What The Hell Hero / Web Original

  • Adam Dodd of Survival of the Fittest receives a horrified reaction from his friends after he shoots a comatose member of his group in the head. Needless to say, just about everybody there called him out on it.
    • During the final two, the other finalist Jack O'Connor brutally called him out on all of his murders throughout the game.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. The villain is the one to call the hero out on his idiocy. The hero had almost flattened the love interest by grandstanding.
  • Red vs. Blue: After Agent Washington shot Agent South in the Head he and the A.I. Delta are called out by Church to be "some cold motherfuckers". It takes half an episode to stop Church and Caboose trying to calm him down with very annoying "just calm down...we are all your friends...lower your weapon" way of speaking.
    Wash: Stop talking to me like that, I'm not insane. Now if you'll excuse me, I have blow up this dead body.
  • In If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, the Emperor, upon learning that the Custodes have done pretty much nothing for the better part of ten thousand years, promptly orders them to go out and help the Imperium, seeing how they have the best gear in the galaxy. They do so minus the gear.
  • This video from How It Should Have Ended has Iron Man called out for his actions in the first movie by Superman and Batman. Tony gets to fire back by lampshading Card Board Prison and Joker Immunity.
  • Oracle is a powerful telepath and one-time member of the Global Guardians superhero team. When Doctor Devastation hid a nerve gas bomb in a subway terminal in Washington, D.C., she used her telepathic powers to slowly turn his brain into cole slaw as she forcibly searched it for the bomb's location. While she saved the day, she was also expelled from the team for "gross violation of a suspect's rights".
    • As a post-script, as of the shut-down of the Global Guardians, Doctor Devastation was still a permanently hospitalized drooling vegetable.
  • This Let's Play of Planescape: Torment has the Nameless One Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, corrupted by the game's Tome of Eldritch Lore. Only to eventually reveal to the book that he was an evil bastard all along, just before destroying it.
  • In We Are Our Avatars, this is the default reaction of the saner members of the Group (i.e. everyone else) whenever Caim goes slaughter-happy. This is Played for Laughs, as Caim is usually portrayed as an unsympathetic Jerkass.
    • There was this one time Osaka accidentally shot Irene in the foot (with a very powerful gun, to boot) and everyone called her out on it.
  • A comparatively minor example: In TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, Joy eventually calls Chris out for mocking Dash one time too many.
  • The Salvation War takes time to note the problems the war against Heaven and Hell are going to cause. The first battlefield is now littered with tons unexploded shells, Earth's economy is a wreck, and people were shocked by the beating they gave to the demons.
  • Linkara's pet peeve is heroes who don't act like heroes. E.G., Frank Miller's All Star Batman and Robin, Neutro Number 1 and Superman at Earth's End.
    • Linkara finally gets this himself in Catwoman, Guardian of Gotham #2.
  • By seasons two and three of Marble Hornets, Jay is regular getting chewed out for his Genre Blindness, stalking, and focus on filming everything and putting it on YouTube instead of helping people.
  • In Strange Aeons, Arron gets chewed out by Nick for filming his most private moments and putting them on his channel.
  • In Worm:
    • Interlude 2 has Panacea calling out Glory Girl for using excessive force during her fights.
    • Chapter 18.3 has Clockblocker listing just how many bad things Skitter has done, that despite being claimed for the greater good, had farther reaching terrible consequences.
    • Chapter 20.5 has Taylor calling out Dragon and Defiant for breaking the unspoken superhero/supervillain rules by outing her secret identity in front of a cafeteria full of high school students — a maneuver which, incidentally, could have put a lot of civilians in danger. Her arguments are actually compelling enough that a third of the students join her and help her escape from the superheroes.
    • Speck 30.1 has Tattletale calling Taylor out on her inability to trust her friends and her tendency to approach negotiation by holding a figurative gun to people's heads.
  • In Double Rainboom, Twilight, and pretty much the audience's reaction to Rainbow Dash completely destroying Ponyville.
  • In the "Cannon Ball Run" episode of Achievement Hunter's Let's Play Grand Theft Auto IV, Gavin had continuously messed up Team Lads' attempts to win in a round of "Cops n' Crooks", prompting Michael to ask what's going through his brain. When Gavin gives him the reasoning - that he was actively losing because they just kept on winning and thus he felt it wasn't fun - it pissed Michael off enough that he temporarily tossed him off of Team Lads.
    • In "Ryan's Heist" (Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V), Michael chews out Ryan for killing Geoff (though that was an accident) and trying to kill Ray (that one wasn't).
  • This is a common form of diss in the Epic Rap Battles of History:
    Bill Gates: Well Steve, you steal all the credit for work that other people do. Did your fat beard Wozniak write these raps for you too?
    Romney: You're all Barack and no bite! Been no change and we're all still hoping... that you'll shut your mouth, but like Guantanamo Bay they're both open.
    Batman: You're not smart! You're selfish; you endanger everyone's life!
    Santa: You been a naughty boy! You brought a plague of frogs! You best arrest yourself, you broke Your own law! Or was there something in Rule 6 I didn't understand? My list says "killed Egyptian dude, buried him in sand".
    *** Later:
    Moses: You ain't a saint, you a slaver like a Pharaoh in the snow. Stop with the unpaid labour, and let my little people go!
    Michael Jordan: Why don't you dodge this battle like you did Vietnam?
    • And in the same battle:
    Muhammad Ali: You fight like the little girls who make your Nike shoes!
    Stephen King: Masque of the Red Death? Barely blood-curdling. Pit And The Pendulum? Not even unnerving. Perving on your first cousin when she's 13 years old? Now that's disturbing.
    Mythbusters: You built a laser grid with no safety switch, and Walter Peck was right, that's some shady shit!
    ''And if those Native dudes knew what white men were gonna do, they would have stopped you in Dakota-they should totally Sioux!
    Socrates: I won't be taught camaraderie by a frog who rigged the lottery! You make a mockery of ethics, so keep your fat nose in your coffee!
    Jim: Let me mention, I'm impressed by all the vision that it took/For you to sign your name...
    Kermit the Frog: On all of Jack Kirby's comic books!