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"The alternative encyclopedia."
Metapedia's motto, and a candidate for understatement of the century

For those among you who think that Conservapedia is too liberal, you are henceforth directed to Metapedia.

Metapedia was founded as a mirror project to Wikipedia, but with an extreme right-wing and white supremacist slant. Officially, it's there to provide a "fair and balanced image of the European cultural struggle". Predictably, the wiki wastes no time in clarifying how the "Cultural Marxists" have polluted Western civilization with evils such as liberalism and immigrants and race-mixing. Due to their very strict editing policy, the site is surprisingly free from Wiki Vandals.

The site has over 15,000 articles in English and has versions in nine European (and only European!) languages. Sometimes they copy Wikipedia pages wholesale, and just add a racist twist.

Also, Metapedia is famous for putting a little asterisk (shaped like the Star of David) next to the names of any Jewish persons, to remind the reader that they're Jews.

If you really must visit this wiki, here is the link.

Metapedia contains examples of:

  • Author Appeal: A large amount of Metapedia's articles are dedicated to the Spartans, the Roman Empire, the Vikings, runes, Norse mythology, and other typically "Aryan" things. (Apparently, they can't decide whether the word means "European" or "Nordic European.")
    • Aryan by classicists used to mean Indo-European, the tribe that carried those languages, but is reflected as Iranian; that is, Persian or Farsi. Germans aren't especially related to them, other than speaking a language more similar to it than other branches such as Semitic or Ugric. This passed over neoromantic-męstic Hitler's (and Metapedia's) head entirely.
  • Black and White Morality: Done literally, for obvious reasons. Everything done by black people is bad or inferior, and everything done by whites is wonderful.
  • Blatant Lies: What a large portion of the site's content is considered to be.
  • Personal Dictionary: Metapedia's definition of "pro-European" and "Cultural Marxist" is rather warped, to put it mildly. The latter is defined as "a way to undermine European values and civilization by using methods other than direct political action."
    • The bizarre comparisons between Fascism, Liberalism, and Communism. In case you didn't get the message, "Liberalism" is represented by an image of shirtless gays waving a rainbow flag, and "Communism" by a totalitarian propaganda poster.
  • Pet the Dog: Metapedia's many articles on East Asian and Middle Eastern countries and cultures are refreshingly in-depth and free from the typical racism. It helps that a) they're largely copied and pasted straight from Wikipedia, and b) that many East Asian countries are fairly technologically advanced with very high standards of living (sometimes even higher than the West, in the case of Japan), making it harder to slag them off as an "inferior" race.
    • There is actually a growing trend within the larger white supremacist movement that admires the Japanese (or "Yamato") for their nation's relative lack of foreigners and race-mixing, and its fervent nationalist movement. This sub-movement seeks to unite East Asian supremacists and Western Nazis (again) for the purposes of "preserving the purity" of their two respective "races." Several young white supremacists have taken to openly admiring "Yamato" culture — they're basically Nazi Japanophiles.
    • This is most likely due to Hitler deeming the Japanese to be Honorary Aryans. There are plenty of white supremacists who are Anime fans as well. Observe the user name
    • A true Pet the Dog is that the only conspiracy they don't throw at Barack Obama is the one that he was born in Kenyanote .
  • The Resenter: This entire wiki wallows in its own hatred and negativity.
  • The Social Darwinist: Almost all of the editors. The racist pseudo-science is most obvious in the article about blacks, but can also be seen in other articles.
  • Stop Being Stereotypical: No one can deny that protecting a space for the European cultural sphere is a worthy pursuit. That's why it's so hard to understand Metapedia. One would think that they'd want to purge any hint of pro-Nazi sentiment from their content, in order to avoid tarring European culture with the stain of white supremacism.
  • Strawman Political: "Cultural Marxism" is this to them. Whenever it's mentioned, expect a furious rant against a strawman.