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What Could Have Been: Web Original
What Could Have Been on the web...
  • The first RP of Darwin's Soldiers was planned to feature an interdimensional battle but it was scrapped after the creator, Serris, decided that the potential for Narm outweighed the potential for coolness.
  • Glenn Rubenstein has told people various plots that he intended to incorporate into lonelygirl15 (such as Elizabeth Avery being the woman behind OpAphid), but he left the show due to "Creative Differences," taking the rights to the OpAphid characters with him.
  • Several examples abound for the various That Guy with the Glasses shows and specials:
    • The Spoony Experiment:
      • Spoony's commentary for Kickassia reveals that during the fight over who would rule Kickassia, Spoony, who had turned into Doctor Insano and "got better", originally grabbed the hat, gave a That Guy-style speech about how pointless the fighting was - and then put the hat on and ran off, because he was still Insano. It got cut because they ran out of time to shoot it. In a related note, LordKat's role was scaled back after Jason twisted his ankle during filming of the invasion of Molossia.
      • Spoony proposed a scene in which Santa Christ after being resurrected would give Jew Wario a look, as if to show that he knew Jew Wario didn't believe in him. This was nixed pretty quickly.
      • RolloT has mentioned that as a tie-in to the Second Anniversary, he and LordKat wrote a skit paying Homage to The Usual Suspects, with the pair of them attempting to interrogate several of the site's personalities (including Paw, who would have had the line, "What, are you guys like fat cop, fatter cop?"). Chris says he still regrets that they never got the chance to do it, as the material was rather funny.
    • The Nostalgia Critic:
      • Doug Walker was originally going to do an episode where he compared the old and new versions of The War of the Worlds. He nixed the idea as he decided that neither of them were all that good.
      • The Nostalgia Critic had announced plans to review movies such as Drop Zone and Newsies, but he later replaced them, with one reason being that other TGWTG reviewers were going to review them. And shortly afterwards, The Nostalgia Chick indeed reviewed Newsies as part of the Dark Nella Saga.
      • Doug Walker was originally going to do a Nostalgia Critic review of Matilda but when he first announced he would, he got so much flak he just couldn't do it. Matilda would resurface later as part of Doug's List of Movies He Hates But Everyone Else Loves in 2011. Eventually, the Chick would review it.
      • The planned final Nostalgia Critic episode (before the series was Uncancelled) was going to be a review of Small Soldiers. While Doug saw the movie and personally thought it was bad, he didn't feel there was enough material for a full review, so he reviewed Scooby-Doo instead. He did eventually review Small Soldiers two years later however.
    • Atop the Fourth Wall:
      • Linkara was guilty of planning reviews and then replacing them (In his case "The Wanderers" #5, "Syphons" #1, and "Q-Unit" #1).
      • He scheduled the Howard the Duck Christmas Special as part of his 2010 XMas series.
      • Originally he was going to do a review of Arcomics Premiere #1, but was replaced with one for The Backstreet Project #1.
      • He swapped the reviews of New Guardians #1 or #3 and Brute Force #3!
      • To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, Linkara wanted to review the first Doctor Who comic ever published. However numerous factors resulted in that never happening.
    • Brad Jones planned to do a Kung Tai Ted episode about The Room until he heard Tommy Wiseau was taking down videos for copyright infringement (including The Nostalgia Critic's review) so he made a Brad & Jerrid sketch where they reenact scenes from the movie.
    • Benzaie's short movie, "Students," was originally supposed to a feature length cross between Clerks and Takeshi Kitano's Kids Return. He was only able to make the first ten minutes and an English dub.
    • In Linkara and Iron Liz's commentary, Liz mentions that the original script for Suburban Knights was much longer. One thing she mentions specifically was a female zombie named Mildred who would bite Phelous. This would lead to Phelous becoming progressively more zombie-like, only for the same end reveal (he was perfectly fine and was just being in character). According to Linkara, most of Mildred's role was replaced by the Good Witch of the Wood.
    • There were two ideas for the third anniversary special: a fantasy epic, which eventually became Suburban Knights, and another idea called Ninjas vs. Pirates that was ultimately rejected. In this video, Doug Walker explains what the special not chosen would have been like.
    • A few rejected ideas are mentioned in the cast commentary. Among them:
      • Apparently there were several working titles for Suburban Knights, including "Flights of Fantasy"note  and "Dungeons and Critics".
      • The Angry Joe Show: Angry Joe had a line where he lampshaded how the Critic continually tricks them into showing up for his mad schemes.
      • Bennett had a much more prominent running gag where he would try to say something epic and bungle it.
      • Luke and Bad Movie Beatdown's Film Brain had a more extensive scene, where Luke's "inners" from his Film Conscience reviews came into play.
      • When the Critic refused to go along with Linkara's plan to write a musical number for their adventure, there was a cut scene where Linkara would call someone (possibly Andrew Lloyd Weber) and say that the Critic didn't go for it. Linkara would they say "What do you mean 'who is this'?"
      • Possibly the most heart warming example from "Suburban Knights", Doug almost scrapped the project do to weather and technical difficulties, and would edit it into a 'Lost in Lamoncha' style documentary. Holly rallied everyone together and convinced him to carry on. So yeah, we almost didn't get it.
    • Way back when Channel Awesome was in its infancy and the Nostalgia Critic was their only feature, site execs Mike Michaud and Bhargav Dronamraju planned a Paranormal Investigation series in the vein of Ghost Hunters.
    • Obscurus Lupa had plans to review more of Scott Shaw's Zen films after Max Hell Frog Warrior. But when Shaw and his lawyers forced the video (as well as a positive retrospective on him) taken down, Lupa realized that wouldn't happen.

  • The first season of Red vs. Blue, and by extension the entire series, was originally supposed to unfold in a dramatically different fashion than the finished product. DVD Audio Comentary for the first season reveals that, as originally envisioned, the entire project would only have been six to nine episodes in length, which had all been very loosely planned in advance. Additionally, the format of the first two episodes (The Reds talking at their base while the Blues observe them through the sniper rifle and make snarky comments) was supposed to be maintained until the end. However, by the third episode the expanding script had already pulled the Blues to their own base, and when they reached the tenth episode the writers realized they had not gotten to almost any of the jokes they had planned for the "final" ninth episode (Specifically, putting Donut in the pink armor). The episodes continued to be written until the immediate story was completed, with a total of nineteen episodes which were subsequently billed as "Season One." Continuing the leftover plots points from those episodes lead into four more seasons, as well as several sequel series, and are still ongoing.

    The characters themselves were also supposed to evolve differently, and their portrayals in their first appearances (Even throughout the entire first season) contrast heavily with their final forms. Caboose, the Breakout Character legendary for his severely warped mind and personality, was originally a rather bland character who was introduced to the series simply to serve as a catalyst to get Church angry. Donut, who became almost as widely known for his armor-induced personality, was one of the "normal" characters of the series, and as a whole the entire cast was saner and more likely to at least notice the Idiot Ball, even if they could not quite let go of it. Fan reaction to individual points of personality that each character showed lead the writers to magnify and focus on those points, which eventually resulted in the insanity of the series itself.
    • Grif and Sarge were originally supposed to be friendly to each other! When Tex headshots Sarge, Grif revives him with CPR (don't ask) and Church, who'd already have been dead, convinces Sarge to lay off of Grif. However, they decided it wouldn't work out in the end and, when Sarge is revived, he berates Grif for his means of reviving him.
  • Pops up from time to time in Survival of the Fittest as a result of either an Aborted Arc, handlers scrapping the idea, characters' deaths before the idea could be executed, mods disapproving, and other causes. Examples noted on the wiki include Blood Boy getting a facial reconstruction in pre-game, a lot of things about Cillian Crowe that were planned but never carried out, Adam Dodd Taking the Bullet for Amanda Jones, Walter Smith being an Evil Counterpart to a character that never made it into the game, and others.

  • YouTube was originally conceived of as a dating site. Indeed, the site was originally called "Tune In Hook Up", and would have essentially been a video version of (the original site layout was also designed with this in mind). The site creators redeveloped the site, however, and launched it in 2005...and history was made.
  • Chaos Fighters: Cyber Assault-The Secret Programs is supposed to be span eight sub-arcs, but cancelled as it was too ambitious to begin with. It's summary can be read here.
  • What if Google Street View hadn't got in trouble for accidentally collecting security and information from unsecured Wi-Fi Networks? According to the Wikipedia article before the incident, Google Street View might have been in over half of those countries (mainly European, where the Obstructive Bureaucracy are preventing them from releasing the photos) by now. Since that occurred, a massive slowdown of updates, only releasing South Africa, Brazil, Ireland, Germany and Romania towards the second half of the year, followed by moving away from the roadside format, and moving more towards parks, museums and now, indoor businesses.
  • The second season of The New Adventures of Captain S was cancelled in 2009. A blog post, a podcast and a thread on the official forum reveal what it would have been like.
    • First, in the comic that "bridged" seasons 1 and 2, Buddy would have sacrificed himself, so Captain S could take out the guy who enslaved a village. Captain S would've taken Buddy's 6-button joypad and gone to the moon, to curb the source of the video virus. He would have discovered that Video Land became unstable when he killed the Game Genie, because the Game Genie was actually one of the three guardians that made the world. Captain S would have used a cheat code to make everything back to normal, and that would have been the end of the comic.
    • In the second season proper there would have been three villains: the first would have been a guy named Adam Jaguar, who would've become Chad Belmont's rival; the second would have been a game programmer gone insane, named Tobias; the third would have been the resurrected Game Genie. Nigel Edmund Silverman would have returned as a member of a third faction, neither good nor evil, called "The Third Party", led by the third defender of the X-Code, the Gypsy who sold the Genesis cartridge that turned Chad into Captain S. The final episodes would have been completely set in Videoland.
  • The Brian And Jill Show was created after negotiations fell through to continue its predecessor morning radio show, The Mark & Brian Radio Program, with Jill Whelan taking over as Brian's co-host following Mark's retirement.
  • Right before personal issues and a nasty divorce forced Jack Butler into shutting down the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, there had been annoucements and development for three more storyline avenues, including one which would explore the history of the world during the 50s and 60s, one which would have moved a team of heroes into space, and a third supernatural horror story that would delve into the mystic and magical aspects of the world.
  • The Death Battle series had one. After the Battle Royal between the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there was a vote to decide who'd fight the winner. The winner of that vote was Zits. Who was the other choice? Tommy Oliver, the White Ranger Tommy would, years later, get his chance to shine, battling Zechs and the Gundam Epyon.
  • Achievement Hunter has a number of Let's Play videos that they haven't released (either yet or never will). Among them are four other parts to their World of Warcraft LP and one concerning Magic: The Gathering. The Magic one is one they will never release, though, as it was a unpleasant experience for them.
  • Arby 'n' the Chief had a few moments that never happened:
    • Season 3 was originally going to be a storied season that would've expected the disappearances of Todd and Travis (and later Cortana), but was abandoned well into the beginning of the season itself. What eventually became of the story was the closing moments of Season 3's finale episode, King.
    • Adam and Clyde of Chaos Theosis in Season 6 were originally going to be brothers as revealed in a behind-the-scenes video by Jon Graham. Since it was never brought up in the series itself, it's unknown if this fact is still true or not.
    • Season 7's Wham Episode, "Heat" was to feature a different setup for the season. Both Arbiter and Greg would know about Chief killing Cortana and would've rolled with it. However because Jon had a hard time trying to write the rest of the season with this premise, he instead had so that only Greg would know about it.
  • At one point, the Bad Webcomics Wiki was very close to doing a review of Homestuck, but it was a while before someone actually volunteered to write it, and by that time the site's members couldn't reach a consensus on whether or not the comic was bad enough to feature. If someone had stepped in sooner, God only knows what could've happened, although it's likely that the Internet Backdraft would've been huge.
  • Marble Hornets was only planned to go till the end of the first season; originally, the final shots of Entry #26 would have had Jay attempting the escape the Operator in his car, only to have it repeatedly show up on the side of the road till he cut Jay off completely and then left his fate ambiguous. However, the creators decided to keep going afterwards, and ended up creating a whole two more seasons.
    • Entry #37 was originally completely different; they had even completed filming and editing it. However, creator Troy Wagner felt it was weak and inconsistent with the plot at that point, so it was scrapped and replaced by what became the Totheark-jacking enttry #37. The cut version made it onto the season two DVD as a bonus feature.
  • Team Four Star could have provided voices for episode 7 of Ducktalez, but getting in contact was very difficult.
    They didn't return my messages.
  • Speaking of Team Four Star, in Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged 2, they threw in Gohan asking Piccolo why he didn't dodge a critical shot from Frieza. In the Episode Breakdown, Kaiser Neko mentions that they considered not thinking of using the line in the original series (would've been Episode 29) "the biggest missed opportunity in the entire series".
  • There was supposed to be a season 4 of TvTomeAdventures, which would have tied up all loose ends, make several reveals, introduce the true Big Bad, Dark Eyes of Anubis, and feature an epic conclusion battle with Alpha. Naturally, the creator, Chris Niosi, had to go to college before that could happen, and so the series was left with an uneven 73 episodes instead of the planned 100. When Niosi finally got out of college, he was no longer in touch with the people he worked with and just redid the whole thing.
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