World Building / Britan Kartan The First And Most Traitorous

Britan Kartan was many things. A doctor. A father. A friend. But he is known as the first traitor of humanity. When humanity met the star born, humanity feared the creatures. One Starborn was nearly killed by a pack of tribals, until Britan Kartan scared them off. Britan healed the Starborns, despite the clear contempt from his fellow humans. After a whole year, the Starborn was fine. It returned home, and told the leaders of how a human saved him. He convinced his people that humanity, for all their faults, had great potential for kindness. When the Starborns returned, it learned of Britan's death. He was deemed a traitor, was trialed for 'betraying' humanity, and was executed by decapitation. The Starborn was shocked, and went back home. It told the Coucil that he was wrong, and that humanity killed their only hero. For the next 500 years, Staborns stayed away from humanity. Britan Kartan was remembered by the Staborns, as the only human with potential, for over 1,000 years.