Why Did It Have To Be Snakes / Recorded and Stand-Up Comedy
aka: Stand Up Comedy

Snakes (ophidiophobia), Reptiles (herpetophobia)
  • Bill Engvall has stated in his comedy routines that he hates snakes. This becomes a problem when a woman wants to have sex with him—while bringing a boa constrictor along for the ride.

Spiders (arachnophobia)
  • Phill Jupitus is terrified of spiders, which comes up a few times in his stand up.

Flying (aviophobia), Heights {acrophobia)
  • Bill Engvall (see above) also admits to this. It really bit him on the ass when he went parasailing while stoned on Vicodin. (Long story.) This also brought him face-to-face with his galeophobia (fear of sharks). It wasn't a good day for him.

Alternative Title(s): Stand Up Comedy