents - the central continents, home to early civilisations, were composed of three landmasses united together by a great central plain, which is torn into two halves by a chasm that crosses between sides, known as the Great Fault. The three central continents came to be known as Valisia, to the northwest; Onidia, to the east; and Subimidia, to the southwest. Between Valisia and Onidia is a nearly landlocked mass of water, the Medigetan Sea, dotted with islands and peninsulas. To the west is the Ocean of Debris, and to the east is the Blade Ocean. North and south, the Northern and Southern Permafrosts; passage between the western and eastern oceans is possible only during the summer in the respective hemisphere, as the narrow passages freeze.

The Permafrosts are fields of ice, free of any land, which become progressively thinner until the Polar Voids, great holes filled with massive icebergs lazily floating in the Threshold's bizarre gravity.

The Western Continent is long, running northwest-southeast and run through by many jagged mountain chains. The Eastern Continent is an isolated mass in the middle of the Blade Ocean, surrounded by a much wider continental shelf dotted with jagged islands. Humans would take long to reach either.

While the Exterior is crossed by everything from great jungles to deserts, the Interior is dark and hazy. Near the shore, it is broken into hostile marshes; everything else are lifeless rocks inhabited by strange and vicious life. The inside is cooler; there is no crossing between the two great oceans on the Interior, due to the ice, and the sea level is lower. The Medigetan sea does not exist in the Interior, and is taken up by a dry, rocky desert. In the very centre of the sphere, providing intermittent light, is the mass of clouds known as the Heavenly Storm; in its centre, the First and her host of lesser Luminaries reside, watching helplessly over their prison.