Though the Golden Age of the Starborn was a wondrous time in the history of Getae, there were those that opposed it. The Piangeni, a group of humans who desired to rule the Starborn Empire in place of the Nehzarians. They built a city they called Collosi, after the army of Collosi that they planned to use in their attack. From the main building of Collosi, they plotted and created twisted plans to take down the Starborn Empire once and for all. They plotted to turn the Starborn against each other. They realized they would need two distinct factions of the Nehzarians to split against each other. They decided to start an argument between the Interior and Exterior living Nehzarians. They managed to persuade the human representative of the government to help them. At a government meeting, the human representative voiced "concerns" that the Exterior Nehzarians were getting worse rights then the Interior Nehzarians. This infuriated the Exteriors, who had privately suspected the same. They confronted the Interiors, and argued about whether it was true, with the Interiors insisting that it was not. They confronted them again each day, but the Interiors always insisted that the rights were equal. So, the Exteriors demanded that they should get to decide all matters on the Interior and Exterior, which they felt would make them equal. When the Interiors refused, the Exteriors declared war on them. When they were fighting, the Piangeni attacked. The Starborn realized that they would need to end their war to defeat the Piangeni. They then led an attack on Collosi. This was the beginning of the great wars.