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Note: written in a neutral perspective

The Logilo were an ancient people. Though they had first awoken in the First Era, it was not until the Second Era when they began to assert themselves as a species.

In physical appearance, the Logilo were small and thin. The tallest ever recorded, Liatalin the King, was only 35 tinlias (5 feet). They were thin and wiry, with large eyes. Their eyes suited them well for the underground climate in which they lived. The Logilo's eyes glowed yellow and allowed them to see well in the dark, though they were easily blinded in the light. Their hands and feet were long, dexterous, and grasping. They generally had little hair on their heads, and the little they had was usually almost pure white.

Edit by a different person: Logilo were excellent at the art of tunnel-constructing, and some few were talented in other arts of construction, with two, twins Liarlo the Strong and Kaia the Lovely, even becoming well-versed mages who developed a spell for Logilo magic-wielders to protect themselves from light without physical aid by use of a numen-stone to form an equivalent of a large parasol to protect multiple Logilo.

Logilo are occasionally found roving in bands outside their outposts and tunnels, availible in low-lit locations as bards or occasional merchants and mercenaries for their speed. Their defensive forces usually consisted of small squads that were made of archers with specially crafted combat knives (after the Daines military firearms change they adopted special-size weaponry) spy-type smiths who were there as medical and sometimes light magical support, and a unit commander with weapons of their choice.

Capital City Of Logilar Logilo are somewhat strange to outsiders in the sense that that they are unusually united as a species into an effective Logilo nation, similar to original Starborn but without the collective conscience. The 'capital' of the Logilo is the island of Mount Logilar, nearly as big as the Starborn city of Luminosse, named after the Logilo who made it their largest town, between the three major continents with an extensive cluster of islands around it. It is one of the few well-maintained fairly-accessible path nexuses other than the Great Fault which allows passage between the Interior and the outside of Getae, corresponding to a large, mostly dark cavern where most of the city of Logilar and almost all of its sub-islands is located. With a large fleet of navy ships, the first metalclad of their kind later adopted by many costal empires, known as the Tialis Galley which is a medium-size vessel that is decently armed against pirates, the Logilo travel by river between their many outposts throughout the many empires in the land, so a Logilo family touring a human or Starborn city is not uncommon. They also have magically-enhanced gliders, curiously enough due to their underground natures, which are only about capable of going across the island from the Great Tower above the top of cloudy Mount Logilar to the furthest island in the cluster and back before the energy must be recharged. Why exactly it is so cloudy is because clouds were attracted by a reason which is due to accidental virtue of a whole house of untrained mages losing concentration and releasing a massive parasol spell that was later harnessed by an exceptionally large jewel of numen being chanted over by a circle of ten mages of human, Starborn, and Logilo peoples each was able to modify it so any being inside the city would be able to control their light perception of the area. This makes even the dark Interior side of the city easily visible to outsiders. Logilo are usually quite adept at magic, even non-mages usually knowing a concentration exercise and a one-person variant of the parasol spell, along with how magic works as known to the peoples of Getae.

Legal System The Logilo are ruled by a Council and a royal family, five noble family heads, one of which is elected by the Council as a whole to become the elected Royal for ten years and impeached if necessary by the Council, due to a long civil war in which the royal family divided into four noble houses and a civil service becoming the fifth, usually intermarrying to cement anti-civil-war work, and fifty elected officals. Below the council are around twenty thousand magistrates throughout the entire Logilo major empire, with a Logilo settlement getting a magistrate when over five hundred Logilo are in a settlement, and more being applied at government choice or civilian petition, with Logilar with over seven hundred magistrates between different districts who serve as judges and are leaders of the Logilar police, fire department, utilities and other departments, and militia. Sub-magistrate offices differ from magistrate to magistrate but most have at least a deputy magistrate who serves until someone is elected if the magistrate is unable to do their duties or is impeached. Logilo trials take a whole day. Juries are twenty supposedly unbiased Logilo and a magistrate or sub-magistrate judge who usually wasn't involved in the capture of the criminal or the dispute in question, with the plantiff and defendant both with lawyers no matter the dispute.

Military Notes Logilo don't usually tend to get into large-scale wars or even civilian disputes, and have long stood as a beacon of peace and a good place to dump unwanted population, but when they do engage in war, their expert tunnelers decimate fortifications, their glider mages attack from above (and after the Daines firearm change, began to construct larger magic/physical fuel hybrid planes with a pre-installed parasol spell with a gunner co-piloting with a mage to operate the magical component derived from small forcibly grown (using modified Starborn techniques) numen jewels.), and their ground forces carrying shields, with lead field commanders using rare magically imbued shields which can cast a weak, small protective forcefield around the commander and a few others no matter the magical abilities of the commander. The Logilo warriors are so effecient they even managed to (after contacting the Council for an extremely massive military support) hold a large, heavily defended human city with a Starborn leader visiting during a massive, six month-long siege by a full war host of Deepspawn. It was so momentous the Warring Moon of the Lunarians was said to have appeared every night for six months a year before the siege, shining amazingly brightly for the whole time. The Logilo military offensive squads are organized similar to Daines.
  • Star. Professional knights of the Logilo, usually the defenders of the Logilo islands. Spreads into all branches and generals of other groups are considered this category.
  • Cavern. Tunneler division. Used only in military ventures, but are highly trained.
  • Sky. Mostly equivalent to an air force, consisting of a medium number of mages not in the Star or Titan divisions, as well as pilot gunners.
  • Forest. The main branch of the Logilo military, similar to the defensive squads but in larger numbers, includes all military not in any other branch.
  • Plains. Scout branch. Light arms and armor, but are some of the fastest Logilo around.
  • Jungle. Cavalry and snipers or long-distance gunners or archers not in the Forest division.
  • Sea. Navy force, mostly Tialis galleys, a few large seacraft, a few prototype submarines, and around three carriers with around three of the glider planes each.
  • Titan. Largely mages assigned defensive posts on large towns, but one or two will travel with an average war party. Also includes support teams of Logilo similar to the utility members of defensive squads, one of which will usually travel with almost every war party.
  • Mountain. Artillery-focused large teams with one or two defensive squad equivalents. After independent intelligent Collosi invented robotics technology and mechas, the Logilo adopted these in this branch.
  • Shield. The branch in which every defensive team of a city is counted in. Defensive-position mages or other base forces, even in other branches, are counted among this branch in additon to their current one.
  • Night. The spy/utility branch of the Logilo military. Includes a large number of utility squad-equivalents and mages. Heavily used for reconassiance and exploration.
  • Storm. Special operations, a subclass of the Stars and Night branches but including members of every branch. Also skilled diplomats and generals/Logilo-Knights work in this branch category.
    • Illuminator. The sub-branch of Storm that is the R&D team that happens to be the best government-founded research and development buisness in Logilar, drawing many to witness the marvels of work they create.

A Few Notable Appearances, By No Means The Only Ones. The Logilo people are expert explorers, having been among some of the earliest peoples to traverse the seas of Getae, although somewhat secluded as to the island cluster they evolved and populate most heavily is, although notable even from a planetary overview, are occasionally stormy at almost random due to the influx of clouds from the Mass Parasol Spell, and were the first species to utilize air forces despite their tunneler natures by virtue of being extremely lightweight due to size. The legendary explorer Aniriar The Bright developed air technology gliders after studying the nature of wing structures, particularly those found most effective for the comparitevely large Starborn plasma wings used for flight over short distances. Oromir the Grand General was a Logilar magistrate from one of the noble families, who became a general in the Logilar military, and he developed a Daines-style military branch organization with careful study of every force known at the time, from Starborn to Deepspawn to Colossi to animals and even the more practical-seeming battle dances from the Lunarian star-battle musicals that were so finely appreciated by bardic fighters around the continents. Vikalisia the Lady Of Peace And War established the Logilar Embassy that stands in the largest cavern-surface tunnel, which also became the quick-ask authority on Logilar's friendly visitor policy.

The Xhorr There is, despite the Logilo unity and lack of reasons to dispute, a breakaway faction, the Xhorr. They are a somewhat twisted to the view of the Logilar padalins, due to the strangest quality in history known, despite being born on a planet whose core is made of Luminaries, they worship (and therefore empower) the Vortumbrae. In return, they have gotten unusual dark powers. They "arrange" and destroy as they please, which is about every other century, as the Logilo lifespan is extremely long, as is their memory. Xhorr are extremely dangerous, a single one capable of decimating a Starborn war party and dominating a Deepspawn warlord, while fighting off six Logilo heroes, and a master mage, all at the same time. They pillage and burn where they wish, with specially made Deepspawn armor and swords made of a rare dark and unusually dangerous crystal, which their tower in a dark and eerie forest (filled with cosmic horrors that can usually be found killing anything they see except an Xhorr, if they are in a good mood) is made entirely out of. The Xhorr are based inside their crystalline tower, inside the Darkwood forest. The tower itself is named Darkguard by outsiders, the name called by Xhorr isn't stateable as it has an extremely complicated polysyllable nature, and most who hear it tend to writhe in horror for the sheer amount of horror the word itself is imbued with thanking to personal intervention by three angry Xhorr and an awfully huge amount of forcibly corrupted magic. The tower is consistently dripping a substance which makes it corrupt things nearby, but by what nature is unpredictable, and as such when hit by a weapon made of this substance, Starborn tend to explode, humans and Logilo tend to die or become evil, Colossi tend to forcibly explode into a mass of lailb mud which dissolves on contact with any darkcrystal, Deepspawn are bent to the will of the wielder, Luminary Avatar-people tend to explode just as violently as Starborn, and a Luminary will writhe in pain and the Cloud at the center of the Sphere, the star-body of the Luminary, the nearby spacetime, and just about everything in the immediate area will feel the intense, lethal disruptive power, and the ground and air it touches tends to flee before contact or be destroyed or otherwise corrupted, resulting in a permenant sound of screaming magic and world eminating from the area of the darkcrystal as it attempts to destroy its bane. Vortumbrae or other Xhorr or other darkcrystal are unaffected, and anything so darkly evil reality itself does not accept their presence will also be unaffected. The Xhorr are a people all their own, and have been seperate from the major Logilo empire for an exceptionally long time. The area of Darkwood is despair so immense a thin mist of it can literally be felt upon nearing a mile radius. Darkwood itself is not an island all its own, but shares an icy mountaintop with an abandoned castle wreck that seems to be inhabited by an extremely powerful dark mage, on a massive floating island that is kept loosely sealed by an extremely complicated network of protection spells set by the Logilo after a particularly devastating incursion. The network itself isn't perfect, but is exceptionally tough in both directions of its spherical field, requiring several hours for either side to penetrate, depending upon numerous factors.

The Aeriz Bibliary The Aeriz Bibliary is one of the larger islands/pillars in the Logilar islands, which houses one of Getae's largest libraries since the Sensas Bibliary. It has a bridge straight from Aeriz the island to Mt. Logilar, which is solid stone and has impressive arches, all of which are a massive district referred to as the Bridge, with its own magistrate. Several scholars traveled to Aeriz after the Sensas Bibliary burned down, and although most of the material was also at the Sensas Bibliary, some of it was unique or more recently discovered information, along with a great deal of fictional literature. Aeriz has a high magistrate above its four ordinary magistrates, who also heads the Aeriz International College Of Information, a massive school which has been visited or attended by many scholars, drawing them worldwide to see the legendary garden in the atrium, which also featured an amazing lecture hall, cafeteria, and even a medical office. Aeriz studied all information, and was even more active than other libraries in the sense Logilo scholars often went out of their way to visit other libraries in the hopes of discovering exiting new ways of applying their extensive knowledge into inventions. Rather than being mere curators of a museum, they also did research, making great strides in fields such as medicine, magic, physics-applying, and even such things as philosophy and the deeper nuances of mathematics and astronomy. A functioning Luminary Portal is deep under the island, but has a protective repelling forcefield that seems directly connected to what is binding the Luminaries of the First inside the Sphere, and has tossed many an unlucky scholar who got to close to study it all the way across the room, on which several pillows and matresses have been placed, and some students and scholars as well as Logilo of every age and the odd other being like to ride it for the extreme thrill of being tossed.

Wildlife And Nature Around The Logilar Islands The Logilar islands are usually either districts of Logilar, or heavily forested with jungle and plains patches here and there. The wildlife is a bizarre thing, as several animals and plant descendents escaped from the Aeriz zoological gardens and began to alter the natural ecosystem. The unique species include the Kaile, or "fairylight" in Logilo slang, which are like the classical fairy from myths, although they have a similarity to fireflies, slight abilities that can only be described as natural affinity for magic are common, as when they cluster nearby mages feel a slight, almost imperceptible increase in the power of whatever magical acts they are performing at the time. Other species include the Liasnis, dog/cat-sized lizards which gather pockets of flammable gasses in pouches in their necks, allowing for the ability to do what is flatly described as breathing fire, explaining their complete immunity to fire (indeed, one Aeriz scholar kept one as a pet and came home to find it sleeping in his fireplace). Their main diet is wood, flammable gas (as bacteria within special organs by their gaseous pouches digest some and release energy), and meat, including that of birds which their wings and claws can take down quickly. Also present are creatures such as the Vanareil snail, a small amphibious beast that blurs the line between plant and animal, as it keeps chlorophyll from the sea plants it eats and uses them to produce energy. Some of the plants include the Meeil shrub, a tall shrub that stays green year-round and produces edible pinkish fruit that is one of the staple foods of Logilar, Kirel, a tall, thin tree that branches out very far, creating an effect like a large umbrella, which is used for the lightweight and strong wood in Tialis galleys and gliders, Zhall, a short, stubby dandelion-like plant that also has colorful flowers and edible, carrotlike roots that are a delicacy in Logilar, Tsaigon, a carnivorous plant similar to a large Venus Flytrap with a few pitcher plants on it (also eats insects) that produces both a mild toxin in small, black fruits, and an antidote in its tasty herbal leaves that grow on white branches, and Illumos, i-l-lumos, a bioluminescent plant that is used as both an antidepressant and and a very potent compound when used in magically enhanced drinks. Sealife includes the rare and legendary Sealogi, the wild guardians of Logilar that have been out in the seas for a long time, Rulenir corals, which are like ordinary corals except they glow somewhat and draw even huger populations of fish, and the notable Hugigantic Catfish, dolphin-like animals that have whiskers like their namesake and are between the sizes of dolphins and whales.

The Mienestral The Mienestral is the Logilar islands' prime marketplace. It is an island which is offshoot of the Bridge district, closer to the Aeriz end, and falls under the administration of the same magistrate as the Bridge. A traveler would find almost any good, service, and whatever else you can think of there. The island later created a massive tower with a stunning central skylight dome, which has open-air courtyards with an extendable roof to prevent bad weather damage, with different courtyards dedicated to things like Services, Artifacts/Reliquary, Generic Bazaar, Central Food Court, Children's Playground, a seaport larger than most individual islands get, and even an airfield. Later on the Luminous Tower was added for vault/storages, bank services, information, armory, a few spare offices connected to permanently occupied buisness cubicles for Logilo government and prominent buisnesses, and even a training ground for the Aeriz magic academy, along with a mechanics academy, an airship field (Logilo happened to be the great pioneers of air travel and even space travel MUCH in the future) and even a few multifunctional factories that the Logilo traders usually required for mass processing of goods later on. (When space travel was developed, a rather short venture that didn't end well because of the prohibitive problems with Vortumbrae, who put the Xhorr on relentless attack until the venture ended because they thought it impeded their dominions, they attempted to perform a get-in, mine, get-out operation on some of the moons of Getae but prohibitive cost and extremely unstable lunar orbits that Lunarian texts literally revealed: "We couldn't figure it out, it was so complex and obscure.".)

Vandalgone Of course, it's not all fun and games in these worlds, and the Logilo, although with a surprisingly low crime rate, have their deviants, and Vandalgone is where they go. Vandalgone is a small island lighthouse that has the real dungeon in the Logilar area as the earliest ruling parties thought it bad press to be able to hear prisoners underneath the ruling house. Vandalgone is the fifth headquarters of the Logilar Police Team, after their cheif positions on Logilar, their academy on Aeriz, the customs offices at the Embassy and Mienestral, and the main government buildings. The police management magistrates tend to visit here often to make sure prison conditions are good, and the subsea walls show no sign of damage.

Grand Iarcus The Grand Iarcus pillar, a massive mountain-tall tower pillar standing in the middle of Aeriz, with a sky bridge from there to the Great Tower atop the even-higher Mt. Logilar, occured in a great earthquake during a lunar occurence in which the Sphere ran right into the gravity waves that the extremely complex orbits of the Sphere system. The pillar was entirely hollow, and when it appeared, seven great dragons appeared with intelligent Collosi on their backs (or so the story goes) and threw lightning from the skies and conjured forth the great well of light and magic which was eventually converted as the central power battery of the city. Regardless of any tales of how it actually got there, the pillar is actually a large hollow well of solid rock with a light pillar in the center, which goes down to the Cloud, past the war room, past the Aeriz Portal, and all the way up until it dissipates above the region where the fireworks occur when the repulsor field is triggered. What is strange about it is that a massive tree comprised of many other plants grew like an outer shell over the pillar, periodically spiking through the rock to display branchlike roots digging into the well of light to absorb nutrients, which probably explains why the Logilar hospitals use the magic lightwell as critical condition-space, which has the ability to hold up and heal anything you can put in it, and walking up or down is described as "walking on pillows" by many. The Council and magistrates have an emergency war-room inside the lower Pillar, but well above the area in between the Interior and Exterior which heat and explosive gas patches make going down harder.

Legendary Quests And Artifacts Of The Logilo (This section is to be added on by anyone with a tale to tell of the Logilo)

Completely Off Perspective comment notes

This article's perspective is somewhere between neutral and out-of-world, as it deals with a massive timeframe about a species which made a fairly massive mark on many events in history. Logilar is NOT a single-sentient-species island cluster. Sealogi are a species who have pledged to defend the Logilo islands after the first incident of a Logilo being flung by the sub-Aeriz portal, which throws up brilliant fireworks and a pillar of light, and the Sealogi regard this as the best form of entertainment they get. In fact, Sealogi make up a decent proportion of Logilar's population due to their amphibious ability of having both lungs and gills, and move about like sea lions on land and sea in their seacow-like sea form, but can (they just decide not to do it much even though it causes no real strain whatsoever even rapidly) somewhat shapeshift into something closer to merpeople in the mind of a writer, their blue-green scales shimmering in either form. They make up a decent proportion of Logilo sea forces and defenses for port cities like Logilar. A small neighborhood in the interspecies Bridge district has everything from Starborn to humans to intelligent Collosi immigrants, and even the odd "rare sentient species" character if you know which houses to look into. This, and the massive prisons and shipyards at Vandalgone being an ideal place to shove exiles or any other populations on exodus en masse, who will be sent immediately to the Embassy for papers and legal stuff, before being sent to the government-owned hotel on Mienestral until they find a home. This, and similar projects for orphanages and such, gained Logilo the exemplary reputation that helped give Logilar a massive populace. It is not a requirement that you must be Logilo to hold the office of magistrate, in fact there are usually around five or six different magistrates for the whole Sealogi populace in Logilar alone, and several sub-magistrates are human, Starborn who decided for long-term positions there, and even a notable occurence when an intelligent Colossi from the Bridge district applied for office under his maker. Logilar is the darkish, albeit tropical and quite bright and pretty once one adjusts their light perception, place that has obtained a status of mysteriousness among the other nations of the world. It has been a political escape area that has a great place, as Logilar has an order of paladin-like Lightweavers, descended from Ematrar Vialutherisen, who legendarily went through a Luminary Portal, and upon returning went through the Portal Zone, brought a reality fragment which gave him immense power, upon which he returned to Logilar by being jettisoned through the Aeriz Portal and being the only one thus far to have passed the forcefield. He then founded the Lightweavers, who by a means of pure magic spiritually commune with Ematrar and use his reality fragment to utterly focus their magical powers as the Logilar padalins, who serve the council and help head the military and police.