What An Idiot / Family Feud

Steve Harvey: Name a Game Show known for stupid answers from contestants.
Trope-tan: [buzzes in] Family Feud.
Steve Harvey: Show me... Family Feud!
(clang) (ding-ding-ding)
Steve Harvey: Number-one answer! You have control, play or pass?
Trope-tan: We're gonna play!
Steve Harvey: Name a Game Show known for stupid answers from contestants.
Next member of the Trope-tan family: 60 Minutes!
Other Trope-tan family members: Good answer!
Steve Harvey: ...

Note: As with the other Game Show pages in What an Idiot, some of the following contestants may very well have given these stupid answers on purpose. That doesn't make them any less stupid, mind you, but instead become far more worthy of being here. Just about all the times this happens, they blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. And of course, the other family members will be prompted to say "Good answer" regardless of how dumb it really is to save face.
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    Richard Dawson (1976-85, 1994-95) 
  • July 1976: "This is going to be embarrassing for both of us, Fred. You needed 113 points. You also need an earthquake to get you out of this"
    • "Name a time that most people get up" "In the morning."
    • "A time that most people go to bed" "At night." (Scored 2 points!)
    • "A southern state." "North Carolina." (Scored 4 points! "Now we know that there are six people crazy.")note 
    • "Something found in a delicatessen." "Pickles." (Scored 6 points!)
    • "Something you put in tea" "Tea bag."
  • "Name something that comes in pairs." Fred (yes, the same Fred responsible for the above) says "Bananas", while his opponent says "Love birds", making Richard quip, "You both need help."
  • September 2, 1977: One family had a member who gave "Frog" as an answer for "Name an animal with three letters in its name" in Fast Money, followed by "Regular" as "A brand of gasoline", then cranked the stupidity Up to Eleven with "Snow" as an answer for "Name something that comes with a Summer storm". His father managed to give an even worse answer of "Alligator" on the first question, but he at least had something of an excuse—he had apparently misheard the question (although the excuse only reduced it to being a pretty bad answer instead of a mind-bogglingly bad one, since he said he misheard it as "three of the same letter"). Also, he answered "Ethyl" for a brand of gasoline. He actually gave pretty decent (albeit not top-scoring) answers to the other three questions, supporting his claim that he had just misheard the two he gave bad answers for. However, he had no such excuse for an answer he gave on the following show:
    Richard Dawson: You're a man of the world, traveled all over the world. Name something Russia is famous for, Bob.
    Bob: Russians.
    (audience laughs)
    Richard Dawson: (to audience) Do you think he's been lying, that he's not been anywhere at all? Just been telling me fibs?
    • A member of the same family had also guessed "Wheat" too ... somehow.
    • Dawson's deadpan response to the "Alligator" answer: "You don't use narcotics, do you, Bob?". Bob answered "No, but I will now."
  • 1978: A plethora of bad answers:
    Dawson: Name something made with milk.
    Contestant 1: Calcium.
    Dawson: Other than the burger, tell me something in a Big Mac.
    Contestant 1: Tomato. (Which is not an ingredient.)
  • Fall 1980: "During what months of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant?" "September."
    • This particular incident became one of Richard Dawson's most famous moments; when he had to ask the same question to the second contestant, he absolutely lost it over the sheer ridiculousness of the answer, and had to desperately explain away why he was suddenly laughing about "September". Just as he finally got back on track, the second contestant gave another unintentionally hilarious answer ("Name a noisy bird." "Cuckoo.") and lost it again, prompting him to just disregard the clock entirely and let her finish ("To hell with that!").
  • A string of bad answers, and a very rare example of the first contestant scoring 0 points in their turn at Fast Money:
    Dawson: Name something associated with pigs.
    Contestant: Grease.
    Dawson: Name something you put in your ear.
    Contestant: Ear wax.
    Dawson: Something you add to tomato juice.
    Contestant: Tomatoes.
    • Even worse, this contestant dawdled so long on each answer they didn't get past that question!
  • An incident where a contestant rushes to answer a question (from the same episode with the "Alligator" incident):
    Dawson: Name something made of leather...
    (contestant immediately buzzes in)
    Dawson: Yes, sir?
    Contestant: A purse.
    Dawson: You're gonna be slightly embarrassed when I finish this question. A purse?
    (Strike sound)
    Dawson: (laughing a bit) Name something made of leather that a cowboy uses.
    (audience laughs)
  • Another odd Face-Off:
    Dawson: Name something you may accidentally leave on all night.
    Contestant: (after buzzing-in) Your shoes.
    Dawson: I hope you don't take this the wrong way, Kenneth, but you are weird. (turns to board) Shoes!
    (Strike sound)
    Contestant #2: Your bra?
    Dawson: Your bra!
    (Strike sound)
    Dawson: You're a little strange.
  • And another:
    Dawson: Name something you can't use without water.
    Contestant: (after buzzing-in) An ice cream cone.
    (audience laughs)
    Dawson: Whether it's there or not, I think it's marvelous. It is a great, great answer. He's also educating our children, that thought terrifies me.
  • Dawson was nearly driven to despair on one occasion where the question was "Name a question such as 'How old are you?' that you might answer with a lie." Things quickly went wrong when the first contestant interrupted Dawson after he said, "How old are you?" and gave her supposed age ("18"), which of course got no points. The second contestant also gave an age, despite hearing the whole question, but then tried again to no avail with the slightly better guess "How long have you worked here?". Then, the third contestant in line also gave an age even after Dawson kept explaining the question (although it's unclear whether he intentionally said that to be funny); he then gave "What's your occupation?" and a fourth gave "Do you have a prison record?" (which Dawson replied "Do you?") which both got no points. Finally, the fifth contestant asked gave the #1 answer of "How much do you weigh?"
    • The next time they used this question, it was rephrased as " 'How old are you?' is a question you might answer with a lie. Name another." No confusion that time.
  • The father of a family on a Harvey episode recalled their past appearance on a Dawson episode; he still regretted the moment that his wife responded to "Name a way kids get around" with the #2 answer "Parents", allowing their competitors to get the number one answer of "Bicycle", and win.
  • This trifecta of stupid answers:
    Dawson: Name an article of clothing children always lose.
    Contestant: Their pants.
    Dawson: The price of a dozen roses.
    Contestant: $1.75.
    Dawson: Besides a bird, name something in a birdcage.
    Contestant: Hamster.
    Dawson: A popular...
    (timer stops)
    Dawson: (beat) Make a note of this show.
  • 1982: "Name something parents buy for their son before he goes to college." "Toaster oven."
  • "Name something that can kill a lively party." "A gun."
  • "Name a children's story about an animal." After a long pause, and a contestant almost buzzing in but stopping at the last second, the other contestant rings in with "David and Goliath".
    To Be Fair: The contestant might have been confused with the religious children's cartoon Davey and Goliath.
  • "Name an invention that has since replaced stairs." "The wheel."
  • "Name the month with the best weather." "Spring...Oh, wait, I mean...January."
    • The second contestant almost said "Summer."
  • "Name a popular Halloween costume." "Santa Claus."
  • Another weird Fast Money:
    Dawson: Name something you squeeze.
    Contestant: Peanut butter.
    (timer stops, Dawson makes hand motions in an vain attempt to understand her logic)
    Dawson: You're very weird, honey.
    • Well, if the lid was on really tight...
  • This memorable question to a female contestant:
    Dawson: Name the first article of clothing you take off when you get home from work.
    Contestant: Um, underwear?
    (everyone laughs as she gasps)
    Contestant: What am I saying?!
    Dawson: Next question - what time do you get home from work?
  • Another Face-Off question:
    Dawson: Name a reason you might stay indoors on a beautiful day.
    (teenage contestant immediately buzzes-in)
    Contestant: Because it's raining? (immediately folds over, Face Palming)
    Dawson: Raining?
    (Strike sound)
    Dawson: You're, uh...
    Contestant: We'll play!
    Dawson: You're, uh (chuckles), you're not planning to go to Cornell, are you?
  • "Name something you might buy that could turn out to be phony." "A horse." "The dreaded 'phony horse' gag!"
  • "Name a yellow fruit." "Orange."
  • "Real or fictional, name a famous Willie." "Willie the Pooh?"
  • "Name a noisy bird." "Chipmunk."
  • "If you could travel to any foreign country in the world, where would you go?" "Pakistan."
  • "Name a city in the state of Georgia." The contestant accidentally says "Alabama" immediately after ringing in, and attempts to correct, but Dawson had already heard her and chides her while the audience erupts.
  • "Name a famous Rudolf." "Rudolf Hitler."
    • Conversely: "Name one of Santa's reindeer." "Adolph."
      • Another contestant answered "Nixon" to the latter.
  • "Name an occupation in which you disguise your appearance." "A doctor."
  • "Name a kind of attraction you see in almost every parade." "A merry-go-round." *The contestant grimaces right away*
  • "Name something you buy in a large size if you have a large family." "Jeans."
  • This face-off:
    Dawson: Name something you wash once a week.
    (contestant buzzes in)
    Dawson: Claudia?
    Claudia: Yourself.
    Dawson: Yourself?
    (the audience laughs)
    Dawson: I will not be coming around...
  • "Name a kind of bear." "Papa bear."
  • "Name a state whose name begins with the letter 'M'." "Mexico."
  • 1985: This one didn't lead to an extended laughing attack (a la the infamous "September" answer), but Richard sure thought it was funny:
    Dawson: Name something you make conversation about when you meet a total stranger.
    Contestant: Mutual friends?
    Dawson: (chuckles, as audience begins to laugh) I don't think I've seen him before. How's Harry? (beat) Who's Harry? My friend ... "
    • This one isn't quite so unreasonable if you use a little imagination (e.g., two strangers who've just been introduced by a mutual friend), but the contestant plainly didn't think that far ahead.
  • "Name a fruit that starts with 'A'." "Arange."
  • Unknown:
    Dawson: "Name a pie that does not contain fruit."
    Contestant: Lemon meringue.
  • "Name a piece of clothing wives buy for their husbands." "Halter tops." She realizes her mistake right away, and is giggling in embarrassment later when Dawson quips, "When my wife bought me my first halter top, I can safely say that is when our relationship began to drift apart."
  • This particular Fast Money instant was featured in the Gameshow Marathon episode:
    Dawson: Name a food that comes in instant form.
    Contestant: Asparagus.
  • During a particularly bad Fast Money round:
    Dawson: Name a day of the year when you really want to be with friends.
    Contestant: December.
    (the audience laughs, and he realizes the goof-up)
    Dawson: (almost laughing) A car known by its initials.
    Contestant Uh, uh, Corvette.
  • 1995: One from a celebrity special.
    Dawson: Who is it that you don't want to see the results of your IQ test?
    Carol Burnett: Oh gosh, the IRS?
  • "Name a vegetable you marinate." "Grapes."
  • "Name a famous Peter." "Peter".
  • "Name a bill that's always more than you expect it to be". Top answers include 'Plumbing bill', 'Car repair bill'...contestant answers "Hundred dollar bill." After an uncomfortable pause, Dawson suggests they try again. Second answer "Thousand dollar bill."
  • "Name a farm animal that people have as a pet." "...Turkey!" It didn't work for Bob, and it didn't work for him either.
  • "Name one of the Three Bears." "Yogi." *the timer stops, and Dawson laughs* "This man is flying airplanes for us!"
  • "Name a famous male dancer." "Betty Grable." note 
  • "Name a department in a supermarket." "Lingerie."
  • June 14, 1985: From the Fast Money Round on the daytime finale:
    Dawson: Tell me how old you think Ronald Reagan looks.
    Contestant: 80.
    Dawson: Name a part of the telephone.
    Contestant: The receiver. (buzz-buzz) The bottom part.
  • "Name a part of the body people dab perfume on." "On the tip of the tongue."
  • "Name an animal with really good sight." "A bat."
    • Funnily enough, bats have really great eyesight — the problem is, most people don't know that, and most likely the contestant didn't either.
  • "Name a food with the word 'French' in it." "French pancakes."
    • Though in the contestant's defense, she might have meant "French toast", which was the No. 2 answer.
  • "Name something written by Shakespeare." "Camelot."

    Ray Combs (1988-94) 
  • "Name something normally worn only by children." "Clothes."
  • When it was time to attempt a steal, one contestant actually said… “Fart!” (And it was uncensored, no less.)
  • This gem:
    Combs: Name a famous country/western singer.
    Contestant: Van Waylon?
    Combs: Van Waylon. Van Waylon...we've got the #2 answer up there, and I'm pretty sure it's Van Waylon. I have no doubt. (mouths "No way!" to the camera; audience laughs) Show me...Van Waylon! (Strike sound)
  • During a Fast Money round:
    Combs: I asked you to name a dangerous piece of playground equipment. You said "A tire." (audience erupts) Well, if it's still attached to the car, it would be dangerous.
  • "Name a type of fly." "Butterfly."
  • Another gem:
    Combs: Name a country in South America.
    Contestant: Africa.
    • There were more bad answers, including Spain, Fiji, Armenia and Saudi Arabia.
  • "Name a birthday men dread the most." "Wife's."
    Ray: Must have forgotten the Mrs. a few times...
  • "When kids finally move out of the house, name something specific they often leave behind." "Your parents."
    • "A blender."
    • "Their boyfriend or their girlfriend."
  • Unfortunate Implications abound:
    Combs: Name something associated with evil.
    Contestant: The color black.
    (the other team, an African-American family, grimaces)
  • Another bad Fast Money guess:
    Combs: A way parents reward children.
    Contestant: Time-out. (as in punishment time out)
  • And another:
    Combs: Name something people drink when they have a cold.
    Contestant: Vicks. (as in Vicks VapoRub, which is not something you'd want to drink)
    [later, when revealing the answer]
    Combs: ...and if anyone at home tries it, please call the number on the bottom of the jar.
    • Of course, Vicks makes Dayquil and Nyquil (and now, Zzzquil) cough syrup, but again, most people don't think of those as being Vicks products.
  • "Name a tradition associated with Christmas." "Hanukkah."
  • Name a state with the word "New" in it. Contestant: "New-braska."
  • "Name something with a hole in the middle." "Hole punch!"
  • Yet another bad Fast Money guess:
    Combs: A food that makes noise when you eat it.
    Contestant: Um... (buzzer) ...a really loud hamburger!
    Combs: Did he say it in time, judge? He said "a really loud hamburger".
    (audience laughs)
    Combs: (to contestant) That's called extra rare.
  • Another instance of buzzing in too soon:
    Combs: Name something a pregnant woman eats-
    Contestant: (buzzes in) "Food!"
    Combs: Could you be any less specific?
  • During an attempt to steal, Combs is surveying each member of the family and asking what they would answer to the question "Name something men wear to bed". The first three give valid answers (the first and third actually gave the same answer, Nightcap), but the fourth, a little old lady, answers "Condoms," igniting Combs and the audience in an uproar as she cringes in embarrassment, before Combs called her out to the middle of the stage to spotlight her.
    • In a similar incident, Combs is surveying a family during a steal attempt, with the question this time being "Name something a husband asks his wife to carry for him in her purse." The second contestant asked also answers, "Condoms." Cue uproar from the audience and Combs stopping, reading the question again, and making a snark.
  • "Besides a house or a car specifically, what is the most expensive thing you own?" "A car!" The judges wasted no time in pulling the buzzer.
  • "Name a good place to keep a second phone." "The backyard."
  • "Name an event you see at a gymnastics meet." "Trapeze."
  • "Name an occupation helicopters are used for." "Tuna fishing."

    Louie Anderson (1999-2002) 
  • "Name something teenage boys can do for hours at a time." "Masturbate."
  • One that's aired on blooper specials:
    Anderson: Name a part of the body that gets bigger as adults get older.
    (contestant buzzes-in)
    Anderson: Freddie.
    Contestant: Uh... penis. *The audience shrieks*
  • "Name a landmark in New York City." "The Eiffel Tower."
  • "Name something that pops." "Elvis."
  • "Name a famous Pat." "Pat Dixon."note 
  • "Name a talk show host you watch in the daytime." "Louie Anderson."
  • And all those answers that netted the respondent the coveted Dumb Answer of the Day trophy.

    Richard Karn (2002-06) 
  • 2000s: "Name a character on The Andy Griffith Show. (Five answers are on the board.)
    • You'd expect: Given that the show is a part of American culture, for any of the contestants to easily name a character and go on to sweep the board before three strikes. (Perhaps at most two strikes, given that there were more than five popular characters on the show.)
    • Instead: A member of the family that buzzed gives a name that is definitely not on the show.
    • Even more unfortunate: The other family easily gives one of the answers ("Barney," which was the No. 3 answer). In some very shrewd strategy, they — sensing the opponents have never so much as heard of The Andy Griffith Show –- exploit their lack of pop culture knowledge by passing. Sure enough, the dumbfounded family give bizarre, off the wall responses that earn them three quick strikes. Even if they didn't have any idea that the show ever existed, they could have at least said the reasonable guess of "Andy" (the main character, who was the No. 5 answer). The other family, of course, quickly steals the bank by giving the answer "Andy." note 
  • 2000s: Before a faceoff, a lady buzzed-in before Karn read the question.
    Karn: Ooh, ooh! Call on me, call on me!
  • 2000s: "Name something you feel before you buy it." Similar to the "David and Goliath" incident on the Dawson version, a contestant is about to hit the buzzer, but she stops at the last second. After a few seconds and before Karn tries to headdesk the podium and get the question thrown out, the other contestant ring in and answers, "Excited."
  • 2000s: Two bad moments in Fast Money. The first contestant doesn't think of the word "crutches" for "Name something you might need if you broke your leg.", saying "Something to walk on" before time runs out. The judge says the answer is too generic and is not given credit. Then, his partner for "If you spent a summer in Europe, name a country you'd definitely visit." answers Paris. They wind up finishing with 199 points.
  • March 14, 2003: One Fast Money round was just loaded with stupid answers. The first contestant offered 15 as an answer to "Tell me the age that even someone with good vision might need reading glasses", Los Angeles for "a city known for its museums" and milk for "something that pours very slowly". And the second contestant's answers were hardly any better:
    Karn: Tell me a man's name that starts with the letter K.
    Contestant named Darrell: Kentucky Fried Chicken.
    Karn: Name a food that's red on the inside.
    Darrell: Watermelon. (buzz-buzz) Kiwi.
    Karn: Name a city known for its museums.
    Darrell: L.A. (buzz-buzz) England.
  • October 9, 2003: A contestant gave the valid answer of "Pete the Greek" note  to "Real or fictional, name a famous Peter." Although that answer got a strike, it didn't stop him from reusing that same answer for the next question - "Name something that little children close their eyes to do."
  • 2000s: An idiot moment here, when the opposing family went for the steal with five of the six answers showing. The question was "Name a country beside the US that you admire." Africa and Europe were teammates suggestions and the captain went for Europe.
  • 2000s: One episode had the question "Name a famous rabbit". After being stumped, one contestant on the returning team just answered with "Daffy Rabbit".
  • 2000s: One episode featured the question "Name something that rises." The first couple of contestants said reasonable things like "dough", but the third contestant replied with "a cock". Quoth the Karn, who was probably trying to dodge the issue: "You mean like a rooster, right?
  • 2000s: "Name a famous astronaut." "Neil Young."
  • 2000s: "Name an animal associated with the Zodiac." "Reindeer."
  • 2000s: "Name something that starts with the word 'club.'" "Golf club."
  • 2000s: "Name something you pass." "Your dog."
  • 2000s: In response to the question "Name a TV show set on an island", one contestant said "Miami Vice" and another said "General Hospital".
  • 2000s: "Name an occupation that begins with the letter 'J'." "A jackhammerer."
  • 2000s: "Name a famous Dennis." "Buddy Holly."
  • 2000s: "Name something you push a pin into." "Your eye."
  • Three bad answers to this question:
    Karn: Name a famous Jamie.
    Contestant 1: Jamie Fonda.
    Contestant 2: Judge Jamie Brown.
    Contestant 3: Jamie Star.
  • "Name a famous Michael." The round starts out innocently enough with the contestant to buzz in giving the No. 5 answer, Michael J. Fox. His opponent then says the No. 1 answer, Michael Jackson, and plays the question. The next family member offers Michael Douglas, the No. 3 answer, leaving two answers on the board. The following three teammates proceed to blow it with Michael Angelo, Michael Thomas and Michael London, respectively. The other team easily steals the bank with the No. 2 answer, Michael Jordan. The No. 4 answer? Michael Landon.
  • 2000s: During a Fast Money round:
    Karn: Name a sport husbands and wives play together, you said... "Kickball"! You know, you're not usually married in the 3rd Grade...
  • From the same Fast Money round:
    Karn: Name an animal you might see drinking out of a pond.
    Contestant: Elephant.
    Karn: Name a state that likes country music.
    Contestant: Texas. (buzz-buzz) Idaho.
  • Yet another pair of stupid answers:
    Karn: An occupation that might make $100 an hour.
    Contestant: Construction.
    Karn: A class students enjoy going to.
    Contestant: Beverly Hills.
  • Another dumb Fast Money answer:
    Karn: Name a sport that is not played with a ball.
    Contestant: Bowling.
  • This one:
    Richard: Name an animal whose eggs you'd probably never eat for breakfast.
    Contestant: Hamster.
    Richard: A hamster! *Contestant realizes what he said, and kneels over in embarrassment* I, I hate to tell you but, you know, those little pellets aren't eggs.
  • A case of the people surveyed giving stupid answers, one episode had Karn ask "What did Dorothy and her friends ask for when they met the Wizard of Oz?" (or something to that effect). All the answers on the board except the last one were uncovered and the teams were trying to guess what the last one could be. The last answer? "Which way does the road go?" The answer is obviously incorrect since they wouldn't need to know where the road goes, having already followed it to the Wizard! (Or you could just watch the movie). A few people asked must have confused the Wizard with Glinda.
  • This:
    Karn: Name something you'd find in an operating room. You said: "Operator"! Well, somebody's gotta operate!
  • 2005: This question:
    Karn: Tell me one fact about John Lennon.
    Contestant: He's still alive?
    Karn: (beat) In our hearts. In our hearts, he'll always be alive. He's still alive?
    (buzzer sounds)
  • This Fast Money round:
    Karn: Name something dogs do better than people. You said: "Pee"!
    (everybody laughs)
    Karn: They-they can do it better!
    Contestant: They got a lotta different ways.
    Karn: They-well, yeah! They got reasons, too! Survey said:
    (buzzer sounds)
  • During a Halloween episode:
    Karn: Name an insect that flies.

    Contestant: A fly [buzz-buzz] Uh, a bird?
  • "Name an animal whose legs are featured on a restaurant menu.". As the players stand in a long, awkward pause, Richard leans over and hits his head on the podium as the buzzer sounds. Upon getting up, he throws the card away and says "I don't even wanna know!".
  • From the Zambrano family's second Fast Money attempt:
    Karn: We asked 100 people, how old do you want to live to be?
    First Contestant: 45.
    Karn: Name somewhere where a fight could break out.
    Second Contestant: A movie theater.
  • Season 7 (2005-06): "Something you see along the side of the street." "Carnage." After the answer is buzzed by the survey, Karn says the #1 was trash, "which hides the carnage."
  • Season 7: These from the same Fast Money round:
    Karn: Name the perfect desert for a supermodel.
    First Contestant: Chocolate cake.
    Second Contestant: Brownies.

    Karn: Name an appliance you should definitely keep your fingers out of.
    Second Contestant: Dishwasher.
  • Season 7: Another from Fast Money:
    Karn: Name a country whose name begins with the letter B.
    Contestant: Bostonia?
  • "Name something that London is famous for." "I'm thinking pasta."

    John O'Hurley (2006-10) 
  • 2006: A Fast Money question: "Name a country known for its beautiful beaches." Both contestants say Hawaii.
  • Season 8 (2006-07): "A night with the worst TV programs." "UPN."
    O'Hurley: (after reading the question again) "...and you politely killed our possibility of ever syndicating the Family Feud on this network!" (UPN is revealed on the board.)
  • Season 8: "A card game that's easy to cheat at." "Checkers."
  • Season 8: The question "Besides America, name a country that begins with the letter A." With Argentina on the board, one contestant said "Asia" and the others went dead silent. For the steal, the captain ends up giving "Amsterdam" while his teammates clearly yell "Australia" and "Afghanistan".
  • 2008: "Tell me one thing you know about Al Gore." "He's a Republican."
  • 2008: During Fast Money:
    O'Hurley: At what age did you stop wanting to be older?
    Contestant 1: 15.
    Contestant 2: 14.
  • C. 2008: "Tell me one thing you know about Cuba." "It's in South America."
  • 2009: "Name a word or phrase that begins with the word 'mouth.'" After one contestant said "Foot-in-mouth" (which also belongs here because it does not BEGIN with the word), the other cost the family the round by proudly answering: "Mighty Mouth."
  • From a Bullseye Round: "Name a famous tiger or tigers." "The Lion King."

    Al Roker (NBC, Summer 2008) 
  • "Show me...Captain Winky!"

    Steve Harvey (2010-Present) 
  • Fall 2010, the Oji family vs the Whittern family: Why you should wait for the question to finish.
    Harvey: Name something a woman does for her baby that she-
    Contestant (after buzzing-in): Changes his diaper.
    (Strike sound; Steve leans toward her)
    Harvey (rereading question, a smirk on his face): Name something a woman does for her baby that she also does for her hubby.
  • A contestant needed only about 40 points to win Fast Money. But...
    • Name something you might accidentally get hit by at the park: "A car."
    • How many hours do you spend doing housework on a given day: "30 minutes."
    • Name a sport where players wear gloves: "Badminton."
  • "Name something that gets passed around." Contestant: "A joint!" Steve was stunned, expecting that no one would admit to something generally considered a crime as their response. Funnily, a joint came up as the number 5 answer. The opponent, having the right to respond, chose something quite a bit cleaner as her option, which, hilariously, was the number 6 answer. A church collection plate.
  • September 16, 2011: "Name a specific occupation in which you might have to hurt someone." "Fireman."
  • From September 21, 2011, another case of buzzing in too quickly:
    Harvey: Name something people hope-
    Contestant (after buzzing-in): That they go to heaven.
    (audience starts laughing)
    Harvey: That they go to heaven.
    (Strike sound)
    Harvey (rereading question): Wait till you hear the rest of this question. Look at me. Name something people hope a house guest doesn't do in the bed.
  • October 3, 2011: (a Fast Money question) "Name something you buy from a classified ad." "Porn."
  • October 4, 2011: "Name a reason the coroner might suspect someone's not dead, but just sleeping." "I'm gonna have to go...with potato." As usual, the contestant next to him then responds, "There you go. Good answer." Before making the below remark and then checking the answer, Steve makes sure that the contestant meant his answer. He did.
    Harvey: There are millions of people at home watching this right now. The two of you are the only ones who think that's on that damn board. (laughter from audience and contestants) Potato!
    (strike sound plays)
  • On one Fast Money, "Name a job that's dirty but someone's gotta do it." Contestant: "Gynecologist." (contestant immediately grimaces) The answer was so bad that not only did the audience laugh for a good 20 seconds, but Steve Harvey had to stop (despite this being the last answer) for about a minute and a half to laugh, catch his breath, regain his composure... then laugh again at the sheer insanity of the answer! In defense of the contestant, Steve said that was the best answer he's ever heard.
  • February 2, 2012: A pair of stupid answers given by the same contestant in Fast Money.
    • "Name something that some men won't give up without a fight." "Toys."
    • "In another 50 years, which country do you think will be #1?" "Europe."
  • February 23, 2012: A pair of Painful Rhymes given to the same question in Fast Money.
    Harvey: Fill in the blank: butter ___.
    Contestant 1: Flutter.
    Contestant 2: Utter.
  • September 27, 2012: "Name something that follows the word 'pork'." A female player answered "loin" (a sensible answer nonetheless), however with her thick accent it sounded like "lawn"; in response to Harvey's confusion, she said "L-I-O-N, loin!"
    • And then, just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, her brother gave "-cupine" as his answer (as in porcupine). Harvey proceeds to lose it.
    "What is -cupine? It's the greatest answer I've ever heard!"
  • Date Unknown: Three bad answers in Fast Money for the second player, the last of which is a classic:
    • "Name something you put on top of a salad". The answer? Whipped Cream.
  • October 24, 2012: The final question in Fast Money: "Name something with a trunk." The second contestant's answer: "Girl." To make things worse, the family had 197 points...
  • October 24, 2012 (not the "girl" episode, the other episode that aired that day): In this one, the question is "Name a word or phrase that means 'naked'".
    • First, the contestant tries to get away with "Nekkid". Harvey berates him since it's essentially the same word.
    • Then the contestant changes his answer to "Scantily clad" (in other words, wearing a little bit of clothing). Harvey corpses, then berates the contestant again, explaining that "scantily clad" means you have some clothes on. "Scantily clad for strike two!" And indeed, they get a strike.
  • January 2, 2013 (during a big money tournament, no less): "Tell me a bird that starts with the letter P." "Flamingo."
  • January 9, 2013: A bunch of stupid answers in Fast Money combined with a terrible answer in the triple round ("Name a vegetable that starts with the letter B." "Bananas.") leads to a Harvey-era Fast Money low - 63 points in total.
    Harvey: Name the age when kids first ask where do babies come from.
    Contestant 1: 15.
    Harvey: Give me a man's name that's three letters long.
    Contestant 1: Will.
    Harvey: Name a place that women don't enjoy going to alone.
    Contestant 2: A funeral.
    Harvey: Name something that goes very fast.
    Contestant 2: A rollercoaster.
  • 2013 with the Flower family vs the Fisher family: "Give me a boy's name that starts with the letter H." "Jose."
  • April 23, 2013: Name something a pirate might lose in a fight: "The fight."
  • From the same episode that produced the "Bicycle"/"Parents" anecdote listed in the Dawson section: the Double Points question was "Name a famous Harry." The non-Dawson family answers "Harry Potter," the #1 answer. After that, it was all downhill.
    • First contestant: "I think there was a Harry from the Three Stooges?" Zero.
    • The next contestant nails the #2 answer (Harry Truman).
    • Then: "Harry Douglas." Zip.note 
    • And lastly: "Harry Goodman." Zilch. The other family steals with "Dirty Harry."
    • However, it wasn't all bad for the family that day: they were playing for, and won, a car.
  • September 24, 2013: "Name a word that rhymes with "nurse"." "Church."
  • October 29, 2013: "If a woman had a dog's sense of smell, name a place that she could tell her man has been just by sniffing him." "Neck."
  • November 11, 2013 in Fast Money: "What might be considered the world's most popular dessert?" "Tiramisu", says Buddy from Cake Boss, who should really know better.
  • November 27, 2013: "Name something you know about zombies." "Black."
  • January 29, 2014: "Name something that comes to mind when you hear the word "bud"." "Bud Lightyear."
  • February 25, 2014: "Name a fruit that comes in more than one color." "Jell-O" (yes, Jell-O comes in more than one color, but it's not a fruit.)
  • April 21, 2014: "Name a phrase that starts with 'ding'." "Ding-around-the-rosie."
  • May 6, 2014: A contestant only needed 18 points to beat Fast Money, but...
    • "On a scale of 1-10, what chance do you have of dating a girl who's a 10?" "Four."
    • "Name a place where people keep checking their watch." "Restaurant."
    • "Name a noisy insect" (Passed)
    • "Name something a person's belly does." "Throws up"
    • "A married couple might be deeply in what?" "Marriage."
    • Surprise surprise, they all got 0.
      • In her defense, her answers to the first two questions were reasonable and her partner managed to get four of the number one answers, leaving her flustered to try and think fast enough to provide a good number two.
  • September 17, 2014: This gem:
    • "Many women are pear-shaped. What fruit is your husband shaped like?
    • You'd Expect: Any answer that IS a fruit, possibly banana or the Number One answer, "Apple."
    • Instead: Lady rings in first and says, "A hot dog." The other player is then able to give the Number Two answer, "Banana."
  • October 1, 2014: Steve is left speechless after a female contestant answers Bruce Springsteen to the question "Name something some people buy and some people make at home".
  • October 15, 2014: "Name something you might be glad only comes once a year." After the first contestant answers "birthday" (#2 answer), the next contestant answers, "your period".
  • October 23, 2014: During Fast Money: "At what age does your brain start slowing down?" "21."
  • November 6, 2014 on Fast Money: "Name an illness school kids are always passing each other." The second contestant said "Hepatitis". Cue jokes by Harvey about how the kids are passing needles around.
  • November 24, 2014 was just full of stupidity.
    • The main attraction; "Name something women wear that was obviously designed by men because it's uncomfortable but sexy." "Texas, Steve!" Steve, so stunned he couldn't even joke, asked if that's REALLY what the person meant to say. It was, and zero explanation was given.
    • A few moments later, the opposing family gets some time in the spotlight: "Name an animal that, if it could talk, say 'I'm all ears.'" "Old man." Steve's reaction? Yelling "Texas!" at the 'Texas' guy.
    • The second player had decent, albeit low-scoring answers for the rest of the questions in Fast Money (getting up to around 180 points), but his strange answers to the final two were what cost them the win:
      • "Name an occupation where you might get burned." First person said "Firefighter", second said "Police officer"
      • "Name something a person might be struck by." First person said "Lightning", second said "A bad mood."
  • From another member of the "Texas" family, on the November 21st, 2014 show: "Besides chicken, name a bird people eat." "Venison." (which is deer meat)
  • January 27, 2015: "Name something that has an eye but can't see." At the podium, the first contestant to ring in answers "Belly button". As if that wasn't bad enough, a member of the family that played the round later answered "a stove" to the same question, causing a WTF face from Steve.
  • 2015: This Fast Money question:
    Harvey: Name the city with the worst road rage.
    First Contestant: California.
    Second Contestant: Florida.
  • From a game played on Steve Harvey's own talk show between the casts of Chrisley Knows Best and Raising Whitley during Fast Money; "In which state would you expect to find the most women wearing thong bikinis?" The first contestant answered with "Miami" (although she realized her mistake a little later). Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the second contestant also said Miami, and after getting buzzed, answered "L.A." A flustered Steve, knowing this was basically a Celebrity Edition, decided to just let him give a different answer, "California".
  • February 3, 2015: Two more contestants screw up a Fast Money question.
    Harvey: Tell me the age when someone should start planning for their retirement.
    First Contestant: 22.
    Second Contestant: 7.
  • February 5, 2015: "Name something you wouldn't want someone to stick you with." "Gum."
  • February 9, 2015: "Name something a doctor might pull out of a person." The first contestant's answer after buzzing in? "A gerbil."
  • February 10, 2015: "Name a famous rabbit that might be jealous of the Easter Bunny." After a few seconds, a contestant answers, "Barney".
  • February 17, 2015: "Name a three letter word that's a child's favorite thing." "Bike."
  • February 20, 2015: "Tell me how old you think Joan Rivers is." "Old."
  • They gave the "Name an animal whose legs are featured on a restaurant menu" question another try. The contestants actually answered this time... then one woman answered "panda". As in "Panda Express".
  • April 20, 2015: "Name a word that begins with "octo"." Four stupid answers here.
    • After the first contestant got the #2 answer of "octopus", her opponent answers "automotive".
    • One contestant on the first contestant's family answers "octagon", getting the first strike.
    • Another contestant from that family attempts to get away with "Octubre" (the Spanish word for "October", which was the #3 answer), giving them the second strike.
    • The family earns a third strike after the following contestant answers "octagram".
  • April 22, 2015: An attempt to steal 122 points: "Name something you have to squeeze really hard before anything comes out." "Childbirth."
    • From the same episode's Fast Money: "Name a word or phrase that begins with 'bird'." "Bluebird".
  • April 30, 2015: "Fill in the blank: raging what?" Steve gets a good kick out of a female contestant who answers with "(raging) ho".
    Harvey: ...are you going through something? All the answers the other day, "all men are dogs", now we're talking 'bout this little raging ho...what the hell happened?
    Contestant: It's the first thing that came to my mind!
    Harvey: How is "raging ho" the first thing that come to anybody's mind? I ain't even heard of it before!...If it was up there, I'd have made them turn around. (in playful voice) Raging ho!
  • May 4, 2015: In response to the nausea-inducing "If there was a KFC for cannibals, what parts would people order buckets of?" , a contestant answers with "Wings".
  • May 6, 2015: A case where both contestants misunderstood a Fast Money question:
    Harvey: Name the most important woman in America.
    Contestant 1: My mom.
    Contestant 2: My wife.
  • May 19, 2015 in Fast Money: "At what age do a lot of men look like they should be wearing a bra?" "Fifteen".
  • May 20, 2015: Another pair of stupid answers to the same question in Fast Money. Despite the pair of stupid answers, the family still won $20000 that day.
    Harvey: Name a birthday that many people are too depressed to celebrate.
    Contestant 1: Valentine's Day.
    Contestant 2: Birthdays.
  • June 28, 2015: "Name something that follows the word 'strip'." "Rip"
  • July 12, 2015 (a Celebrity special): Clean House host and Reno 911 actress Niecy Nash gave two bad answers in this episode:
    • "Name another word for 'dead body'." "187." note  Other members of her family also offered "mummy" and "zombie" as answers.
    • "Name a place you think you'll be on your 100th birthday." "Probably be doing something off my bucket list...maybe jump out of a plane."
  • September 23, 2015: During Fast Money:
    Harvey: How often do you have a good cry?
    Contestant: Rarely.
  • September 24, 2015: Also on Fast Money:
    Harvey: We asked 100 women, what dress size do most women dream about wearing?
    Contestant: Two. (buzz-buzz) Zero.
  • September 29, 2015: Still another bad Fast Money answer:
    Harvey: Name a real animal people tattoo on their bodies.
    Contestant: Unicorn.
  • October 12, 2015: One episode, two stupid answers.
    Harvey: Name a word used to describe a steak that also is used to describe a kiss.
    Contestant 1: Family Feud.
    Harvey: (during Fast Money) Fill in the blank - if I could eat all I want of one food without getting fat, I would choose what?
    Contestant 2: Water.
  • November 16, 2015: "What do you think a blind date might conveniently forget to mention about himself?" "He's blind."
  • November 18, 2015: This Fast Money answer:
    Harvey: For safety reasons, name an activity that people should never do alone.
    Contestant: Sex.
  • "Name a device that you look through." "Internet."
  • A Fast Money question from late 2015:
    Harvey: On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like your job?
    Contestant: 75.
  • February 23, 2016note : "Tell me another way people say 'mother'." "Mom/Mommy" and "Mama" were already answered, there were only two answers left, and "Nanny" wasn't up there. A contestant named Shiela gave a string of guesses that were either already said, or just the same guesses with different pronunciations, among them "Nana" (a nickname typically associated with a grandmother). Including Steve's ensuing antics (which themselves were a crowning moment of funnynote ) it took six-and-a-half minutes (though Harvey alleges it took about 25 minutes) before Steve (and the judges) finally gave up and drew the family their third strike since Sheila could not give a valid answer that wasn't already used. Not all was lost, as the offending family, the Pattersons, would take the game when their opponents were unable to steal. Fast Money however, didn't go as well as it could've gone. The same family, however, never got control of the board in the next episode and lost to their competitors, sparing them another guess blunder. The events of the fourth round were pretty much foreshadowed by guesses made by The Patterson family's team captain, Cecilia, and her sister Sheila, the one responsible for the "Mommy/Mama/Nana" incident. During the second round, in an blunder similar to the aforementioned incident, Cecilia guesses two answers to the survey question "Name the best way for a shy guy to meet women" that were already given and on the board, "a dating site" (appearing on the board as "online/Tinder") and "a friend" (on the board as "friend/blind date), before finally answering "through [a] family [member]", which drew a strike. Then, there was Sheila's guess to the survey question in the third round of the episode, "Name something chickens do that you'd feel pretty silly doing": "Quack, Quack."
  • April 22, 2016: "Name a snack people bring on a long car trip." "Chicken."
  • April 27, 2016: "Name a word that rhymes with 'lucky'." "Fucky" (which, of course, was bleeped).

  • On at least three separate occasions — twice on Dawson's (one of which was the notorious "alligator" episode above) and once on Combs' — both contestants in Fast Money misinterpreted the question "Name a brand of gasoline", instead giving types of gasoline (e.g., unleaded). In response to the contestant from the "alligator" episode:
    Dawson: You said "ethyl", which I believe you've been drinking.
  • In another case of the people surveyed giving stupid answers, the question "What do you think is the largest U.S. state?" which appeared in the Karn and O'Hurley versions. The number one answer was Texas.
  • A Dawson-era Fast Money question asked for "A fish that lives in the ocean" to which the contestant replied "Whale". He got four points, meaning four of people who took part in the survey made the same mistake.
  • Since the latter years when Karn hosted, it isn't uncommon for a player who got the better answer in the Face-Off to forget that there is a Pass/Play option. This is usually followed by the host asking more than once before the contestant finally realizes what's going on. Unfortunately, this happens at least Once per Episode in the Harvey era to the point where Harvey automatically has to assume that the family is playing the question.
  • One from both the Karn and O'Hurley versions (the former during a Survivor special): "Something that comes after the word double." "U."
  • Penis/weiner has been given as an answer to "Name a body part that gets bigger as you get older" (or a variant of the same question) at least three times throughout the show's history - once on the Anderson version (which is shown above) and twice on the Harvey version.
  • On two occasions, one on the 1994 Dawson version and another in the Harvey era, 98.6 degrees was given for "What would be the ideal every day temperature?" A clip of the first is on the show's official website:
    Dawson: 'What would be the ideal, every day temperature?' Everybody... disrobe! 98.6. Survey said...(buzzer sound)... zee-oh! It's like living on the equa-taah (equator).
  • Two contestants, one on the O'Hurley era and another on the Harvey version, answered seven to the Fast Money question "How many of the Ten Commandments have you broken this month?".
  • "Name something commonly found in a woman's purse." "A cat."
  • "Name something a blind man might use." "A sword."
  • "Name a state whose name begins with the letter 'I'." "Indianapolis."
  • "Name a famous animal threesome." "The Seven Dwarfs."
  • In one episode, a player was asked "Name a part that's readily available and on-hand in an auto parts store". The answer he gave? Oil. It was the #1 answer, which means the majority of those surveyed made the same mistake.
  • In a rare video game example, one question in the Game Boy Advance video game (released October 12, 2006) is "Name something Charlie Brown might do." An AI contestant's response? "Snoopy."
    • Tool-Assisted Speedrunners managed to make the SNES version (released 1993) look pretty idiotic, with vulgar and nonsensical answers counting as valid. That said, an observant viewer may notice that the legit answers are contained, in a proper left-to-right order not unlike Split Decision, in the nonsensical ones.
      • For example, "Name a piece of clothing that leaves a mark when you take it off." The answer of "Abracadabra I win" is accepted for "Bra" because the game read it as "_bra_______ _ ___". Or "Swiss Murder Suit" taken as "Bathing Suit" because it read "Swi__ m_____ suit".
      • Even the actual, unaltered, SNES game had occasional stupidity moments. For example, "Name a first experience" is responded to with "Taking a huge crap." It actually showed up on the board as "Kiss".
      • One player had to name something in a car frequently touched with one's hands. His answer was "steering wheel", which the game parsed as "radio", the #2 answer. Then the AI tried answering with "steering wheel" as well, and got nothing. The #1 answer?
      • A similar experience occurred with the 2012 Edition for the Wii with the guys from Giant Bomb, who answered the question "Name a way people got around before cars were invented" with "Bike" and got the number one answer: "Horseback." Cue a flurry of Flat Whats from the guys themselves.
    • The Facebook version seems to have been programmed by idiots. Completely random phrases will count as valid, and a Christmas-themed makeover had a question about "What do people associate with A Christmas Carol?" The top answer is Christmas, which suddenly makes that Russia question a whole lot funnier.
  • From the Australian version when it was hosted by Bert Newton.
    Bert: Name a celebrity known by only one name.
    Contestant: Brangelina.
  • Another instance:
    Bert: Name something that increases and decreases in price as people buy and sell it.
    Contestant: Weet-Bix!
    • Food in general was an answer, of course.
  • From the Australian series hosted by Grant Denyer:
    Grant: Name something you might freeze.
    Contestant 1: Ice.
    • To her credit, she immediately realises her mistake (that ice is already frozen), and she still gets five points out of it. But then this happens:
    Grant: Name something you might freeze.
    Contestant 2: Ice. (buzz-buzz) Ice blocks.
  • Another Fast Money incident involving Grant Denyer: "Name another word for 'Smart'". The first contestant can't think of anything, even after passing and having a fair bit of time to think about it. The second contestant somehow mishears it as "Name a word that rhymes with 'Smart'", and answers "Dart".
  • "Name something you associate with a sauna." "Bubbles."
  • In an otherwise successful Fast Money round, the first contestant, asked "Name a type of badge," answers, "Chicken." He then refuses to say what if anything his thinking was.
    • The same family, two nights later, in another otherwise successful Fast Money round. The last question: "Name somewhere you might find a diamond." The first contestant's answer: "Coal deposits."
  • Grant asks, "Name something you associate with China." The first contestant buzzes in and answers, "Thai food." Mockery ensues. He also answers "Karate" later during the steal, though it goes un-commented on.
  • "Name a woman, real or fictional, who married a prince." Both teams manage to blow it at every stage by guessing princesses who are famous for not marrying princes: Jasmine (at the podium), Leia, and Fiona (for the steal).
  • "Name something you might buy that could turn out to be fake." The first contestant, only slightly less stupid than the man in the Richard Dawson scene above, buzzes in and answers, "A car." Grant proceeds to act out a scenario of a man finding out that his expensive new car is a Corolla in disguise.
  • During Fast Money, "Name a capital city of the world." The first contestant answers New York City (quickly realising the mistake), the second answers Sydney (which, to be fair, is a state capital).
  • "Name something you might do for fun in the snow". The first contestant buzzes in just a little too soon, and answers, "Play golf". After revealing the full question, Grant briefly roleplays a golfer losing his ball due to it being effectively camouflaged in the snow.
  • Just a couple of nights after the above:
    Grant: Name something a woman carries in her handbag-
    Contestant: (buzzes in, starts to suspect the question may not have been finished) Mace?
    Grant: Name something a woman carries in her handbag that a man carries in his pocket. Show me mace!
  • "Name something you might see in the Wild West." The first contestant buzzes in one word too soon, answering, "A lion."
  • Yet another case of a contestant buzzing in too early:
    Grant: Name an occupation that-
    Contestant: (buzzes in, then head desks) A nurse?
    Grant: (smirking) Show me a nurse! (strike) Name an occupation that requires a drill
    • Turns into an Awesome Moment when the opposing player guesses correctly ("A builder"), passes it back to the first team, who then proceed to get a clean sweep.
    • From the same episode's Fast Money Round:
    Grant: Name a button on a remote control.
    Contestant: Off. (buzz-buzz) On. (buzz-buzz) Volume.
    • From the same player:
    Grant: Name something you need to wash a car.
    Contestant: A car?
    • And from his teammate:
    Grant: Name a fictitious creature that has wings.
    Contestant: A unicorn.
  • "Name something that has spikes." One contestant answers "A bike", realising a moment later she was thinking of spokes.
  • "Name an animal that walks on two legs." The contestant passes once and then answers, with seconds to spare, "A giraffe."
  • Two rather dumb answers from the survey, for the same question. "Name something measured in metres," got the responses, "Gas" (sort of accurate, in that it can be measured by meters), and "Parking".
  • Another dumb one from the survey: "Name something that paparazzi might hide behind." The answer: "A camera." Sadly, Grant doesn't seem to notice the obvious problem (that a camera, especially one big enough to hide their face behind, would just make a paparazzo even more conspicuous).
  • Another case that seems to involve everyone - the surveyed people, the contestants and the host - misunderstanding the question: "Name something that can be 'Flavour of the month,'" - by definition, a person or thing that enjoys a short period of great popularity. However, the answers given in the survey include "Chocolate" (scored 13 points for the contestant) and "Ice Cream" (the top answer, despite not being a flavour), two things which will most likely never stop being popular. And again, Grant does not seem to notice any of this, though this could be attributed to the fact that the 13 points above were the only points she scored that round.
  • "Name something that lives in a pen." "Penguins? (immediately winces)"
  • "Apart from a foal, name a baby animal." The two highlights are a contestant answering "Chicken" (as opposed to "chick", which wasn't there either), and his teammate asking himself aloud "What's a baby lamb called?" and not figuring it out. The other team then get a chance to steal, and of course answer "A lamb".
  • "Name another word for 'Throw'" "Catch". It ends up not mattering, as she gets them over 200 points before Grant has a chance to really mock it.
  • "Name a famous US mountain." The answer? "Mt. Everest."
  • From the PC version, "Name something that is fluffy." "Grass."
  • From the the German TV version, "Name a black and yellow striped insect." "Giraffe."
  • From the Russian version, one contestant spent the whole 20 seconds in Fast Money in total silence.
  • Here's one who is not from the contestants but from the answers. In the French-Canadian version (2009-present), one of the questions were "Except the Earth, name a planet from the solar system." The contestants have answer all the planets (including Pluto which was then classified as a planet) but the last remaining answer was...The moon.
  • From a French version: "Name a dangerous number at the circus." "Soixante-neuf!" (probably meant "number" as in an "act")

During its heyday, Family Feud was used in several situation comedy plots, and has even been parodied on programs such as Saturday Night Live and in animated programs, such as Family Guy. Usually, the point of comedy is someone giving a horribly bad answer that costs the family either a shot at the championship or the big prize in Fast Money. Below are a few examples: