What An Idiot / Pretty Cure

Much of the drama of Pretty Cure comes from the characters making bad decisions, and then punished for it.
Fresh Pretty Cure!
  • Love has learned that Setsuna Higashi is really Eas, one of Moebius' agents, and looks depressed about this. Then, Miki and Inori come to cheer her up from this.
    You'd Expect: They would encourage her to go to the fortune telling mansion where Eas is and try to find a way to redeem her.
    Instead: Miki tried to tell Love that Setsuna is never a friend from the beginning. As a result, Love runs away from her bedroom to show how wrong she is.
  • Setsuna gets up in the middle of the night and discovers that Love's mother has been replaced by an imposter from Moebius.
    You'd Expect: Setsuna to immediately wake up Love, tell her that her mom is missing, attack the imposter, get Miki and Inori, and try to find her.
    Instead: Waits for the imposter to come to her room before confronting her (with words, mind you, she decides not to transform to prevent any chance of being overpowered by the imposter) and, when their heated discussion wakes up Love, phrases her outing of the imposter in just such a way so that she sounds like she's being an ungrateful asshole. Love gets angry at her, and Setsuna then doesn't do anything until the following morning when she gets Miki and Inori... and still doesn't tell Love, again leaving her alone with the imposter.

HeartCatch Pretty Cure!
  • The backstory of the show: Yuri has been fighting the Desert Apostles for quite awhile, but the threat of Dune is looming ever-so-closer. Her fairy partner, Cologne, suggests finding help as they now had two other fairies - Chypre and Coffret - using them to recruit new Cures.
    You'd Expect: Yuri to take the advice, realizing three's better than one.
    Instead: She decides to keep shouldering her burden and go grab the Heartcatch Mirage to get a hefty power boost, which leads to meeting the Dark Precure, Cologne's death, her depowering and leaving the fate of the Earth in the hands of a shy Innocent Flower Girl, her Jerk with a Heart of Gold Genki Girl best friend and a Bifauxnen with identity issues.

DokiDoki! Precure
  • Regina is brainwashed by her father, King Selfish, when she is about to join in with Mana and the others. At that point, Mana and the others are becoming defenseless with her being able to shoot Janergy from her hands. Cure Sword then suggests to use the Cure Lovely Arrow attack.
    You'd Expect: Since that Regina has gotten this powerful and will not hesitate to attack, Cure Heart will shoot her down with the attack and be done with it.
    Instead: Due to her lovely nature, she refuses to make any attack, allowing Regina to curb-stomp her and her friends before Cure Ace shows up to win.
    Worse: The reason she hesitated is that she believes that the Cure Lovely Arrow attack wouldn't work on her.
  • Aguri has learned the truth of her birth that she is the light part of Marie Ange's soul while Regina is the dark part of her soul and how the Trump Kingdom got destroyed by the hands of the Trump King being transformed into King Selfish.
    You'd Expect: That she would immediately tell Mana about it. Considering that she knows a big deal on how to redeem Regina despite all her attempts failed before she comes to the picture, she should think of what Mana should do before making any necessary moves.
    Instead: She only tells Makoto and Jonathan of what she learned, and has them go with her to the Trump Kingdom to confront Regina on her own. At that time, she doesn't tell Mana about the truth, knowing her friendship with Regina would allow her to stop this fight.
    Result: Her fight with Regina results in the two of them being down, allowing Bel to get them. Mana, along with Rikka and Alice, arrives for the rescue, and gives her the What the Hell, Hero? moment for trying to kill Regina. This gives Aguri no other choice but to tell her the truth of her origins.
    Worse: Aguri has been guiding, training, and preparing her teammates for this very moment which makes her come across as a Hypocrite to many viewers.

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure
  • Whenever the moment where Iona looks tense when seeing Hime.
    You'd Expect: That Megumi and her circle of friends would put two and two together that she is Cure Fortune since her antagonism on Hime matches Fortune's antagonism on Princess.
    Instead: They never think of doing this.
  • Hime's Dark Secret: she gets curious about the Axia Box and decides to check it out
    You'd Expect: That Hime would not be that dumb and open it.
    Instead: You guessed it: she opens it. But, she didn't mean to!
  • After Iona reveals Hime's Dark Secret, Megumi confides in Yuuko that she's not going to turn her away after the girl runs off crying. Yuuko hunts down Hime while circumstances force Megumi and Iona to team up again. Yuuko convinces Hime that nothing will go wrong and Megumi still trusts her. Hime decides to confront Megumi.
    You'd Expect: That everything will be fine and Megumi will explain everything.
    Instead: Hime finds Megumi with Iona after a monster fight and her imagination goes into overdrive, thinking that Megumi decided otherwise and the Happiness Charge team is dead. She runs off before Megumi can tell her anything.
  • Iona's Dark Secret: she follows Maria to her battle against Phantom.
    You'd Expect: That Iona would be smart enough not to get involved in the battle and just leave.
    Instead: You guessed it: she watches the battle. Phantom started to target her until Maria performed a Heroic Sacrifice and got captured instead. Way to go, Iona.
  • In episode 26. Megumi, Yuuko, and Iona were asleep except for Hime and Seiji during a moving train, and when the train stops for the other route, Hime was thirsty and wants Seiji to buy a drink form a vending machine from him and then, they won a free drink when he picks a drink for her, and then surprisingly, it keeps going.
    You'd Expect: That either one of them, to stop getting all these drinks if the "win a free drink" thing keep going and get back in the train.
    Instead: They're still picking up free drinks everytime they keep winning.
    Result: You guessed it: They missed the train, but Hime and Seiji left her Pre Chan Mirror and his phone in train and won't get back into the same train until the next 5 hours and decides to wander off somewhere.
  • The second time Cure Fortune fights against Phantom. She only survived on her first encounter with him because she teamed up with Cure Lovely.
    You'd Expect: Her to realize that she's outmatched either way, and to not try anything stupid.
    Instead: She tries to fight him alone, and is easily beaten. Even worse, she loses her powers, and is almost sealed away in a mirror like her sister before her.
  • Before the series, Phantom was once a fairy partner of Queen Mirage named PhanPhan who has witnessed Mirage's fall to evil.
    You'd Expect: That he'd turn to Blue to find additional Precures in order to turn her back to normal.
    Instead: He pulled a Face–Heel Turn, starting to blame Blue for Mirage's fall, and sides with her in the dark.