What The Hell Hero: Professional Wrestling

  • Randy Orton. While John Cena gets this from time to time, he isn't nearly as much as a Designated Hero as Orton is. The thing about Randy is that he knows perfectly well that he is in no way a good person and many of the things he does are reprehensibly wrong. He just doesn't care.
  • On the 10/3/2011 episode of Monday Night RAW, the wrestlers, the referees and the divas give Triple H the riot act over the fact that they felt that RAW was turning into a chaos-driven show. When it seems that Triple H just isn't listening, they all give a vote of No Confidence. This followed by Jerry "The King" Lawler walking out, followed by the wrestlers, the divas, the officials, the announcers, the cameramen and finally the guy who rings the bell.