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What An Idiot: James Bond
As the Trope Namer for Bond Villain Stupidity it is obvious that Mr. Bond, James Bond movies have this all the time. But even 007 himself can make such decisions that would make you wonder if he did them after taking his martini stirred, not shaken.
  • Goldfinger:
  • In The Man with the Golden Gun, Bond successfully retrieves the Solex agitator and gives it to his ally Hip, who gives it to fellow agent Mary Goodnight.
    You'd Expect: For Goodnight to focus on bringing the Solex to M.
    Instead: Goodnight decides to plant a bug on Scaramanga's car. She succeeds... only to have Scaramanga toss her into the trunk. Worse still, Goodnight still has the Solex with her.
  • Moonraker: Bond is being all sneaky-like on the eponymous space station when he runs into the Giant Mook, Jaws, from the previous film. Jaws is known for toughness and his metal teeth.
    You'd expect That Bond would try hitting a weak spot, evading him, or use his poison wrist dart gun to dispose of him.
    Instead He punches Jaws in the teeth. Nice going, James. One connection and a "CLANG" sound, and Bond's hand is in agony.
  • In Casino Royale, Le Chiffre not only works as a banker for several terrorist organisations, but also makes money by buying company shares, selling them to other people, and then arranging terrorist attacks on the companies to sink their stock prices, allowing him to buy his shares back for less than he sold them for.
    You'd Expect: Le Chiffre to only use his private funds for this venture, in case something goes wrong and he loses cash. Granted, he might not be able to invest as much as he could, but he would at least avoid pissing off his clients by losing their money.
    Instead: He dips into his own clients' money. As a result, when Bond sabotages his latest scheme, Le Chiffre loses over $100 million of the terrorists' money, and is forced to set up the next series of events of the film to recover it. And later gets attacked by one of his clients when they find themselves out of pocket.
  • In Skyfall:
    • Bond and MI6 have just apprehended Raoul Silva, and watch him act smarmy and at ease in the interrogation room he's been placed in. Bond goes to check up on Q, who has plugged in Silva's computer into the MI6 network and is blithely trying to crack the code. Bond realizes that the password to the system is an easily-guessed name for a subway station.
      You'd Expect: That either Q or Bond would realize something's up (and that a one-word password hidden in plain sight is suspicious), or that Q wouldn't have hooked the villain's computer up to an internal network before trying to open it.
      Instead: They don't. Silva's computer releases a virus that takes down all of MI6's internal security, and Bond is forced to go on a long foot chase after Silva.
    • Later on, Bond and M head out to the Skyfall estate to lay an ambush for Silva. Q and Tanner are in on the plan, and lay out a trail of breadcrumbs for Silva to follow. Mallory comes in and realizes what they're doing.
      You'd Expect: That, as far as they know, a single agent and a much older woman (who presumably doesn't have combat experience) are on their own against Silva and an entire force of his men), and would either tell some of the MI6 agents in person to go to the estate to provide backup, or at least give them some support, like the military, or a constabulary in that region.
      Instead: Mallory thinks it's a great plan, and seems more concerned with what will happen if the Members of Parliament discover that they've been forging input files. Granted, this IS James Bond they're talking about, and he does manage to take down Silva and all his men, but with that said, for most of the film Bond had been clearly showing signs of Badass Decay (e.g. not passing MI6's physical exam), which is a major theme in the movie, and in any case, he's unable to prevent M from being killed.

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