World Building / The Luminaries

Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light.
Genesis 1.3

The Luminaries are Creators just as The Vortumbrae are Arrangers, and The Cotiles are Destroyers. It is said that every wavelength of light is merely the chosen form of one of the Luminaries, the frequency of which is based on power. The Pantheon of Luminaries is as follows:

  • The First, the wisest and eldest (?) of the Luminaries. Her form manifest varies. She is currently trapped in sleep inside a prison which glows as a cloud, along with a host of lesser Luminaries.
  • Lumizo, the Great Luminary. Manifests himself as visible white light.
  • Zizula, the Queen Luminary. Manifests herself as visible colored light.
  • Ragolet, the Baron Luminary. Manifests himself as ultraviolet light.
  • Vermivili, the Lovely Luminary. Manifests herself as infrared light.
  • Yamakto, the Constructor Luminary. Manifests himself as radiation.
  • Soluna, not officially a Luminary but is becoming one after the influx of numen magic energy from the First. Form manifest nonexistant at present, only its Star body is known.

  • According to the Formation article, the above are the cheif sentient-stars. They bide their time and gather their strength to eventually charge through the Vortumbrae darkness and rescue their sleeping members from the Sphere, and probably settling a fortress there.
  • The Luminaries above are able to (using a large amount of power) create 'avatars', known as Starchildren, or Luminary Avatars, thus, if Luminaries are deities then their Avatars are their angels, similar to modern Starborn but more varied in form and the ability to fly for long times, and somewhat more bright and capable of natural crystal generation, which are mostly under control of him/her self, but do have free will. They manifest as hard-light beings gently eminating the specific frequency of the wavelength his/her creating deity has chosen, within their dominant part of the spectrum. The light eminated may be (with concentration) somewhat restrained at will, and will flare under heavy emotion. Agreed crossbreeding of colors will result in a hybrid of the parent light wavelengths, it will eminate both with a hybrid color if possible, and will be under command of any of the Luminaries involved with control of any of the wavelengths seen, thus allowing one with the knowledge to guess accurately at which Luminary created it. Some avatars, descended from the early creations, traveled by the Luminary Path from their parental starlords, despite their ability to move at almost lightspeed, mostly to avoid enemies. It is possible for a sentient being to 'merge' with the avatar, although it is almost never done due to lack of reason. Merging one of these avatar people with another being requires consent of both beings and can only be maintained for a short time. While merged, the combined being gains the ability to fire blasts of light energy, gains increased speed of the light avatar, can fly, and both gain temporary access to the other's memory. Merging repeatedly with the same partner may lengthen the safe merging time.
  • Portals can be created with considerable use of the power of the Luminaries, and can connect the dimensional plane the Sphere resides upon with the Luminary Path, among other places. The contraptions are mostly hard to permenently seal, and can only be operated, without large possible risks to the operator and travelers, by one with some form of knowledge of how the individual portal's controls work, usually by manipulation of magical or other energy or matter into a specially prepared light beam. These portals, when cut of connection, instead of creating an unstoppable gullotine as reality itself pulls apart/smashes together, shove anything crossing or in contact with the actual portal into a Portal Dump Zone, which is really just a few loose "threads" of reality in the infinite void beyond settling as a capture net for anything unlucky enough to be inside a portal when it shuts. Inside the Zone is a strange place, as reality that settled as an afterthought of creation so unstable mortal beings could get in, bend a fragment of reality to their will, bring it back, and become weavers of reality. The way out is a massive portal nexus pyramid filled with portals to both sides of every Luminary portal in existence, which inserts any who enter into the small hallway between portals, through a nearly invisibly seamed doorway which you wouldn't notice unless you went through it or another beforehand, allowing entry without having to shut down a portal, a rather risky process. Shockwaves from the first Luminaries and avatars thereof entering caused the reality threads to conform, albeit haphazardly as random objects which may or may not also exist similarly in the main reality, so many strange creatures and things only a mind could concieve and loose reality bring to fruition. What exactly this zone could be used for remains to be seen, as only a few beings have actually gotten fragments of reality and become full-on reality warpers. An entire species of powers exists, physical and sentient manifestations of the reality. Their agenda is unknown to all but a few Luminaries, including most particularly all the ones above, and it is through their will and that of the Luminaries, Soluna is changing from a normal star into a Luminary/Portal-Zone-being.

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