World Building / Moloch And The Shedim

Moloch is the lord of the underworld and human nature. He suffers from low self-esteem after being portrayed as evil, whereas he is more of a mixed bag, much like humans himself— he is good in general, but quite mischievous. He doles out punishment and rewards for mortals after they die.

Moloch's minions are the Shedim. They serve as priests, guardian angels, and Grim Reapers— it is said that a shedim will appear whenever someone has a near-death experience, and grant them a boon, typically a valuable sapphire. However, shedim are known to occasionally behave differently, sometimes even straying from their moral code, The Path. There are also shedim'ato— Lords among Shedim. Both shedim and shedim'ato are humanoid with reptile characteristics, and ssspeak like thisss. Notably, their skin is made up of a viscous acid, which can be used as a weapon in times of extreme danger.