Wiki / Ghost_K

Ghost_K is a wiki set in the world of Earth (but twice the size) in the future of the 31st millennium. Humanity is under attack from the Urcron (appearance-wise based on the Bionicle Rahkshi). Humanity is failing, but a group of the most powerful elementals calling themselves the Global Honoured Organisation of Specialised Tasks - Unit K, also known as Ghost_K wield the power to save them, if they can.

The major stories are as follows:

  • The Storyline: The main storyline featuring Ghost_k fighting against the Urcron. Being made into a webmanga... sometime.
  • Second Great Battle of Siberia: This story is set with Pyotr Alexsandr and his regiment trying to unravel a tangled mystery. Features an in-depth explanation into how the Urcron are managing their military successes.

It spawned a spin-off named K21 Squared, set in the late 21st century and early 22nd. It is considerably Darker and Edgier compared to the original, where the world is divided up into "sectors", areas of political control. Most sectors are controlled by corporations or are heavily influenced by them.

The major stories are as follows:

  • Vallarian Trilogy: Setting the stage for the major villains of K21.
  • Antecedence Double Trilogy: A saga which traces the backstory of one of Ghost_K's secondary protagonists, Li-Pau Nao.
  • Concurrent Trilogy: A series of (currently two, but with a third planned) stories which take place concurrently to the main series.

The three most active users are the user NecrusIV the creator, lead administrator, artist and writer, Lither the administrator (and writer) and Khalael the writer. The wiki, which can be found here, is open for anyone to edit, so long as they keep within the rules.

Ghost_K Provides Examples Of:

  • Alien Invasion: Obviously. Type 1, although shifts into a Type 3 with the events of the main storyline and the Second Great Battle of Siberia.
  • Crapsack World: K21 is this especially compared to the predecessor.
  • Darker and Edgier: K21 is this to the main story. Ghost_K's political power is non-existent, the villains are now thoroughly evil humans instead of aliens and the body count just grows.
  • Downer Ending: K21 appears to be setting itself up for one of these.
  • Evil Verses Evil: K21's conflicts mostly revolve around this. Played with, as while the leadership of most organisations and sectors is thoroughly evil, the lower ranked members are usually presented as mostly normal people, making it frequently a case of Punch-Clock Villain vs Well-Intentioned Extremist.
  • Orphaned Series: As a wiki, many of it's articles resemble this, although the wiki has not succumbed to it yet.
  • Running Gag: Meta example: "Needs more fedora", said to a writer. Also "Needs more rape", on account of a original story containing it and the author's frantic attempts to keep anyone reading the rape parts and subsequently banning rape in-story.
  • 20 Minutes into the Future: Despite being set at least a thousand years ahead of now, the main story still has extremely large amounts of 21st Century culture and technology, though with futuristic names slapped on top.
    • K21 continues to play it mostly straight, though it's less jarring as there's less of a time gap, and there's more of an effort to integrate theoretical technology.