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Why Did It Have To Be Snakes: Webcomics
Snakes (ophidiophobia), Reptiles (herpetophobia)

Insects (entomophobia)

Cats (ailurophobia)

Other Animals

Fire (pyrophobia)

Nature related phobias

Women (gynophobia)
  • Thog from The Order of the Stick is defeated by an illusion of a female orc. Haley takes offense that his fear of "pretty girls" doesn't seem to extend to those of other species.

Other phobias

  • Bob of Bob and George is spectacularly phobic of Pokémon. For no adequately explained reason. We'll state this again: a character with fire superpowers who intermittently seeks to conquer anything he doesn't destroy is terrified of Rattata.
  • Hats: Trel from Cwen's Quest has either violent fits of terror or near psychotic reactions to hats due to childhood trauma.
  • Xenophobia: Insecticomics Dreadmoon. Due to the humorous nature of the comic it's more a strong disgust than outright fear; in Wayward's more serious fanfiction he's uncomfortable around non-Cybertronians and outright terrified of organics.
  • Katia of Prequel is deathly scared of nobility, including having a nightmare of Uriel Septim as a Humanoid Abomination (while in-universe he's the Big Good) and being rendered speechless at the sight of Martin Septim (at that time merely a priest in Kvatch).
  • In Sequential Art, the squirrel girls (except Scarlet) are agoraphobes. To prevent their escapes.
  • Riff from Sluggy Freelance is afraid of orphans, and won't go near an orphanage without a missile launcher handy.
    • Riff also will end up in Torg's arms if somebody mentions the DMV.
  • PeeJee in Something Positive has been shown to have an almost pathological fear of puppets.
  • In Squid Row, Randie is deathly afraid of garden gnomes.
  • Connie of Waterworks is germophobic, and tends to freak out around toilets.
  • Varden of Inverloch is petrified of magic and goes all sweaty and bug-eyed whenever he sees it (or when it's used on him). Neirenn, the group mage, takes advantage of this whenever they're arguing over something.

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