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Wiki: SCP Foundation

"Mankind must not go back to hiding in fear. No one else will protect us, we must stand up for ourselves. While the rest of mankind dwell in the light, we must stand in the darkness to combat it, contain it, and shield it from the eyes of the public, so that others may live in a sane, normal world.
We secure. We contain. We protect."
"The Administrator", About the SCP Organization

Item #: SCP-4445

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Security of these data has been compromised, rendering further secrecy counter-productive. In accordance with Information Security Protocol 008-C-1 ("Class C breach") and the recommendation of General Bowe, our current orders are to allow all but the most sensitive data to remain freely available, [DATA EXPUNGED], that these data are ██████████ of ██████████ released from the imageboard "4chan" and uploaded to a community-edited website (i.e. a "wiki"): here.

Description: SCP-4445 is the incomplete archives of the SCP Foundation, a secret, global organization which exists to study, catalogue, and contain SCP Objects: artifacts and "items which jeopardize normalcy". These range from humans with strange powers, to creatures of extraterrestrial or extradimensional origin, to objects causing unexplainable phenomena, to [DATA EXPUNGED]. All of them represent clear threats to human normalcy, human society, human sanity, human lives, or quite simply the universe at large.

Of course, the nature of SCP Objects means that those who contain and study them must possess certain qualities: keen intelligence, a clinical outlook, and complete ruthlessness. The stakes are far too high to allow concerns like morality or the loss of human lives to interfere...

In layman's terms, the SCP Foundation is a wiki that serves as a collection of reports on fictional artifacts/humanoids, based around the idea of an international agency that contains items that threaten the normality of the world. These items are referred to as SCPs, with each one given containment procedures, a description, and history of experiments on them. Originated as "Creepy Pasta" on 4chan's /x/ (paranormal) board, and then moved to its own site.

"SCP" stands for "Special Containment Procedures" (with an unofficial backronym motto of "Secure, Contain, Protect") - which sums up both the goals and methods of the foundation's supposed actions. Supplementary information includes short stories, profiles of "researchers" (authors), and an associated IRC chat room. There is also roleplay, but it's still getting off the ground, not counting a "fan made" Gaia Online guild that was disliked for having much lower standards. And to prevent any future fandom flame wars, the SCP Foundation website predated the TV series Warehouse 13, but not Raiders of the Lost Ark.

An independently developed Survival Horror game called SCP - Containment Breach revolves around a Class-D trying to escape a site that is undergoing a containment breach. It can be found here.

Now in Russian, French, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Spanish and Polish!

Has a sister site, The Wanderers Library, that focuses on the Serpent's Hand GOI and their headquarters.

Note: Due to the ever changing nature of the SCP Foundation site, some of the entries may no longer be entirely accurate.

Addendum 4445-01: For specific SCP items, please see these lists.

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alternative title(s): SCP Foundation; SCP Foundation; SCP Foundation
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