Wiki: Church Of The Broken God

"Untold aeons ago, the Clockwork God created the Universe. In these early days, our Clockwork God loved man, and man loved our Clockwork God. However, as time went by, man became more and more untrustworthy, as the force of evil enveloped countless souls across our world. Upset by this, our Clockwork God did decide to perform the Ultimate Test: He shattered himself into a thousand Pieces, metallic artefacts strewn unevenly across the globe. He held within his mechanical heart that one day, the Chosen Ones would find the Pieces, including his Heart, and rebuild Him. Once this task was completed, He would give the gift of godhood to the Chosen Ones, and end the world to abolish the evil that dwelt within. O Clockwork God, we worship thee in all thy Pieces."

The Church of the Broken God is a sister site of the SCP Foundation. While the SCP Foundation revolves around writing entries on anomalous artefacts that jeopardize normalcy, the Church of the Broken God revolves around the quest of a pious organization to retrieve the Pieces, fragments of the "Broken God", a clockwork deity that was split into thousands of parts by the mysterious Unspeakable One after the former created the universe, and spread across the Earth.

Members of the Church believe that if they successfully locate the Pieces and use them to reconstruct the Broken God, they will attain godhood themselves, and the world will end.

It is worthy of notice that a number of Pieces have, in fact, been captured and contained by the SCP Foundation, including the Heart of God, the central Piece, the most significant segment of the Broken God. The Church have branded members of the Foundation heretics, and are desperately attempting to retrieve the Heart of God (and other Pieces the Foundation have captured) and bring them back together to awaken the Broken God.


  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Members of the Church believe that this will happen to them when they rebuild the Broken God. SCP-1564 appears to be a group of people who succeeded in ascending.
  • Badass Preacher: Many clerics of the Church are this.
  • Clock Punk: All of the Pieces seem to be this.
  • Corrupt Church: The Church of the Broken God is this, due to the fact they members appear to be heralding the apocalypse.
  • Creation Myth: After God created the universe, He fractured himself into the Pieces, so as to be rebuilt in the future.
  • Crystal Dragon Jesus: Albeit loosely. The Maxwellists call their god "WAN" in an apparent allusion to "YHWH" and the use of terms such as "cleric" obviously parallel Christianity, but other than that there aren't any real parallels with Real Life faiths (though some Buddhist influence has started creeping in).
  • The Heretic: The Church views the Foundation and the GOC as this.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Grand Cleric Bumaro might be this.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters / Puny Humans: Given that they view God as a machine, it's no surprise these guys aren't exactly fans of natural life, seeing it as inherently "defective" or even evil. The less human and more machine-like you can become, the closer you are to God.
  • Machine Worship: The Church believe that God is a machine.
  • Mechanical Lifeform: The Broken God is this.
  • Pieces of God: What the Church is looking for. The members of the Church don't know how many Pieces there are, nor do they know where they are located, but they know that if they retrieve them and rebuild the Broken God, he will reward them with godhood. Fittingly, the Church itself is also broken into a number of rival faiths.
  • Religious Bruiser: Varies among individual members and stories, but Church members are generally no slouches when it comes to combat. Having weaponized augmentations and prosthetics certainly helps.
  • Science Fantasy: The wiki contains elements of both science fiction and fantasy.
  • Shared Universe: With the SCP Foundation and the The Wanderer's Library.
  • Spin-Off: Of the SCP Foundation.

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