Woobie Destroyer Of Worlds / Visual Novels

  • Ace Attorney Investigations 2 has quite the big one, in both woobieness and destructive power in Simon Keyes, the Big Bad. As a child, his father only cared for him as a taste tester and left the country after commiting a murder without a care in the world that this would throw his son in an Orphanage of Fear, this is all right after he was kidnapped by his best friend and almost frozen to death were a certain assassin not there to save their life. In the orphanage, he was a witness to a murder and kidnapping, of which one of the parts involved was the orphanage's care taker who would them torture him to guarantee that his testimony would never be heard, with the other kidnapper implied to have plans to murder him, this led to him running away from the orphanage and being on the run during his entire childhood. Later in his life, he decides to dedicate himself to take revenge, with a large intricate plan that included 3 kidnappings, 4 murders and the imprisonment of two of the involved with the original kidnapping. At the end of the game, Miles even admits that, even after all they did, they were still a victim of a flawed legal system and several awful people.
  • Yamato Tachibana from Inyouchuu is the main page's image. He's a Half-Human Hybrid who spent much of his life as an outcast, traveling around Japan with Yayoi in order to find a cure for his demonic tendencies. The Shiratori twins, Mikoto and Takeru, were some of the few people to actually treat him decently (Belligerent Sexual Tension with Mikoto notwithstanding). In the third game, both girls allow themselves to be impregnated by demons in a last ditch attempt to keep Yamato's demon side from going out of control, and in a bad ending are raped and murdered by the untrusting villagers who want to kill him. Needless to say, Yamato loses it - it doesn't end well for the villagers.
  • The secret character from Nameless has been trapped in a closet for countless years, and the most important person in his life doesn't even remember him. This doesn't stop him from straying into several shades of Yandere on his quest to recover some of his life, however. He does grow to regret his actions near the end, however.
  • Fate/stay night:
    • Sakura eventually decides (with the help of the devil that is possessing her) that since her life sucks so much, she's just going to kill everyone she doesn't like, and then give birth to the devil. Well, the last part probably wasn't too high on the agenda but she didn't really care if it happened or not.
    • Surprisingly enough, Angra Mainyu, aka Avenger, also qualifies. He was originally just a man who was tortured to death by the people of his village to serve as a scapegoat for human evil, which technically fulfilled the requirements to become a Heroic Spirit. This means that even after dying he can never be reincarnated and must bear the memories of his life for the rest of human existence. He justifiably hates humanity as a consequence.
    • Rider/Medusa also counts, throughout the whole series. Her past involves getting bullied by sisters as well as humans, being cursed by the gods, and turning into a monster. Her resolve in joining the war is simply to protect Sakura simply because they're kindred spirits. Too bad that Sakura handed down the Master status to Shinji and Rider also suffered his abuses, but since it's what Sakura wanted and all to protect her, Rider had to embrace her status as a 'villain'.
    • Depending on your interpretation of him, Kirei Kotomine might count. The Fate and Unlimited Blade Works scenarios don't really go into his backstory enough to show it, so it seems like he's just in it For the Evulz. Heaven's Feel asks the question of what could be worse than being only able to take pleasure in the suffering of others, but still having a conscience?
  • Kohaku of Tsukihime has become so emotionally broken that she thinks of herself as a doll and has no idea how she really feels about anything. Oh, and she's plotting the deaths of Akiha and SHIKI, is implied or perhaps stated to be involved in Makihasa's death, and may view Shiki as a target as well, though she doesn't succeed there in any path. It's okay if everyone dies except Hisui. Oh, and she's indirectly behind all the serial killing going on in the Far Side routes.
  • In Analogue: A Hate Story we discover that *Hyun-ae, known as the Pale Bride when she was alive was this. She was a modern Ill Girl who, after being awaken from cryogenization discovers herself in a world where they got backwards to a sexist, misogynistic civilization. She then was so abused, physically and mentally (including having her tongue cut so she couldn't backtalk any men never again), that you couldn't feel surprised when after an ill worded advice too many she finally snaps and decides to upload her consciousness to an AI and override the system to turn off the life support, killing everyone on board including herself.
    • It goes a bit further than that: It's actually stated that she wasn't an AI when she turned off life support, meaning she was planning on dying along with everyone else (not like it mattered to her, since she knew her disease would kill her soon, and medical knowledge had actually regressed since she was frozen, to the point that they didn't actually know what he cryo-pod was). The only reason she survived was because she crawled back into the broken pod to die, and it turned out her father had set it up so that, if she passed away in cryosleep, it would perform a brain upload to save her. Oh, and she's been alone for a few centuries by the time you come across her, is actually remorseful about killing everyone, and really doesn't want to be abandoned.
  • Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors has Akane who, as a child, was kidnapped, forced to play the Nonary Game, and ended up burning to death in the incinerator. Through use of telepathy and time travel, some version of her manages to survive to present days, where she and her brother abduct seven other people involved in the last game and submit them to psychological torment (they lead them to believe they had bombs implanted in them, and that they'll all be drowned within a time limit). She also uses the game as an excuse to murder the four men responsible for her death.
  • Near the end of Super Danganronpa 2, it's revealed that all the students, save for Chiaki, were members of Ultimate Despair, a personality cult completely and utterly devoted to the original Ultimate Despair herself, Junko Enoshima. Playing through their free time events will show that everyone has some dark history, usually involving things like bullying, Abusive Parents, social ostracization, emotional struggles, etc. Junko exploited this and manipulated them into accepting her ideology. They were so dedicated to her that, after her death, they willingly cut off their own body parts and stitched hers onto themselves to make her live on through them.
  • Monika of Doki Doki Literature Club! not only manipulates, gaslights, and deletes people she's supposed to be friends with, but literally destroys her game's world over her Yandere obsession with the player. Not the character you're playing as, but you. Despite her more unsympathetic actions, talking to her in Act 3 shows that she's a lonely teenage girl who went through an existential crisis caused by her gaining meta-awareness. Her obsession with the player came about because she recognized that they were the only "real" thing in her life. She also mentions that, because of her meta-awareness, she gets subject to Sensory Abuse each time the game is off. It doesn't justify anything she does, but you can understand why. One ending also shows Sayori about to go down the same path before being intervened, showing that this is the possible fate of any character who becomes Club President.