World Building / The Golden Age Of The Starborn Empire

After the City of Luminosse was built, the Starborn had a base from which they could center their arts and sciences from. More importantly, however, they had a country. Here they would no longer be constantly moving but could develop further. Soon though, the Starborn allowed humans to enter their glorious city and contribute to it. Although it was apparent that the Starborn (Or Nehzarians) came first (For example- All important government officials, save the one human representative, were Nehzarians), humans were still able to function like all any other Nehzarian. Many strides in Art and Science were created and popularized during this period, such as the grimarae (Books, just made from dilluted crystals from the crystal fields) and the wheel (No, really). This age is formally known as "The Golden Age of The Starborn Empire"

Tropes that apply to this period: