Woobie / Deadliest Catch

It's hard to consider anybody active in the crab fishery The Woobie. But believe it or not, Deadliest Catch actually has one: F/V Northwestern's junior deckhand, Jake Anderson.

  • He is one of the youngest people on the show (and unlike the Harris boys, didn't grow up with the business, though he did a stint on a cod boat in his late teens). He's average height and slim, with large eyes and a soft voice. He's eager to please (although he has as much of a temper as the others when he's tired or riled enough), puts up with all the crap thrown on greenhorns for his first two seasons to prove himself, endures the rule of probably the harshest captain on the show, and seems more emotionally open than the other, more stoic men (he puts it down to only having sisters, not brothers, growing up) — speaking openly of the fondness he has for the rest of the Northwestern's crew, calling them a new family. And if that wasn't enough, a personal tragedy in season 5 should do it.
    • When Sig and Phil trade Jakes, they decide to get them back by putting them in survival suits, tossing them in choppy water, and retrieving them with the crane. Jake Harris' transfer goes okay, but Jake Anderson is lost from sight for a few moments. He's quickly spotted, and is promptly put back to work by Sig.
    • On top of that, he had to fish through the second half of the 6th season with his father missing back home. To date, he still hasn't been found.
      • At one point, Sig took a call from Jake's mother with the news that they'd found his dad's empty car. His somber reaction:
      She said "Keep Jake busy so he can't dwell on it." (beat) Well, that I can do.
    • Guess which deckhand accidentally stabbed himself in the wrist and was back to work fifteen minutes later. If you guessed anyone other than Jake Anderson (who also wasn't allowed to properly recover (to paraphrase, "'No lifting, no stooping, lifting, lifting, lifting...' If you can't lift then what's the point of you being here?") you haven't been paying attention.
    • Since he apparently hasn't stopped crabbing, would this make him an Iron Woobie?
    • Jake Anderson, the most junior deckhand of the Northwestern. Of course, with all the abuse he's put through, he could either be a Determinator or an Iron Woobie. Then there's the death of his oldest sister during Season 5, who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis her entire life. Him finding out was a complete Tear Jerker.
    Jake Anderson (calling his mom after his sister's death): She's in a better place now, mom. She finally beautiful now! She can run!
    • The events of Season 6 lined up to really kick Jake in the teeth. At the beginning of King Crab season, he swapped places with Jake Harris of the Cornelia Marie for several weeks and worked well with Captain Phil. Then before Opilio season, Anderson's dad went missing. Then during Opilio season, Captain Phil died. Jake took it hardest among those not actually on the Cornelia Marie.
    • Jake gets this again when he gets hired by the Kiska Sea and their crew absolutely go to town on him for not being up to their high standards. He found himself rejoining the Northwester, saying that his sting on the Kiska Sea completely stripped him of all of his pride and ambition. After that, he has to watch Sig's 18-year-old daughter Mandy end up driving the ship and setting pots within days of her start as a crab fisher, something that took Jake (and many other crabbers besides) years of hard work and diligent study to even get close to doing.
    • Then in Season 11, Jake finally decides to take the plunge and leave the Northwestern to become captain of the Saga, Sig alternates being proud and being resentful of the fact that Jake left. Sig tries to justify his anger by saying that he had a plan for Jake's career progression and that he intended for Jake to act as a backup to Edgar once Edgar starts running the boat more often. Essentially, Sig wanted Jake to be the relief captain to Sig's relief captain.
  • Any greenhorn that gets hired onto the Wizard. No other boat on the show goes through as many greenhorns as this one, and Capt. Keith Colburn seems to wear the distinction of being a "greenhorn buster" like a badge of honor. While all of the boats always put the greenhorns through hard work and a lot of stress, the Wizard always takes it one step further to making the greenhorns absolutely miserable. More than one greenhorn has quit mid-season on the Wizard, and those who do are treated vilely for not wanting to stick around in a hostile work environment.